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How to Build an Empire

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The fallen Angels finish clearing out their new home, and get to work on making their own army of unspeakable horrors.

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-Feral screamed with joy as she sawed another demon in half with her front tire. The creature cried out in pain as the jagged blade ripped through its body, splattering dark blood everywhere. The blade made it all the way through, and the two halves of the creature were sent flying away in different directions. The wheel touched ground, and the bike sped off to look for another victim. The land was littered with corpses of inhuman monsters, and their blood soaked the ground, turning it into mud.

-Feral found another of the creatures, but this one was running away form her. She let out a loud, barking laugh and chased after the creature. When she was upon the demon, Feral popped a wheelie and brought her front wheel down onto the creature’s head. Her blade slowly cut down, slicing the beast in two. When her front tire touched the ground again, the two halves of the demon dropped to either side. Blood and gore spackled Feral and her bike like red camouflage paint. Feral herself looked almost as inhuman as the beasts she was fighting. Her nails had grown to claws, her teeth to fangs, and her eyes had cat-like slits for pupils. She had a long tail covered in fine fur that swayed in the wind behind her as she rode over the pile of bodies to find more entertainment.

-She didn’t have to go far. There were demons crawling out of the ground all around here. She laughed hysterically as she mowed them all down with the weapons mounted on her bike. The scrawny beasts shrieked as their bodies blew apart like all the rest. Feral charged through the creatures at full speed, guns blazing. With all the blood and body parts, she didn’t even notice something coming out of the ground until she was on top of it. A hulking form emerged from the cracked earth, and two massive hands reached out and grabbed the handlebars of Feral’s bike, stopping it cold.

-The sudden stop sent Feral flipping over the front of her bike to land on her back past the creature. The moment she got to her feet, the beast lifted her bike and swatted her with it. The motorcycle was smashed to pieces, and Feral was knocked through the air. She slammed into one of the retreating demons. The beast let out a cry as it collapsed on the ground with Feral on its back. It tried franticly to crawl away, tearing its claws into the ground in an attempt to escape. Feral glared at the large beast that had attacked her and felt enraged. It was the first time since setting foot on the island that anything had managed to lay a hand on her, and she didn’t like it one bit. Her tail snaked around the throat of the demon she was sitting on. Her tail tightened, and Feral strangled the beast without taking her eyes off of its larger cousin.

-The large beast looked human in basic shape, but three times larger than a professional wrestler. It had no eyes that Feral could see, or ears, or a nose. It didn’t seem to have a face at all, just a blank stretch of skin above a very large mouth full of sharp teeth. Despite the lack of eyes, the thing faced Feral as if it could see her. Feral snarled and threw herself at the demon. It reacted instantly. The moment Feral was off the ground, the beast charged forward, it’s right arm reared back. Before Feral could dodge, the monster swung its outstretched arm and twisted its body, cloths-lining her with a bicep larger than the girl‘s torso.

-Feral went flying back and slammed through a large rock and bounced across the ground as though she had been thrown from a car until she skidded to a stop. As she got up to her hands and knees, Feral tasted blood in her mouth. She clenched her blood-stained teeth, and her eyes went wider than they should as irrational rage flooded her mind. All she could think about was killing the beast that was now several feet away, just standing there waiting for her to get up. It hadn’t moved an inch since it had struck her, and that gave Feral an idea. She stuck her middle finger out at the best. No reaction. Feral’s snarl turned into a wicked smile. The thing really was blind after all.

-“Hey you cock-sucking sack of shit, is that all you got?” Feral screamed. The beast let out an enraged roar and charged for her like a bull. Apparently the creature sensed sound, despite having no ears. Feral chuckled to herself and placed both her palms flat on the ground. She knew what she wanted to happen, saw it happening in her mind. When the beast had cut the distance between them by half, Feral cried out, “Eat spike strip, bitch!”

-As if triggered by her words, dozens of foot long spikes sprang up from the ground in front of the demon. Its own momentum carried it right into the trap. The spikes pierced its bare feet, and it howled in pain as it stumbled and fell forward, perforating its entire body. Feral stood up and walked over to the twitching hulk lying in an expanding pool of blood. She quickly raised a fist, and the spikes extended, turning the monster into a pin cushion. “Did not know who you were fucking with,” Feral said as she walked over to her wrecked bike. A wave of her hand and a moment’s concentration was all it took for the ruined pieces to come alive and rebuilt themselves back into her ride. As Feral mounted her bike, she heard someone screaming. It wasn’t the demons whose bodies littered the ground all around her. It was human, and it was close by.

