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Stories and Rituals

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AU post OotP, possible HBP elements but not HBP compliant. Independant Harry summer after 5th year. No Pairing

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There is Only Power
By Loralee

Chapter 10
Stories and Rituals

Harry stood facing the blank wall between the sculpture of a raven and picture of a young girl in a library. He placed his hand on the wall and said softly, "I seek the knowledge of Ravenclaw." The wall melted away and Harry was able to enter the study of Rowena Ravenclaw.

"Welcome young one, ah my little lion you have returned." Said the portrait of Ravenclaw.

"Good evening Lady Ravenclaw" said Harry with a bow to the portrait.

"Have you slain your dark wizard yet my little lion?" Asked Rowena.

"No, ma'am, I have managed to remove some of his followers and recruit allies though. I still do not know how to kill him but I am working on it." Smiled Harry.

"Ah, tell me what you have learned then young one."

Harry settled back in to the chair and began to share his summer with the Lady Ravenclaw.

Rowena sat up straighter in her chair when Harry got to the part were the Ragnok told him he was the heir to Gryffindor and held up a hand.

"One moment young lion you are truly one of Godric's?"

"Yes ma'am apparently why I was able to pull the sword out of the sorting hat." Said Harry. "I think Dumbledore must know but I don't understand why he kept it from me."

"That I may be able to answer Lord Gryffindor."

"Please ma'am just Harry, I haven't claimed the title I can't for another year."

"That make no difference to Hogwarts, Harry, your Headmaster must be afraid that if you bond the castle he will lose some of his power. I can not tell how much he draws upon the magic of Hogwarts." Said Rowena. "Have you found Godrics chamber?"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand bond with the castle, Godric's chamber? He had a chamber too. How do I find it?" Harry was excited.

Rowena laughed, "Yes Godric had his own chamber we each did. Did you bring the blank journals young one?" At Harry's nod she motioned him to the shelf, "You need to ask for Rituals of Hogwarts. Please make your own copy and return mine."

Harry did as she asked and made a copy of the handwritten leather bound journal that appeared.

"That book will tell you how to bond to the castle. The bond will not prevent you from leaving the castle but it will give you an extra bit of power if you need it. You will be able sense the wards and access certain of them though I do not know if they are still active. We bonded our bloodlines to the castle and gave a bit of our magic for protection. Any of our heirs could bond the castle. The ritual may also be used to identify heirs."

"You think I should do this ritual, ma'am?" asked Harry

"Yes my little lion you should. It would be of great benefit. We had intended for our heirs to always have a place." Said Rowena. "Now on with your story."

"But how will I find Godric's chamber?"

"Hogwarts will lead you there, just as she lead you to me and I would venture a guess that she led you to Salazar's secret chamber." She laughed again, "He had a normal chamber in Hogwarts also."

When Harry realized that it was close to curfew he said he should go. Rowena made him promise the return soon and Harry asked if he could bring others with him. Rowena told him that it must be his decision but that a secret shared did not stay secret long.

Harry was able to read most of the ritual book that night before sleeping. He found the one Rowena had mentioned. It also gave rituals for other things. Strengthening the wards and protections around Hogwarts, utilizing the ancient blood wards, recognizing others of the founders bloodlines, granting sanctuary to the lost, moving walls and rearranging the castles lay out and lastly to cast out someone who was unworthy. Harry wondered how many of these rituals were still known by the inhabitants of the castle.

Harry wondered, after reading of the blood protection wards, if his mother had ever found Rowena's room. That might explain some things if she had.

The second day went a little better; Dumbledore left him alone, he had beginning Runes, which he was comfortable with, and Transfiguration where McGonagall kept giving him rather strange looks. Spell Creation seemed like it would be a fun subject and was taught by Professor Vector who also taught Arithmancy. Harry had never had her for a teacher before liked her right off and knew that Hermione liked her as well.

That evening Katie Bell told him that the petition and letter of protest had gone off to the governors and that over three quarters of the school had signed it including McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout, and Sinistra as heads of house and Madam Hooch the flying instructor and referee for quidditch.

Hermione told him she'd also sent a letter to Ragnok as Harry's guardian with a copy of the petition. Harry felt warm that so many people were willing to stand up for him. Quidditch wasn't that big of a deal with everything else that Harry had to do but it irked him that Dumbledore would try to use it against him. It wasn't so much that he was desperate to play but that he wanted the choice.

He finished the ritual book that night and decided that he would take the oath to the castle and bond with it. The benefits for both him and the castle far outweighed any of the problems. The biggest problem would be that everyone could find out that he was a founder's heir. With that decision out of the way the only thing to do was to ask his friends to witness and pick a time.

