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AU post OotP, possible HBP elements but not HBP compliant. Independant Harry summer after 5th year. No Pairing

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There is Only Power
By Loralee

Disclaimer: not mine

A/N I need to credit the idea of Potter meaning dish maker to a story called An Effective Abstraction by Muirnin on fanfiction net. I intended to credit this at the end of the last chpt but forgot.

Chapter 9
Back to Hogwarts


The Prophet had had headlines blaring his declaration of war on Voldemort the day after the Diagon Alley battle. Opinion had been running high whether a sixteen-year-old boy could or should be relied on to defeat the greatest Dark Wizard since Salazar Slytherin.

Harry thought that remark was sure to make old Voldie's day. Dumbledore was being called on to justify his actions toward Harry. Letters to the editor were taking up half the paper. He wasn't sure were it came from but the paper had also discovered that there was a prophecy about him and Voldemort though no one knew what it said.

He was suddenly the Gryffindor golden boy again. The papers had labeled him prophecy's chosen child, Snape had snorted and offered a bit of slytherin advice.

"Use it to get girls, Potter. You know 'one last hurrah before I go to die' sort of thing."

Harry had laughed and Snape just raised an eyebrow. "I'm not the one who has to check broom closets this year." He sneered and walked away.

Harry only laughed more a little later when Ron had offered similar advice. Severus Snape and Ron Weasley agreeing on anything was surely a sign of the apocalypse.

The ministry had provided a portkey to platform 9 ¾ and Auror Blackthorne and Remus Lupin had escorted the group there. Molly and Arthur were there to say good-bye. Harry noticed the odd looks he received from parents on the platform but ignored them.

The trip it's self was an eye opener. He had DA members stop by to report on the good grades, ask about the DA restarting and find out what they could do to help fight. The Gryffindors were upset that two of their number had joined Voldemort and most pledged support to Harry. Harry just smirked to himself. He'd become a hero again. He wondered how long it would last.

For the first time Draco Malfoy did not accost them on the train.

Harry waved at Hagrid as he got off the train and patted a thestral to some strange looks. The ride to the castle was quite. Harry had put in a lot of practice to learning Occlumency and believed he was fairly well protected.

He'd kept Dumbledore off balance the last time they had met but was sure that he wouldn't stay that way and would take the first opportunity to rummage in his brain.
Snape had tutored all of them in Occlumency after they read the book. Armed with the theory it had gone much better and Snape was quite good when he wasn't try to break your mind.

Harry's strategy was to keep Dumbledore's focus on him so that the others might be over looked.

"Shield's up, its show time." Harry muttered softly as the six of them entered the massive doors to the main entry hall. A warm feeling spread over Harry as he entered the castle, as if he was coming home, he loved that feeling and he felt that way every year.

Luna split off to her own table while the five Gryffindors sat at their table. Harry was looking carefully at the head table for new faces.

"What you doing Harry?" asked Seamus Finnegan.

"Looking at the new teacher. Want to size up the new defense teacher." Said Harry. The rest of the Gryffindor started to crane their heads toward the head table.

"Where's Snape?" Someone said. The whisper was taken up around the room as others noticed the he was missing. They quieted as the first years were led in and the sorting began.

Harry was watching the two new faces as well as the Headmaster, though he refused to meet Dumbledore's eyes.

After the sorting Dumbledore stood eyes twinkling.

"I'd like to introduce the new Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor Professor Billiywig, and filling in as Potions Instructor for Professor Snape who is on sabbatical Professor Jewl. Professor Sinistra will be temporary Head of Slytherin House. Now tuck in." and with a wave the tables filled with food.

Harry had been watching the Slytherin table during the last announcement and had seen Malfoy flinch. Malfoy obviously thought that Snape was dead.

No sooner was dinner over than McGonagall was coming down the table.

"Mr. Potter the Headmaster would like a word with you in his office. The pass word is lemon snaps you may go now."

"Aren't you coming with me professor?" Asked Harry.

McGonagall shook her head, "It is you he wishes to see, Mr. Potter now go don't keep the headmaster waiting."

"Please professor the Hogwarts by-laws say that I can have my head of house present for any meeting with the headmaster or that my guardian should be there if my head of house is unable to be present. Has Ragnok been called?" Protested Harry his friends waiting with him.

