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back in time

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just read its my first fic!

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kimmy was playing softball in a field she was up to bat and bases were loaded. as the pitcher swung her arm around kimmy got redy. the ball flew towerd her and she swang the bat, but missed. the ball hit her temple and she flew to the ground and blacked out.


kimmy woke up n opened her eyes. she was scared because she wasn't in her room. the rom was clean and she felt like she dint belong at all. slowly she looked down at her tan skin n thin body and relized she must be dreaming because this was not her. there was a mirror across tha room so she walked towerd it n looked in.

staring back at her was a tan skinny girl which was opposite of kimmy. freakin out she tried to pinch herself and smack her face but it dint work at all. breaking into tears she looked around the room n came acros a yearbook. it said belleville high on the cover so she shuffled through and came across a pitcher of gerard way! she always had a crush on him since my chemical ormances first cd n now she was crying tears of joy. she was excited for school so she got dressed and rand down the stairs. her mom said, hurry up you will be late. so she got in a car with a boy that lookd like her. she figured it was her brother or somethin. ready for the first day, he said. she said, i can harldy wait!


kimmy got out of the car in the school parkin lot and a big group of preppy girls came ofer and hugged her n said they missed her. then kimmy saw him. it was gerard
! she said, GERARD! he turned around and she ran to him. this was goin to be a good day!

i hope you like it its my first fic so dont make fun of me if it sucks i will try to make it beter.
please review i need to no what you think everyone!
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