Friday morning Harry was up early and went down to breakfast alone. The Great Hall was mostly empty at that time of the morning. The only students at the Gryffindor table were first years. Harry looked again, all of the Gryffindor first years.

They looked at Harry in awe and a little fear and Harry decided to confront that fear right now. He sat next to them and said, "good morning you lot are up early aren't you?"

They all looked at each other and one spoke up. "We were told it was better to be early than not get anything to eat." Harry frowned.

"Breakfast is served until ten minutes before first class. You can eat anytime."

"Thank you Mr. Potter, sir." Said the little boy as all the first years nodded.

"It's Harry, just Harry."

They looked horrified, "but Mr. Potter you're a hero, the boy who lived, you've killed Death Eaters and monsters and trolls and we were told..." the boy broke off.

"What were you told? You shouldn't be scared of me."

"We were told not to bother you. That you had a terrible temper and that you curse first and don't even ask questions." The boy looked confused now.

"Well I don't think that's quite right. I might have a temper every once in while. My friend thinks I act like a two year old sometimes. And as for killing death eaters, yes but they attacked me. Are you a death eater?" Harry asked one eyebrow raised.

All the head shook and the spokesman said "No" with wide eyes.

Well, if you're not a death eater and you don't become one then you have nothing to fear, right?"

At the doubtful expressions he sighed, "Ok I'm just a person like you all. Its just things happen that I can't control and I had to learn to take care of myself. You're all Gryffindor's and we're known for our bravery, right? Well you should know that it's ok to be scared of stuff but you can't let that stop you from doing what's right. It's our choices that make us who we are, and sometimes we have to make the choice between what's right and what's easy. We can't let fear make our choice for us."

"Have you ever been scared, Ha Harry?" Asked a little blonde girl.

Harry laughed and nodded, "Let me tell you a story. One upon a time," he smirked at the groans, "Hey don't all stories start that way? There were two boys who met on the Hogwarts express and became instant friends. They also met a girl who they mostly ignored because, well she was a girl and awfully bossy." He shuddered theatrically and the boys laughed while the girls giggled.

"On Halloween one of the boys said something incredibly stupid and rude, just like boys are likely to do, to the girl and just like a girl she went off to hide in the bathroom and cry."

"She should have just punched him, boys learn faster that way." Said the little blonde.

Harry nodded in agreement, "Yes that's true. Well at the feast the good looking boy with the scar and black hair." Harry posed for one moment, "Wondered where the girl had gone and ask one of the other girls in their year. Who told him she was in the bathroom. Well just at that moment the doors burst open and the DADA professor came staggering in yelling that there was a troll in the dungeon and then he fainted dead away."

Harry looked at the wide eyes of his audience and then heard the whisper, "See I told you he killed a troll."

"Well the teachers sent everyone to their dorms and went to the dungeons to find the troll but my friend and I went to find the girl in the bathroom since we knew that she wouldn't know about the troll and it was our fault, sort of, that she didn't.

We went creeping down the corridor and then it happened we saw the troll go into a room. We rushed down the hall and closed and locked the door. We were going to be heroes because we captured the troll. Then we heard the scream and realized that we had just locked the troll in the girl's bathroom. Well being the Gryffindors that we are we threw our brain out the window and rushed in regardless of the danger and saw the biggest troll ever trying to squash the girl with his huge club. Well I knew we had to do something so I jumped right up on that troll and shoved my wand up its nose."


Harry grimaced and nodded, "Yup it was gross. Well the troll threw me off and raised its club up to smash us and my friend used a spell to stop the troll." He paused, "wingardium leviosa, levitated that club right up and let it drop onto the trolls head. Knocked him right out."

"Wow what happened then"

"Well the girl thanked us for saving her and I had to clean my wand. Then the teachers came and we had to explain ourselves and I was really scared then. How can you explain first years going after a troll?" Harry shrugged. "Like I said things happen to me. That's when I found out the benefits of having a friend who is as smart as a Ravenclaw. She told the teachers the biggest whopper and got us mostly out of trouble and she's been one of my best friends since." Harry noticed the eyes in front of him getting bigger and bigger and the faces going rather frantic.

"I going to guess from the expressions on your faces that you think lying to a teacher is a horrible thing to do and you'd be right." Then he leaned forward and whispered, "There's one standing right behind me isn't there?" He got tiny nods. "Is it Professor McGonagall?" More nods.