"Mr. Potter whatever has gotten into you. You are not in any kind of trouble. You've had any number of meetings with Professor Dumbledore where I have not been present." Said McGonagall looking surprised.

"Yes I have Professor but that was before he tried to force me to go with him after my relatives funeral. He told the Weasley's I wouldn't be there and threatened Hermione's parents if I didn't cooperate. I want some on my side at any meetings with him. Frankly Professor I don't trust the Headmaster." Finished Harry.

McGonagall looked shocked for a moment and then motioned to Harry to follow. Harry shrugged at his friends and followed McGonagall and they went on to the Gryffindor tower.

McGonagall escorted him to the headmaster's office a frown on her face. Never had she thought that Harry Potter and Albus would be at such odds. The Prophet article had shocked her but she had attributed it to journalistic sensationalism.

Dumbledore looked surprised at McGonagall appearance for a moment and then tried to dismiss her.

"No Headmaster it is my right to have my head of house present at any meetings with you. Now may I ask why you've called my here?" Said Harry with authority.

"Now Harry, surly you're not suggesting that I'd harm you in any way are you?" Asked Dumbledore.

"I don't trust you sir. It's late and I'm tired sir could we get on with this?" Said Harry.

Dumbledore was at a loss, "Harry I wanted to discuss your classes with you. I believe that you need to take some advance classes that aren't on the regular curriculum. Therefore I have changed your schedule to reflect that."

Harry cut him off. "I discussed my courses with my guardian. You have no authority to change my classes or to require anything more of me Headmaster. I will not accept any extra classes."

"I'm afraid you have no choice Harry."

"This time McGonagall cut him off, "Headmaster I must protest Mr. Potter is quite right. If you persist I will file a complaint with the board of governors on Mr. Potter's behalf."

Dumbledore just looked at her for a moment.

"Harry you must understand you have placed yourself in a very tricky predicament by publicly announcing that you will destroy Voldemort. These extra lessons are designed to allow you to."

"No." said Harry firmly.

Dumbledore sighed and nodded, "Very well then, I must ask you one other thing. Where is my potions master?"

Harry said, "What?" and looked at McGonagall in confusion.

"Albus really," started McGonagall.

"No Minerva, I left Severus in Mr. Potter's care and I want to know where he is." Said Dumbledore sternly. McGonagall gaped at him.

"When did you leave Snape in my care?" Asked the incredulous Harry.

"After the attack at Privet Drive when you reveal to Amelia Bones that Severus was a spy for me. That was that last time I saw him. Now tell me where he is."

"That was a month ago. Snape's been missing for a month and you haven't done anything? He probably did what you told him to. Go back to Voldemort and try to convince him that he had me fooled." Said Harry.

Dumbledore paled, "He, he would have come to me first." He said in strained tone.

Harry snorted, "Why? You sure didn't seem liked you cared one way or another. He was hurt pretty bad in the fight and I noticed you didn't ask either one of us if we were hurt. Just like after the ministry you didn't ask if I was hurt just portkeyed me back here and locked me in. You never once ask if I was hurt. I could have bled to death locked in here. So don't try to pretend you care. If you lost your spy by sending him back then that's your fault not mine. Are we done?"

"Yes you can go." Dumbledore waved his hand distractedly.

Harry turned to leave and then stopped, "What about my quidditch ban? Has it been lifted?"

Dumbledore regarded Harry coldly. "No Mr. Potter it has not. You're dismissed."

As Harry left the room he could hear Professor McGonagall voice rising behind him and he smirked to himself.

Harry returned to the common room.

"Harry what did the Headmaster want?" Asked Hermione.

"He wanted me to take different classes or something, and he seemed to think I knew something about Snape." Said Harry.

"What, why would you know anything about Snape, Harry?" Asked Dean Thomas.

Harry shrugged, "I saw him a month ago after the attack at my house. Oh, he's not going to lift my quidditch ban either."

A protest rang out in the Gryffindor common room. Ron just stared at Harry

"That's not fair."

"We should file a petition to the Board of Governors Harry." Said Katie Bell, "I bet McGonagall will sign it."