-Feral revved her engine and headed for the sound, driving over several wounded demons in the process. She rode to the top of a hill and stopped. Laid out below her was a city. A human city. Or at least what was left of one. Decrepit buildings surrounded by a makeshift wall protecting people that looked like the living dead weren’t what Feral would normally consider civilization, but they were the only people she had encountered in his world aside from Jeffery and Raven.

-Feral watched as the surviving demons rushed at the human town, panicking the inhabitants. The demons didn’t bother attacking the humans; they were fleeing for their lives as well. Feral could see several men and women huddled together, cowering in fear. A few of the able bodies men shot at the creatures with riffles and machine guns, taking care of the beasts for her. A smile curled her lips as Feral watched them. Her mind was flooded with ideas as to how she could abuse someone with her new powers, and here was a whole city of victims, hers for the taking.

-Feral was just about to head into the city and pick out some pretty little thing to abuse, when she heard something. It started out so faintly that she hardly noticed, but then it grew, and Feral recognized it as whispering. Feral pulled out two jagged knives and whirled around, thinking that someone was planning to ambush her, but there was no one there and no place for anyone to be hiding. Despite the fact there was no one there, the whispers continued to grow louder and louder until they made Feral’s head hurt. She tried to cover her ears, but that did nothing to silence the voices that were now so loud they drowned out her own thoughts. “Shut up,” Feral screamed as she shook her head back and forth, trying to chase away whatever force was tormenting her. “Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up!” Feral let out a wordless scream of pain before collapsing on her back. Just before she lost consciousness, she managed to whisper, “Take me to…Ace.” very slowly, Feral’s bike rolled towards the beach with its unconscious rider’s feet dragging on the ground.

-When Feral regained consciousness, she was back on the beach surrounded by countless demons. Feral felt a jolt of panic, and stood up ready for a fight, but the demons just stood seemingly unaware of her presence. They stood erect, almost as if they were at attention, staring blankly into space. They looked a little more human than most of the monsters she had encountered thus far, but Feral was unnerved by their Trance-like stillness. A weak groan from behind her made Feral jump with surprise. She spun around, but wasn’t prepared for what she saw. Ace was lying in a reclined chair with a naked woman kneeling between his bare legs, her head vigorously bobbing up and down. Rather than enjoy himself, Ace looked like he was just waking up with a bad hangover. His eyes were closed tight, and his hands were rubbing his temples as he slowly came around.

-Feral looked around and quickly spotted the others, all scattered around the beach, all slowly getting up, but Ace was the only one with a naked love-slave. Feral stormed over to Ace and struck the unknown woman in the side of the head hard enough to send to tumbling away. “Who the fuck is she?” Feral screamed.

-Ace sat up straighter, still treating his head tenderly and mumbled, “A figment of my imagination.”

-“Whoa,” Rooster said as he stumbled over to them, looking at the army of demons standing on the beach. “Where did those things come from?” He looked over to Ace, and his eyes drifted to the nude woman sprawled at his feet. “And who’s the babe?”

-“They came from the same place she did,” Ace explained. “I made them.”

-“We can make people?” Rooster asked with an excited smile on his face as he eyed the woman.

-“Where do you think all these monster came from,” Ace said. “That little prick made them, and anything he can do, we can do.”

-“Cool!” Rooster said a he looked at one of the demons standing at attention. Rooster’s eyes squinted with concentration, and the demon’s body began to shrink. It thinned out except for its chest which swelled up, and soon a beautiful, large-breasted woman was standing before him. her long blond hair framed a stoic face, as blank as a mannequins, but Rooster was pleased with his work. “Oh hell yeah!” he exclaimed, and he made to undo his pants as he approached his new plaything.

-“Knock it off, Rooster,” Ace said as he got up and re-clothed himself by closing his eyes and making the pants simply form over his legs. Pyro and Ruckus were now approaching as well, but Rooster looked defiant to Ace’s orders

-“But you were just..”

-“I was waiting for you fuckers to get here,” Ace said, cutting him off. “Now you’re here, and now we have a problem.”

-“What problem?” Rooster asked, and Feral laughed.

“Am I the only one who passed out because of voices in my head?” Ace asked angrily. “No, I don’t think so. that little fucker is messing with us. Now what did you all find?”

-“Just a bunch of nasties that I killed.” Rooster said, still eyeing the two women with greedy eyes. Ruckus and Pyro reported much the same, but when Feral told them of the human city, everyone’s eyes were on her.

-“You sure they were human?” Ace asked, his eyes narrowing in thought.

-“Well they look more like frickin holocaust victims, but yeah, they’re human. But I don’t think they are…you know, real.”

