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Chapter One

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Very early MCR. Your typical Boy meets Girl.

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Chapter One- You were shy. To the night you drove me wild. And you crashed into me.

People were milling around me, pushing and shoving me from every direction. I was standing in the middle of a mosh pit full of people all struggling to find their way out before we, as a group, spontaneously combusted. The body heat was immense, we all searched desperately for a drink and I had conveniently lost my best friend, Maddy at the beginning of the second set.
"Shit!" I cursed quietly and began to follow the crowd out into fresh air, reaching the door I slid my hand into my pocket and grabbed my phone out, messaging 'Bitch, you better be at the door in the next three minutes or you are finding your own way home!' to Maddy. Almost instantly I got a reply 'Am with Band. Come round back.' Sighing, because this was doubtless another one of Maddy's crazy escapades, I made my way around to the back of the pub.

"Zephyr!" Maddy called out my name and waved me over to where she was standing with three guys. As I approached them I identified the blonde man with a lip ring and icy-blue eyes as the drummer of the night, a nerdy looking lanky guy as the bassist and a tall dude with a mad afro as one of the guitarists. I was wondering where the other two members of the band were when Maddy pointed at the guys in the order that I had examined them in and introduced "This is Bob, Mikey and Ray" Bob smiled, Mikey gave a little awkward wave and Ray held out his hand, which I shook whilst responding "I'm Zephyr, you guys were really great tonight."
"Thanks" they replied simultaneously.

"So where's your singer?" Bella asked, "I was really hoping to talk to him about his lyrics". I suppressed a giggle, as that was probably code for 'hoping to get into his pants'.
"Gerard, is probably sitting in the van over there if you want to go look" Mikey pointed to a van behind us with a large mural painted on it.

Maddy wandered off to find the mysterious 'Gerard' so Mikey explained "Gerard's my brother, he writes all of the lyrics we perform" his mouth curved into a smile "I'd be proud of him but now I'm guessing he just did it for the groupies... ahum.. attention" he laughed nervously as Ray punched him lightly in the arm and teased "He's gonna kill you when I tell him you said that", Mikey winced, rubbing his arm in pain and the two broke off into an argument over who was telling who about what.

'Well,' I thought as I grabbed my cigarettes out of my back pocket and placed one in my mouth 'I wonder where the other guitarist is...' I felt my other pockets for a lighter but was out of luck. Taking my cigarette out of my mouth I turned back to face the group "You guys wouldn't happen to have a lighter on you, would you?" I asked the three boys. Bob seemed to be the only one who heard me, Ray and Mikey still too involved in their argument, and he shook his head apologetically "Sorry..." he started "You could try Frank though" he finished, jerking his thumb over his shoulder.
"Thanks Bob" I said gratefully as I walked around him and in the direction he had pointed his thumb. After a few steps I stumbled over a hard object in the darkness, looking down I saw it was a foot; tracing the foot upwards I saw the figure of a man. "Sorry" I said "uh... Frank?" I asked tentatively.
"No worries, and yeah thats me.." he replied, a little confused.
"Oh, um Bob said you might have a lighter on you, I was just wondering whether I could borrow it?"
He sat up, bringing his face into the light and I recognised him as the other guitarist from the night, "Sure " he started, reaching into his pocket, "whats your name?" he asked, offering up the lighter with a dazzling smile.

"Zephyr" I said, lighting up my cigarette and taking a drag, "You have more energy than anyone I've ever seen onstage, how do you do it?" I asked, throwing the lighter back into his open hands. "Well" he began, taking the cigarette out of my hand and taking a deep drag before handing it back "its the music, it pours into my blood and gives me all the energy that I could ever need".
I sat down beside him and inhaled another nicotine hit "like a puppet and a puppeteer" I remarked.
"Precisely" he agreed, taking my cigarette and trailing his hand along mine, before taking his deep breath, letting the tobacco fill his lungs and handing it back to me. Taking my last breath, I put it out. Sitting there for a few minutes in silence before feeling too awkward without anything to do with my hands to sit there any longer, I began to get up, said "Well I'd better go find my friend and get her home before she passes out" and started to rush away in embarrassment. Rushing away is hard when the hand of a gorgeous guy is holding onto your arm.
"Look" he said studying my eyes carefully "can I please have your number?" he asked hesitantly.
"um, sure" I said nervously "do you have a pen?" I asked.
"Yup" he assured me, rustling through his pockets before coming up with a permanent marker that he held out to me, taking it, I wrote me mobile number on his hand.
"Thankyou" he said, sounding truly grateful.
"Bye" I nervously threw out with a quick smile, before walking over to Bob who was bending over a nearly unconscious Maddy.
"Thanks for watching her" I said to him, dragging her upright and pulling her arm around my shoulder.
"You right?" Bob asked, raising one eyebrow.
"Years of practice man, nice to meet you" I told him, and began walking Maddy over to the car so I could take her home.

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