Harry agreed and Katie and Hermione put their heads together to write the petition and most of the house signed it. They decided they might see if anyone from the other houses would sign also.

Harry went up to bed rather pleased with himself, however he was sure that his luck wouldn't last. Dumbledore wouldn't stay off balance for long. He would need to be very careful not to piss off or alienate any of the other teachers and of course there were two new teachers to consider. He wondered if his luck with defense teachers would spread to the new potions teacher also.

He wrote a letter to Remus before he went to sleep asking for information on the two new teachers. Remus would share the letter with Snape. Who could be an invaluable source of information. He wrote a second letter to Ragnok about Dumbledore trying to dictate his classes.

Harry looked closely at his schedule the next morning making sure it was what he wanted, NEWT level Defense, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Beginning Runes and Spell Creation.

McGonagall nodded at him after Katie Bell approached her with the petition. He spent most of breakfast watching the older students, wondering how many of them might be Death Eaters. Malfoy and Zabini were the only male Slytherins in sixth year and to Harry's surprise there were no seventh year male Slytherins at all.

As Harry eyed the Slytherin table he noticed Malfoy was watching him. He wondered about Malfoy. He'd not come by on the train and the expression on his face was odd. Harry left for his first class, NEWT Defense, with a thoughtful expression.

NEWT Defense was a combination of sixth years from all four houses. However Harry noticed that the only Slytherin was Zabini none of the girls or Malfoy were in the class. However all of the rest of the class were DA members.

Professor Billywig was a non-descript man with brown eyes and long brown hair in a ponytail. He wore plain dark blue robes and seemed a little nervous. The students just stared as he stood behind the desk and prepared to speak.

"Good morning, I'm Jackson Billywig and I'm going to be your defense Professor this year. This is NEWT level Defense Against the Dark Arts, I hope this is were you are suppose to be?" There was a pause like he expected someone to jump up and leave.

"All right, it will take me a few days to learn all of your names, so bear with me." He came around to the first desk on the right side and handed Hermione a sheaf of parchment. "Please take one and pass them around. This is the syllabus for this class. Just so you know what you are getting into. This year will be broken up into sections. The various sections we will be covering are, Defensive; includes various spells and shields and will touch briefly on warding, Offensive; includes various spells and dueling etiquette, Healing; includes basic first aide, Curse breaking; includes identifying curses and wards, Dark creatures; includes identifying, destroying or containment, and lastly an overview of Auror work. There will be a research paper required for each term. Possible topics are listed if there is something you think you might like to research please see me and we can discuss it. I've also listed the required readings for each section please note some of these are out side your text book. I have a few extra copies here in the classroom that you may borrow or you can send to Flourish and Blotts for your own copy of the reference books. Any questions?"

Hermione's hand was up first followed by several others. Billywig pointed at Hermione.

"Sir, may we know your qualifications?" Asked Hermione. Billywig goggled at her for a moment then seemed to pull himself together.

"You think the Headmaster would hire someone not fully qualified to teach miss?" He said.

"Hermione Granger sir, and yes I believe some of Professor Dumbledore's past DADA teachers have been questionable. I'm not implying that you aren't qualified I'm just curious what your qualification are." There were some snickers around the room and Billywig looked uncomfortable.

"Ah I see, well I received an O on my NEWT's when I was here at Hogwarts. I have recently received my Masters in DADA and I was third in the international dueling association tournament the last three years." He blinked at Hermione and then pointed at Neville.

"Have you ever fought Death Eaters, sir?"

Billywig's face paled and then reddened, "Of course not, have you?"

Neville nodded, "Yes sir, twice now." And then he sat back in his chair. Billywig's mouth hung open and then his eyes turned to Harry and he glared for a moment.

"How many others in the room want to claim to have faced Death Eaters?" Billywig ask. Then his jaw dropped again as eight hands went into the air. "I, I,.Mr. Potter can you explain this."

Harry looked around at the others in the room.

"Well, sir, Ron, Hermione, Neville and I were at the Ministry fight in May and Susan, Hannah and Ernie were with us at Diagon Alley a week ago, and Zabini," as he looked at the Slytherin boy for a moment their eyes met. "Well he was in the same house as a bunch of the death eaters that have come to a bad end this summer. So I'd say he's counting them."

