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Chapter Three

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Very early MCR. Your typical Boy meets Girl.

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Chapter Three- I'll keep you my dirty little secret.

“Arghhh” Maddy groaned at me from inside her changing-room cubicle, “Everything here looks too slutty, we need to look like hoes, but I don’t want to look like a complete whore."
I chuckled at her, "You make absolutely no sense, but funnily enough I know what you mean; do you have Gerard's phone number?" I asked curiously.
"No, but I do have Mikey's" she answered quickly.
"Oh really? And when did you get that?" I got up off the chair I was waiting on and strolled closer to her change-room.
"When we were in MacDonald's he gave me his number in case I wanted to get together sometime..." she mumbled quickly and quietly.
"Thanks for the heads up" I replied sarcastically, "Hand your phone over, I just want to ask him a quick question."
"Okay, but be nice." Maddy commanded, handing her phone to me through the gap between the curtains and the wall of the cubicle.
"Someone's protective" I mumbled, taking the phone out of her hands and scrolling through the contacts till I found Mikey, saved with a smiley face next to it, and pressed call. Listening to the ring tone, waiting for someone to answer the phone I yelled "Hurry up" out to Maddy.
"Hello?" A curious-sounding Mikey answered.
"Hey? um Mikey? It's Zephyr, I was just wondering what you guys were wearing tonight? It would probably be a whole lot easier to plan our outfits if we knew what you guys were planning on going in."
"Oh, hey Zephyr, yeah no worries, we're all just going dressed sort-of as old fashioned pimps, pinstriped suits, suspenders, fedoras, that sort of thing you know? I hope that helps." he replied happily. I could almost hear him smiling.
"Thats perfect Mikey, absolutely perfect, thankyou, I'll see you in an hour or two." I grinned at Maddy, already concocting a plan.
"Okay, see you then, Bye" Mikey rushed out on the line.
"Bye" I finished, closing the phone and grabbing Maddy's arm. "I know the perfect place..."

"I don't know..." started Maddy, staring at our outfits, laid out on the bed. After a hurried trip to the shops, we were back at the house. We had both showered and now we were staring nervously at the oufits we had picked, mentally debating over whether to put them on, debating with each other over who was getting dressed first.
"Look" I started, glancing at my alarm clock next to my bed, "Frank and Mikey are going to be here in half an hour, and unless you want to be reallyslutty and go in our underwear, we have to get dressed."
She nodded okay, still looking worried, and not making any decisive movements.
"Pick up your clothes and get dressed, you'll look fucking hot, and no-one will be able to keep their eyes off you. Now hustle!" I said slowly, and finally the message got through, Maddy turned away and picked up her dress sliding it on hesitantly.
I turned to my own clothes, and began getting dressed. In five minutes we were both standing in front of the mirror. "I feel like I've been taken back in time." Maddy laughed.
"I told you you'd love it" I turned to her and stuck out my tongue childishly, "Now can you help we get my wig on?"
Maddy began placing the bob-cut, sleek, raven-haired wig onto my head and I glanced side-ways into the mirror, it truly did feel like we had been taken back in time. Running with the boy's theme of old-fashioned pimps, Maddy and I had been transformed into classy, old-style hoes. We were dressed to the nines, each sporting a very short tassled dress that laced up in a bodice at the back, Maddy's was black, mine red, opposite coloured elbow-length gloves and black stockings, Maddy's held up by a racy, red garter, mine by a suspender belt. We were each wearing heels to match our dresses. As soon as Maddy made the final adjustments on my wig, we each placed the finishing touches on our outfits, placing around our heads headbands that held up feathers, connected with little diamonte detailing.

We smiled at each other and each applied eyeliner that edged our eyes with a flicked, exotic look, and completed out oufits with fire-engine red lipstick.
"Voila" I exclaimed, pouting in the mirror as Maddy threw her head back and stuck out her hip. Our poses lasted about about a minute before we collapsed into a fit of giggles.

