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Frying Fudge

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Of course we all want to see Fudge and Umbridge taken down, so here you go!

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A/N: In case you haven't guessed already, Voldemort got some help from the Ministry apart from Cornwall. You'd be surprised who else... or would you?

This chapter also served as good stress relief because of all the stress I've been going through recently in my life...

/IMPORTANT!!!/ Either way, I'd also like to add that I'm sorry if this mirrors Harry's rants at Fudge in other "Harry-in-Azkaban" fics too much, such as "Redemption," by Krtshadow. But then again, in such rants, isn't Harry likely to bring up the same points (such as Fudge's greed, incompetence, etc.)? Although I must admit that Harry's promise in "Redemption" of voting for a Muggle before voting for Fudge was a priceless finishing touch...

NOTE: This chapter has been edited since the first time it was posted.

Chapter 5: Frying Fudge

"Amelia!" Fudge called out, very incensed. "What is the meaning of this!?"

"This is about learning the truth of what's happened in the past with Mr. Potter!" Madame Bones shouted back, oozing with disrespect for the inept Minister of Magic. The other people in the courtroom cringed; almost no one had ever seen her this angry before.

"Hem hem," Umbridge interrupted, causing Harry to seethe immensely. "We must make sure the law is upheld, Amelia... and we need the truth, which this attention-seeking little liar won't give us!"

That did it. No being civil or cool towards these two. They had gone too far... and Harry would make sure they were appropriately punished.

"YOU SLIPPERY, SLIMY, LYING, TWO-FACED LITTLE HYPOCRITE!" he exploded, causing her to flinch. "No one blessed with at least half a brain would believe you, Umbitch!"

Some people gasped, but Snape's eyes almost glowed with glee; apparently, he had a score to settle with the toad woman as well. Rounding on Umbridge, Harry unloaded his verbal arsenal on her.

"How you ever got so far in the ranks of the Ministry, apart from favors and bribes, I'll never know, because you're insufferably lousy at both politics and education! While you gallivanted around Hogwarts, turning it upside-down to make it serve you like any other idiot who thinks she's perpetually ten years old, I had to teach my fellow students defense because you didn't have the knowledge, desire or capability of doing that! A drunken grindylow could have done a better job!"

Umbridge made to protest, but somehow found herself incapable of speaking, let alone moving. Somehow, Fudge found himself rendered the same way. If it was even possible, they were rendered even more helpless when they found themselves being circled by Harry.

"You use vile and twisted torture techniques to condition students into silence while you help your idiot of a boss weaken us and make us easy targets for Voldemort! And all that time, you have the gall to pretend to be innocent of anything while you send dementors after to me to leave me worse than dead, as well as find other ways to make your own job easier and save your own skin! Let's not forget those ridiculous laws you passed to stifle everyone at Hogwarts even further! Only a pathetic liar like you would be so afraid of the truth!"

"And they out to believe your outlandish, ridiculous lies, you insolent, dishonest, rebellious brat!" she shrieked, suddenly finding her voice again as her face grew incredibly red.

"You want to talk about lying and dishonesty?" Harry retorted. Taking out his wand, he calmly held it in his left hand and muttered a spell too quietly for anyone else to hear. The scarring words on the back of his right hand, reading I must not tell lies/, seemed to simply come off his hand and float in midair like wisps of smoke. Suddenly, they flew straight over to Umbridge and engraved themselves in /her hand.

Instantaneously, Umbridge shrieked and cradled her hand as blood gushed forth from it, whimpering and cringing in pain.

"Suits you perfectly, you pathetic little /cow/," Harry said coldly.

"Wait just a minute, Potter!" Fudge exclaimed, dramatically pointing a shaking finger at Harry. "You can't do that!"

Harry sent him a withering glare which actually made Fudge visibly squirm. "You seem to have no idea what's right and what's wrong, /do you/, Fudge?"

Fudge took a step back, now shaking in fear. "What do you mean?"

Harry smirked, taking out his wand and circling Fudge menacingly. "R//eally, Fudge. Of all the people who should know about right or wrong. Such a disgrace to your kind everywhere. So many people's lives have been ruined because of you. W//hy couldn't you just be a good leader and do your job? Really, putting the people's interests ahead of yours couldn't have been that hard. Only and idiot like you could have been so terrible. Consorting with wealthy Death Eaters, denying the return of the single biggest threat to this world and unjustly imprisoning your only hope for victory were the worst political moves you could make. Kiss your position goodbye, Fudgie, because you won't even have it for another hour."

Somehow, Harry's quiet but dangerous voice managed to accomplish what a loud tirade couldn't; it managed to scare and rattle the cowardly Fudge.

"I'm still Minister!" he half-shrieked, mainly in denial.
"Not anymore," Harry smirked, lunging in on him.

"Diffindio!" he shouted twice, once at Fudge and once at Umbridge. The sleeves on the lower left arms of their robes were torn open, and using a spell to magnify the blurry images on their arms...

The entire court room gasped as two hazy black Dark Marks floated in the air momentarily, side by side, and seconds later, outraged shouts rose from all corners of the room. The leaders who were supposed to protect them from the enemy were working for him!