"I see. I don't know what to say. Are there any questions about the syllabus?" Billywig finally said hoping to get back to safer ground.

"Will we be dueling in this class?" Asked Justin Finch-Fletchley. "And will the Serpensortia spell be allowed?" He smirked at Harry to general laughter. Billywig looked confused again and decided to give up.

"We will be dueling in class and have a tournament in the last term." Then was surprised at the groans. "Now take out quill and parchment and we'll have a short quiz."

When class was over and the students began to file out Professor Billywig called after to Harry.

"Mr. Potter is could I have a moment of your time. The Headmaster said that I was to tutor you in defense Mr. Potter but he's not given me a timetable so I was hoping we could set a time."

Harry's friends and half the class stopped to listen.

"I'm sorry Professor but the Headmaster is mistaken, I don't need any tutoring in defense I had the highest OWL score last year with three." Said Harry calmly.

"I had wondered about that Mr. Potter. I thought perhaps he meant for you to begin mastery course work. It's not unheard of to start before NEWT's. And I believe in your case you could probably pass the Mastery test with in a year of graduating." Said Billywig.

"In my case Professor?" asked Harry. "I thought there was an apprenticeship requirement to start before NEWT's?"

Billywig blinked and noticed the crowd of students still there. "Well yes, but your apprenticeship with Professor Dumbledore would cover that." He was startled as Harry Potter turned his back and stalked out of the room. As the crowd followed Harry, Billywig sat in his chair and wondered if the stories he'd heard and discounted were really true. Just how many of the former DADA teachers had Harry Potter destroyed?

A group of second year Hufflepuffs were just taking their seats when Harry stormed into the transfiguration classroom and up to McGonagall's desk where he conversed in a low tone to a shocked looking McGonagall.

"I will get to the bottom of this I assure you Mr. Potter." Said McGonagall sternly several minutes later and then wrote a pass and Harry left the room leaving the little 'puffs frozen in their seats.

Harry strode through the halls to Charms still fuming. How dare he. There was no way he would ever become that man's apprentice. That would give him way to much power over Harry. He'd have to write another letter to Remus and to Ragnok. Not even half way into the first day and Harry was already sorry he'd come back. There had to be some way to get Dumbledore off his back so he could concentrate on Voldemort without distraction.

After charms Harry approached Professor Flitwick, "Sir I don't know if you were told anything about this but I am not doing a apprenticeship with the Headmaster. Professor Billywig seemed to think I was."

"No Mr. Potter nothing was mentioned to me. If you do choose to pursue an apprenticeship I'd be please to offer you one under me." Flitwick chuckled at the look of surprise. "I don't expect you to accept Mr. Potter. I believe I did hear talk you were undertaking to learn gobbledegook? I'd be please to continue those lesson for you."

Harry answered in gobbledegook, "It would be my honor to take lessons from you, honored teacher, speak and I shall obey." He said with a bow.

"Swift Bolt chosen child, honors me with his attention." Flitwick replied with a bow of his own.

Harry grinned, "I hate that name, I didn't know that you knew goobledegook Professor. If I tell Hermione I'm learning from you she'd liable to demand lessons too. I haven't had time to try to teach her what I've been learning. Should I give her the etiquette book?"

Flitwick chuckled again. "I'd be happy to teach anyone who really wants to learn but only the public aspects as I'm sure you've been told Swift." Harry nodded. He'd been informed that because of his status in the clan he was being taught things that no humans were suppose to know.

"I have some goblin ancestry Mr. Potter." Said Flitwick winking and then shooing Harry off to lunch.

Lunch was tense. Harry glared at Dumbledore who looked angry. McGonagall was tight lipped and Billywig looked sick.

After lunch Dumbledore approached Harry, "Mr. Potter would you please come with me to my office." McGonagall who had hurried after him intervened.

"Albus Mr. Potter has class as do I. I'm quite sure whatever it is can wait can it not." She said. Dumbledore sighed, nodded and walked away. McGonagall shook her head at Harry and went the other way.

NEWT Potions that afternoon was also a mixed class. Malfoy was there as was Parkinson and Zabini, Harry, Hermione and Neville were the Gryffindors, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Ernie MacMillian from Hufflepuff, Padma Patil, Lisa Turpin, Terry Boot and Mandy Brocklehurst from Ravenclaw.