The ring of the doorbell interrupted our laughing fit. "Crap" I exclaimed.
"Come in" we both yelled out to the boys, hearing the front door open and close, we turned to each other nervously, straightening out our dresses and making sure our hair was fine, before composing ourself after our laughing fit, grabbing out purses and walking out of the room and down the stairs.

Mikey and Frank came into view, each peering curiously around the house, probably confused by our crazy collection of furniture. At hearing our footsteps on the stairs, both turned to look up at us, their eyes widening and low breaths escaping their mouths as they were surprised by our outfits.

"You look.." Mikey began, then broke of blushing.
"Wow" Frank finished for him, "Wow".

Maddy and I both blushed at the attention and complement and reaching the boys, hugged them both. Frank took my hand in his and laced his fingers through mine and I pulled him towards the door, smiling. "Lets go" I said excitedly.

The car trip was short, Mikey drove and Maddy had shotgun, while Frank and I rode in the back, talking about music and movie and books, there never seemed to be an end to the conversation, and suddenly we were at the party. Stepping into the house Maddy and I were immediately introduced to the host of the party, Frank waved him over, he was a tall, not-quite-cleanly-shaven man, with shoulder length hair, with a slightly shorter, pale, man with shoulder-length raven hair, hanging around his shoulders.
"Bert, you should meet Zephyr and Maddy." Frank introduced us, pointing to us in turn, as Bert took one of our gloved hands in each of his hands and kissed them each, faking a french accent as he slurred out quite drunkly "A pleasure, I'm sure."
"Gerard" Frank said, pointed to the man hanging around Bert's shoulders "You've already met Maddy, but this is Zephyr"
Ahh I thought So this is the mysterious Gerard.
He rushed forward to give us each a hug, announcing "So your the pretty, little thing my Frankie is so taken with" to me and "and your the girl pulling on my little brother's heartstrings, huh?" to Maddy and giving us a smile before departing with his arm around Bert's shoulders. The boys laughed awkwardly and led us to a table where we were joined by Bob and Ray and their dates.

The night was long and throughout it Gerard and Bert were established as the most enthusiastic dancers of the men, whisking me and Maddy out onto the dancefloor on a mere whim, then disappearing only to return with more energy than ever. Gerard and I had a great time, and I could tell we were going to be great friends, he would twirl me round and round on the dancefloor, swap me with Bert to dance with Maddy, but swap back soon enough. He was like a male version of Maddy and I immediatley felt relaxed around him. He returned me to Frank with a wink and once again disappeared with Bert, when they returned, their eyes unfocused and glassy, but still more energetic than all of us it wasn't hard to tell they'd been taking something a little stronger than alcohol.

Maddy dragged me out to dance with her, spinning and twirling, doing the robot and the scuba diver, we were clearly having more fun than anyone else dancing. When we finally tripped our way back to the table, it was nearly all clear, all the boys but Mikey and Gerard were off getting drinks. I collapsed onto Gerard's lap as Maddy begged Mikey to come dancing with her, finally he gave in.

It was only when Gerard double-glanced down and then left his gaze falling downwards that I realised when I had fallen into his lap my dress had come up a little higher that I had anticipated, revealing to him a constellation of scars mapped out on my leg.
"So.." he began "is this your dirty little secret?" he asked with a smirk, but concerned eyes.
I could see whatever he had been taking was beginning to wear off, his eyes were completely focused on me.
"If it is, it's a whole lot less expensive then your dirty little secret" I joked with him, tapping his nose.

Our conversation came to a halt as Frank returned to the table with his drink, taking advantage of the interruption; I jumped up and pulled him out to dance with me. Dancing with him I had so much fun, twirling and grooving to the beat. But I still felt uneasy, and turning back to the table I could see Gerard's concerned eyes following me as I moved.

Sorry, this was a little rushed, I might redo it later.
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