"I knew both of you were Death Eaters," Harry declared for the whole courtroom to hear. "There's no way either of you would have been competent enough to steal dementors back. You thought Voldemort would win, so you tried to back the winning horse. Just joining him was your biggest mistake of all. He loaned you the dementors so you could look good and so you could make me suffer in Azkaban. I could have been your greatest ally, Fudge, but, as usual/, you picked the wrong people to work with. And you have the /nerve to accuse me of working for Voldemort? I'd vote for a Muggle, even a chimpanzee, before I ever voted for you!"

Fudge went from horrified to enraged, his face purpling enough to match Uncle Vernon in one of his worst moods. But, deep in the back recesses of his mind, he remembered Harry's vow at his trial nearly a year before...

"One day, this mockery of a trial and this travesty of justice will come back to haunt you. And believe me, when that happens, no force in heaven, on earth, or in hell will be able to stop me from being there when it happens and seeing to it that you pay for what you've done..."

...and then, almost as though his own protests could prevent his seemingly inevitable fate at the hands of the justice system he failed to serve, Fudge roared, "SHUT - UP - POTTER!"

Whipping out his wand and pointing it at Harry, he shrieked, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

There were gasps and even screams in the crowd as Fudge's Killing Curse flew at Harry.

Using more ancient magic, Harry swiftly dodged the curse while it flew into the crowd. It would have hit Dumbledore, had he not jumped out of the way just in time, leaving the curse to destroy the chair he was previously sitting in.

In the meantime, Harry dodged the curse, ran up to Fudge, and with all the force he could muster (along with some magic added in), he punched Fudge right in the face. As the sheer power of it sent shockwaves of pain throughout his body, Fudge recoiled from the hit and collapsed as it nearly broke his jaw.

"Pathetic," Harry spat.

Up in the seats, Snape was impressed. First the downfall of Voldemort, then the take-downs of Fudge and Umbridge... this was definitely turning into one of the best days of his life. And it was about to get better...

The crowd started to cheer at Fudge's downfall, but Harry whipped around and silenced them all with one deadly glare. "You, the wizarding world (or at least a majority of it, anyway), are hardly any better than Voldemort. For the most part, you're all hypocrites. You talk so much about my parents, who were killed by Voldemort (to the point where it becomes a story for everyone's amusement, which is just wrong in itself), and yet you automatically assume that I'd join the Dark wizard who killed them and so many others. You preach about justice, and yet you throw me in prison based on circumstantial evidence, which all proved to be fake in the end, that and how you only care more about putting someone in prison just to blame someone and take it out on them instead of making sure you punish the right person. You talk about how powerful you are with magic, and yet you fall back on me, who's not even of age, to do all the fighting for you. You have several different means of tricking people, like invisibility cloaks and Polyjuice Potion and Disillusionment Charms, and yet you rely only on what you can see. You know how people have been framed before, and yet you do it all over again. You claim that I'm one of the best, noblest and most powerful wizards in your society, and yet whenever something goes wrong, I'm always the first person you blame. Face it already, I'm not your savior, I'm your /scapegoat/."

The occupants of the courtroom were wilting with every sentence (while Snape was feeling elated, and Neville and Luna could only watch as their former classmate criticized the wizarding world). They all seemed to crumble when Harry delivered the final blow.

"You solve your own damn problems from now on, because I'm leaving."

A moan of disbelief swept throughout the crowd, but Harry turned a deaf ear to it all as he turned to the door and made to leave. He decided to spare those he once considered friends and family, only because of something Dumbledore told him at the end of his fifth year (something about indifference and neglect often doing much more damage than outright dislike)...

That is, until a certain bespectacled redheaded young man who in more ways than one caused the problem, said, "Don't leave, Harry! We never meant to hurt you!"

Harry stopped dead in his tracks before feeling a certain deadly rage rush through him.

'Who the hell does Percy think he is, to say that!?'

With a frightening roar of anger that made even Hagrid cringe, Harry turned on his heel and stormed back over to his former friends and families, hell-bent on giving them absolute hell.

'This just keeps getting better and better,' Snape mused from where he was standing.

(End of Chapter 5.)

A/N: So, that partially satisfies some peoples' lust for justice, right? (I hope it satisfied everyone!) Next this chapter, fry Fudge; next chapter, his "friends!"

Note about Fudge and Umbridge being Death Eaters: Did anyone guess this beforehand? :)

Note about Harry punching Fudge in the face: /YES!!!/ I've wanted to do this for so long! This has got to be a first in HP fanfiction history! BTW, this scene was partially inspired by the thing towards the end of "Matrix Revolutions" where Neo punches Smith in the face, up close and in slow motion. If anyone would like to see that and use it as a reference, just email me and I'll send it to you. It's pretty darn funny! If anyone wants to enjoy the Fudge-punching scene to its full effect, follow these 3 relatively simple steps... (1) Recall the Smith-punching scene in "Matrix Revolutions." (2) Replace Smith's face with Fudge's face in your mind's-eye. (3) LET 'ER RIP!!!

NEXT CHAPTER is part /two /of this rant... it's where Harry is finally reunited with his friends, tries to shed his sorrows, and forgives everyone for the horrible mistakes they made... /YEAH, RIGHT!!!/ (Sorry, but did I go overboard with the sarcasm there?)
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