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Chapter Two

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Very early MCR. Your typical Boy meets Girl.

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Zephyr pronounced: (Zeh-fer).

Chapter Two- Lets light the kerosene tonight, spark up like fireworks.

I rolled over in my bed, lifting one arm to lazily shield my eyes from the godforsaken sunlight that had woken me from my slumber. Rolling to the edge of my mattress and stretching out my arms above my head with a yawn, I heard Maddy stirring behind me. I turned and exclaimed "Good Morning Sunshine!", receiving a groan and a flip of the bird in reply, I stood up, walked into the bathroom leading off from my room, opened the drawer to grab the Panadol and threw it out onto the bed. "See McDonalds if pain persists, fucker" I called out. Maddy crawled over to where they had landed on the bed and curled around them, "Mmmm..." She half-moaned "Hangover food."

I stumbled into the shower, threw my clothes out onto the floor and tried to wash the sleep out of my eyes, the stench of alcohol from my body. I stepped out of the shower, started shaking my boy-short blonde hair dry with a towel and, glancing in the mirror I realised my bluey-green eyes were still bloodshot. 'Well screw this'I thought. Wrapping the towel around me I stepped out into my room, got some underwear on and grabbed the first clothes I could find, put them on and slipped my black RayBans on to cover up my eyes.

Striding over to Maddy, I shook her awake, "Get up and get dressed." I commanded
"My eyes, they burn" she moaned "I'm having a seizure, I can't get up"
"Get up you lazy shit" I pulled her upright, "I'm taking you to McDonalds."
She rolled out of bed and stumbled around rubbing her eyes for a little while,
"Get dressed and come downstairs, bub" I pulled her over to my drawers, "Be quick, we're walking"
"Mmm" she nodded in agreement.

I grabbed my keys, walked downstairs and out the front door, sitting down on the grass out the front of my house. I waited a few minutes, my head down in my arms, shielding my eyes, already covered in sunglasses from the harsh sunlight, and feeling the UV rays warm my arms. I looked up at the sound of my front door slamming and stood up, turning to look at Maddy I began to laugh, "What?" she demanded
"Look at what your wearing" I told her.
Looking down at herself, dressed in spotted tights and a minnie mouse t-shirt with pink and purple sunglasses on, she smiled then looked up and said to me "Well as if you can speak." I looked down, realising the first things in my drawer, that I had grabbed were Jack Skellington pajama pants and a rainbow tye-died t-shirt.
"Meh" I said and, grabbing her hand , began to walk to McDonalds.
Neither of us had shoes on, and in our slightly eccentric-looking clothing we attracted many a questioning stare on our walk.
"So, how did talking to that guy go last night?" I asked her, swinging her hand backwards and forwards in time with our step.
She wrinkled her nose and forehead, searching her memory "As far as I can remember... quite well, I'm pretty sure he was about as drunk as I was, so the discussion of lyrics went about as far as, 'Good lyrics', 'Oh yeah' we sat there for a while and then I stumbled back to the three boys, and you were no-where in sight, I sat down, and can't remember much after that..., but where did you go if you weren't with the guys when I came back?"
I laughed at her patchy recount and spat out quickly "My search for a lighter led me to the other guitarist, Frank, real nice guy, we shared a cigarette and then he asked for my number" Smiling I turned to her.
"OH!" She half-sang "How come you always get the guys?"
"Well it could have something to do with the fact that I'm usually sober enough to hold up a conversation" I shoved her in the side teasingly "But besides that your hot enough that you usually do quite well regardless"
"Ha-ha-ha" She drew out the syllables sarcastically as we turned into the Macca's carpark "Lets go get some food"

As we walked through the doors most of the eyes of the people near the door turned to us, their disapproving stares taking in our clothing and then our hands, our fingers still tightly laced amongst each other's, then turning back to their dining companions to murmer snide remarks about us. We delved further into the restaurant, not taking off our sunnies, nor letting go of our hands whilst searching for a seat. We were standing in between two rows of tables when I heard someone call out "Zephyr", turning to the sound of the voice, I saw Frank and the band seated at a large booth, waving us over.

Moving towards them I greeted them "Hey you guys, hows it going?" as Maddy waved to them all. The group overall looked a little worst for the wear, Bob, Ray and Mikey all leaning their heads against the back of the seats/ each other, a man who I was guessing was Gerard was face down on the table, and Frank was the only one who looked animated. "Come join us" he invited and they all bunched up to make room. We sat down and Maddy leaned her head against my shoulder.

We sat in silence for a little while, everyone but Frank and me were practically asleep, it was lucky I had kept my sunglasses on, now I could look wherever I liked without him being able to tell what I was actually staring at. I mostly studied his face, gorgeous as he was, it was hard to tear my eyes away, I noticed a lip ring and nose piercing that I hadn’t seen in the dark the night before. Every now and then he would glance over at me and I would smile at him.

He opened his mouth and was just about to say something when Mikey stood up, jerking Bob who had been resting on his shoulder; wide-awake "Would anyone like anything?" Mikey blurted out quickly, receiving a glare from Bob.
"Yeah I'll come get something with you" Maddy said, she turned to me "Would you like anything?"
"Orange Juice and a small chips please." I asked of her, handing her a ten-dollar note.
"Anyone else?" called out Mikey "Last chance... going... going... gone"

They both walked off to get the food, and as I turned back to the table I caught Bob raising his eyebrows at Ray who chuckled to himself, as Frank giggled lightly.
"What?" I asked, "What am I missing?"
Ray shook his head and shrugged, Bob looked away and whistled, so I turned to Frank with a questioning stare "Nothing" he started "It's just that we think Mikey might just like your friend Maddy, maybe"
"Ohhhh" I said, "Now I get it" and we were all laughing when Mikey and Maddy returned and handed me my food. Maddy's tray had a cheeseburger and fries on it, with a large Coke resting on the side. I looked up and noticed Mikey blushing as he handed Maddy my change, which she threw into my lap, and I smiled to myself.

We were all eating in silence when Bob suddenly straightened up in his seat and smiled "Brainwave" he pronounced "Frank, you know how Bert's girls bailed, well... we should invite these two" he finished with a wide smile.
"I don’t know..." Frank began "that might seem a little weird, and I don't know if they want to come to something with us being the only people we know there..."
"Jeese, stop worrying, do you guys want to come to a dress-up party tonight?" Ray asked us.
Maddy turned to me and smiled "We'll be happy to come, I'm sure it'll be great" she said to the guys.
"We should probably tell you the theme before you decide" Mikey laughed out nervously.
"Its Pimps 'n' Hoes, and because the numbers have to be even and we don't have girlfriends our friend Bert organised some of his friends to come with us, but two of them bailed so if you came you'd have to dress as hoes" Ray explained.

Maddy and me slapped a high five, "For sure we're down for that" I said, laughing with Maddy.
She whispered in my ear for a second and I nodded to her.
"Where is it and what time does it start?" I asked the group.
"I'll be happy to give you a lift if you give me your address" offered Frank "It starts at seven, so I'll pick you guys up at six-thirty?"
"Sure" I smiled at him, " Berham Street" I told him "Not exactly sure about the house number, but we're the only place painted in stripes."

"It's two-thirty now" Maddy told me.
"Okay, we have to go find some clothes" I announced. "I'll see you guys tonight"
Maddy and I got up, waved to the boys and began to walk home. We had some serious shopping to do.

END =)
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