The Professor was Michael Jewl who said he was a potions brewer not a master. He claimed that because Professor Snape was only on sabbatical they didn't have to have a Master teaching them. That Snape was still considered the teacher and he was just a substitute for a short time. He further told them that they would be following the ministry approved lesson plans and that they would be required to research one potion of their choice for the term paper. As they had class twice a week they'd brew one day and have lecture the other. If there was anything in particular they wanted to learn they should see him and he'd consider it. Then he assigned the first four chapters of Basic Brewing for NEWT Potions and dismissed them early and walked out of the room leaving a silent group of students behind to stare at each other.

"I've already read that." Said Hermione.

"We all have, I think." Said Susan with a laugh.

They began to leave the lab to make good use of their new free time. When the room was almost empty.

"Potter a word." Said Draco Malfoy in a neutral tone.

Harry paused then nodded. The others left.

"Snape's dead." Said Malfoy in a low voice.

Harry only said, "What makes you think that Malfoy. He probably off doing Death Eater stuff."

Malfoy paled, "Potter, did you kill him that night at your house?"

Harry raised one eyebrow, "What do you know about that. Looking for information for your master?"

Malfoy shook his head. He pulled up his left sleeve and displayed his bare arm.

"You know the revelo spell for glamours? You can use it if you want. My house has taken a lot of losses this summer, Potter because of you. I received orders to find out what happened to Snape. The Dark Lord believes that he was a spy working for Dumbledore and that when the old man realized that you'd blown his cover to Bones that Dumbledore killed him or had him killed. I know you didn't like him but he was my head of house. He was a smart man. If there was a reason that he, why he, uhm, I need to know what happened Potter. For me." Draco stopped and looked at Harry.

Harry nodded more to himself that to Draco. "He was alive when he left my house and yes I knew he was spying on Voldemort for Dumbledore since before the first war ended.

"Before?" whispered Draco, "but why?"

"I don't know Snape's 'why' Malfoy but I can give you a why. Voldemort is a half blood named Tom Riddle I can and will provide a pensive memory of him telling me that down in the chamber of secrets. I will destroy him and anyone allied with him Malfoy. It's my fate." Said Harry.

Draco Malfoy stared hard at Harry nodded once and turned, just before he left the room he said, "I'll hold you to that, Potter."

That evening after dinner McGonagall once again called him to Dumbledore's office. As he entered he brought up his Occlumency shield to full strength.

"Ah Harry," said Dumbledore, "how was your day?"

Harry glared at him not meeting his eyes. "Why did you tell Billywig I was your apprentice?" Demanded Harry.

"I did not tell Professor Billywig anything of the sort Harry. He must have misunderstood the situation." Said Dumbledore trying to catch Harry's eye.

"Oh, and did he misunderstand that you wanted him to tutor me in a subject that I excel in?" Harry came back.

"I spoke to him Albus, he does think you ask him to tutor Mr. Potter and that you meant for it to be mastery level." Said McGonagall.

"No Minerva, Jackson is mistaken. Though it isn't a bad idea Harry. I would be happy to offer you an apprenticeship."

"No thank you Headmaster. I have already been offered one but do not think that an apprenticeship suits my abilities at this time." Said Harry with a smirk.

Dumbledore was shocked for a moment. "Someone offered you an apprenticeship Harry? Might I ask who?"

"None of you business. Now I have studying to do, so if that is all?" Said Harry starting to get up to go.

"No Harry I must insist that you tell me what you know about the whereabouts of Professor Snape." Said Dumbledore sternly.

McGonagall said, "Albus the boy already told you." He cut her off.

"Enough Minerva, Mr. Potter knows more than he is telling. I must know where Severus is, where Mr. Potter spent his summer, and the kinds of training he's had so I can design a program to bring him up to speed."

"And I've told you Dumbledore, I want nothing to do with you or your programs, my summer is my business and I don't know where Snape is. Good night." And Harry left a fuming Dumbledore and an outraged McGonagall behind.

Knowing that Dumbledore would be occupied for a while Harry headed off the small hallway just down from the library. He had a portrait to visit.
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