He sighed and sat back. "Well the moral of the story is you have to make your own choices in life right or wrong. You have to accept the consequences of those choices and just because you are a Gryffindor it doesn't mean you have to throw your brains out the window and rush in. You can stop to think first or at least befriend a Ravenclaw and get them to do your thinking for you."

Harry then turned his head to regard the teacher standing behind him.

"Good morning Professor, you look lovely today." He said pleasantly. The first years snickered and her lips thinned even more.

"Mr. Potter a word." Then she turned from the table and strode from the hall.

Harry sighed and covered his eyes. "You could have told me." He half whined to the grinning first years. He gave them a wave and trotted after McGonagall.

Once in her office Harry spoke before she had a chance to blast him.

"They were afraid of me Professor and now they aren't, I'm a real person now. Thank you."

She smiled then, "I do think some other story would have done just as well. It is not I that you should be worried about but Miss Granger when they work out that is was she who lied to the teachers. As if I believed that far fetched story in the first place." She sighed and shook her head.

"The reason I asked you here Potter is that the Board of Governors will be here to review your case tomorrow at 9 am. You should stay away from Albus in the meantime, he is rather upset."

"Thank you Professor it means a lot that you'd stick up for me." Said Harry.

"It is rather late though. Potter do you know anything about Severus?" She asked hesitantly.

"Are you asking for the Headmaster or for yourself?"

"I assure you that anything you say will go no further." She said.

"You do know that the Headmaster uses legimency on a regular basis?" Asked Harry in a low voice. At McGonagall slow nod he continued. "The last time I saw Professor Snape, he was fine. If you wanted to try to send him a message I'd let you use my owl she's very reliable. If any owl could find him I'm sure she could."

McGonagall eyed him for a moment and then nodded. "Thank you for your time Potter you'd best get to class."

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful although Harry got a laugh that night in the common room. He'd come in after a language lesson with Professor Flitwick to find Ron surrounded by first years. He sank down on the couch beside Neville and watched Ron for a moment.

"What's that about then?" He asked.

"Don't know mate. The lot of them just asked Ron to help them with their charms homework. Mighty strange that." Hermione sitting in a chair snorted.

"It's your fault Harry. They're studying levitation charms."

Harry looked surprised for a moment and then commented, "He looks like he's having fun."

"Yes but who know what all he's telling them about you." She smirked. Harry began to worry and then shrugged.

"It can't be any worse than someone telling them that if they bother me I'd curse them. You might try to find out who that was by the way. I really don't appreciate it."

Hermione just nodded and they watched Ron correct the pronunciation of wingardium leviosa and laughed.

Six o'clock Saturday morning found Harry and his five friends standing the main Entrance Hall to Hogwarts. In the center of the entrance chamber was the Hogwarts seal inlaid on the stone floor. Inscribed around the seal was the faint tracing of a rune inscribed pentagram with two circles inscribed outside of that.

It was quiet this early and Harry hoped to complete the ritual before anyone noticed anything unusual.

Harry affixed candles to each point of the pentagram and his friends took up positions outside of the circles.

"Don't let anyone into the pentagram no matter what happens." Harry reminded them.

Then he stood in the H in the center of the seal within the pentagram and one by one lit the candles with his wand, as the last candle was lit there was a chiming tone in the entrance hall and the four house ghosts appeared and took up positions at the cardinal points between the circles.

As they assumed their places, four house elves popped into the circle one between each ghost. The chimes sounded again.

"I Harry James Potter-Black claim my birthright as a founders heir and call upon the power of Hogwarts." He then pulled out a small dagger and sliced down the palm of his left hand. He heard a noise off to his left but dared not loose his concentration.

As the blood began to pool in his hand he faced the griffin and stretched out his hand over the griffin in the seal and let a few drops fall. The chime sounded again and the magic of the castle began to buzz in his ears and vibrate though him as his blood hit the stones.

"Accept this blood as a sign of my oath of protection to Hogwarts and those within her."

He turned to face the serpent and moved his hand to drop blood on to it.

"Accept this blood as a sign of desire to strive for the betterment of Hogwarts and myself.

He turned again to his right to face Ravenclaws bird and drop his blood upon it.

"Accept this blood as a sign of devotion to the sharing of knowledge with in these halls."

One more turn left him facing the badger of Hufflepuff.

"Accept this blood as a sign of loyalty to the precepts of Hogwarts beliefs."

There was a flash and surge of power that left Harry gasping for breath. He fell to his knees and pressed his still bleeding hand to the H that he'd been standing on.

"In the name of Hogwarts and by this my blood I swear to uphold the light, to protect the innocent within these walls and to cast out the evil as is my right and duty as founders' heir."