-Ace considered this for a moment, and then a smile formed on his face. “Ok, Feral will take us to this human city, we enslave and recruit the people there, and we turn the city into our own little hangout while we’re here. Any questions?” They all shook their heads with greedy smiles on their faces. Ace looked down at the chair he had just been sitting in, and it quickly transformed into his bike. He mounted it as the others called forth their own rides in various ways. Pyro simply looked at an empty space, and his bike appeared out of a ball of flames. Rooster gave a loud whistle, and his bike came to him like an obedient dog. Ruckus held out his hand, and his bike emerged from the ground. Feral simply walked over to hers. It was nearby having brought her to the beach in the first place.

-With a roar of laughter, the five of them rode off the beach, Feral in the lead, grinding body parts beneath their wheels as they passed piles of demon corpses littering the landscape as far as the eye could see. Every now and then, a stray demon would come into sight, only to be thoughtlessly dispatched by one of the riders as Feral retraced her path. It wasn’t long before they passed the large corpse of the demon that she had skewered, and then the city came into view. The five of them looked down upon the decrepit hole of a town, and some of it’s inhabitants looked back.

-Ace’s voice echoed over the small valley as he said, “Attention doomed, dip-shits. I am Ace, leader of the Fallen Angels, and your new god. Kneel down and worship me, or we’ll kill every single one of you.”

-“We’re gonna kill’em all anyway, aren’t we?” Rooster asked Ruckus in a hushed voice. Ruckus just shrugged without looking at him. Down below, an alarm bell was ringing, people were running around, and on the top of the little makeshift walls, armed guards were aiming rifles up at the Fallen Angels. “They have guns?” Rooster asked, surprise and alarm clear in his voice.

-“And what the fuck do you have, a slingshot?” Ace said. He pulled out Uzis and let out a war cry as he charged down at the city on his bike, guns blazing. The others all followed his lead, and the town opened fire on them. Ace didn’t bother trying to dodge any of it, and ended up taking several hits which, to Ace’s surprise, hurt. He choked back a cry of pain as a bullet ripped through his right shoulder, and another grazed his leg. Ace fired back with the weapons in his hands and in his bike, until a lucky shot managed to hit his front wheel, and the bike took a nose-dive into the ground.

-Ace was thrown from his bike and flew over the wall still firing his weapons at anyone he could see. He hit the ground, rolling over several times until he came to a stop next to a small hut. He came up in a crouch and fired at the defenders from behind. The distraction aided his comrades as Feral jumped over the wall on her bike, her back tire hitting the face of one of the defenders. She landed on another one, crushing him under the weight her bike. She quickly rode over to Ace, and he jumped on the back of her bike just as Ruckus smashed a hole through the wall and kept on going straight through a hut like a bullet.

-Feral drove around the inside of the town while Ace fired at anything that moved. An explosion tore a huge hole in the wall as Rooster came in, his Gatling guns tearing apart anyone in his line of fire. A few moments later, the rest of the wall melted into red hot liquid as Pyro finished off the poorly constructed barricade. Buildings burned, bullets flew, and people died all around as the Fallen Angels had their fun. Ace took aim at a man running between the buildings, but Ruckus smashed through one of the walls and hit the peasant, causing his body to explode like a gore-filled water balloon on impact. Feral lined up a woman who was running away, lifted the front wheel, and sliced her in half as she drove through, showering Ace with blood. It wasn’t long before all resistance in the town was put down, and the Fallen Angels were standing before a pile of corpses.

-“Well that was fun,” Feral said as she stretched her arms. Pyro held out a hand to the pile of bodies, but Ace grabbed his wrist and shook his head. He held out his own hand, and the bodies began to twist and contort until another army of his own making stood before them, alive, but motionless. Ace then turned his attention to the smoldering buildings and, with considerable effort, began reshaping them into fortresses more befitting of his army.

-The others all spread out, creating their own little areas according to their individual tastes. Ruckus made small, tough buildings that looked like bomb shelters. Rooster’s place looked like a military bunker, and Feral’s looked like an S&M club which eerily resembled the interior of Jeffery’s tower. Pyro’s home was, predictably, a volcano shaped tower of molten rock. Ace made his own tower in the center of their new home. It wasn’t as large or demonic as Jeffery’s but it served its purpose. He could oversee his new kingdom from his room, and it symbolized his opposition. Ace sat at the very top of his tower in a chair facing Jeffery’s. He leaned back as a new female slave knelt down in front of him and leaned forward between his legs. Ace put his hands behind his head, let out a happy sigh, and said, “I am the king.”
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