The magic flared once more bathing Harry with light and love and a sense of home and belonging. Then the candles guttered out and Harry became aware of the chaos around him.

The elves bowed and popped away. The ghosts bowed and gathered together watching Dumbledore who stood angrily talking with McGonagall and several others who could only be the Board of Governors. Students stood chattering to one another in various states of dress in the doorway to the great hall, on the stairs to the upper level and in the archway to the lower levels. So much for inconspicuous thought Harry.

Harry rose from his knees drawing attention to himself and as the voices quieted. Dumbledore's rose angrily, "Just what did you think you were doing Mr. Potter."

Harry looked around and noticed the shocked looks everyone was giving Dumbledore.

"Headmaster I was only doing what is required of me. I am descended from Founders blood, which you knew. I choose to bond with the castle, as is my right. This bond offers more protection to Hogwarts as I can now raise some of the old blood wards that have been inactive for decades."

"This is not the place to discuss this come to my office." Said Dumbledore.

"No Headmaster I must decline. I will not submit to anymore of your manipulations. I believe the Board is here to talk to me, I see my guardian is here also and I'd like the opportunity to talk to him." Harry turned to the crowd of students, "I'm sorry that I disturbed your Saturday morning."

Dumbledore strode up to Harry a grabbed him by the arm. "You will do as I say Mr. Potter."

There were instant protests. Ragnok growled, as did Remus Lupin standing behind him.

"Albus!" came from McGonagall and "Headmaster" from Flitwick.

Dumbledore seemed to recover himself and released Harry.

"Now Harry I'm sure you can see that it is in your best interest to."

A severe looking lady in a vulture hat cut him off. "Albus Dumbledore that is quite enough of the this display. You know that Mr. Potter is quite right. That ritual would not have worked if he were not a founder's heir. I am beginning to wonder about your motives. I suggest we get started on why we are here. Mr. Potter you and your guardian may accompany me to the meeting room. I'd like a word."

Harry stepped away from Dumbledore and Poppy Pomfrey approached him.

"Let me see you hand first, Mr. Potter." As she took his hand she saw the cut was healed in fact there were two pale scars running the length of his palm. She nodded and let him follow Ragnok and Madam Longbottom.

Mrs. Longbottom led them though the great hall past the house tables where some students were now eating to the room where the tri-wizard champions had gathered.

"Tell me Mr. Potter. Did you find the ritual in your ancestral vault or elsewhere?"

"Uh I found it here at school ma'am." Answered Harry, after a moments thought.

"Then we must assume that Hogwarts wanted you to bond. The ritual has been thought lost for sometime. I will not ask if you found more than this one. However I do ask that you be cautious with the knowledge."

Harry nodded thankful that he didn't have to lie to the woman.

"I saw my grandson with his wand out on your behalf. I do hope you will look out for him, Mr. Potter." She smiled when Harry opened his mouth. "I do realize that he is turning into a fine strong young man that is doing what he has to but I also worry. If I don't get a chance to speak with him today, do have him write."

Then she walked away to the table where the others sat leaving Harry standing with Ragnok.

"Are you well Swift Bolt my chosen?" asked Ragnok.

"I am well, honored elder, I am sorry for the turmoil I caused." Said Harry with a slight bow.

"If there were no turmoil I would not believe it you, chosen." Said Ragnok with a chuckle.

Harry blushed and noticed people again staring.

"We should sit down, looks like they're getting ready to start." Gesturing to seats in the front row.

Harry sat next to Remus. He leaned over and asked, "How everything?"

Remus grinned, "Oh everything is fine. I got Dudley off the day after you left for Hogwarts. We've spoken once, he likes where he is."

Harry nodded. It hadn't been a hard decision to make. Dudley didn't really want to go back to Smelting and Harry was afraid that Voldemort might be able to track him down. After all Dudley had killed two of his Death Eaters. So Dudley had left the country to join the Grangers.

The Board called him up and questioned him about the incident resulting in his ban. He answered all their questions truthfully. Then he saw the Weasley twins. The board also questioned them. It was when they called Malfoy that Harry was surprised.

"Mr. Malfoy you were the student who was attacked. Do you believe what Mr. Potter told us is accurate." Asked pinched faced man who seemingly didn't like Harry.

Malfoy stood up in front of the board and smirked at Harry.

"Yes sir Potter's right I taunted him into the fight. It's what we've been doing since we started school. A simple game of wits and one up-manship if you will, however the punishments that we've received over the years have usually fit the crimes." Here Malfoy smirked at the board. "Being banned from quidditch is cruel and unusual punishment, all of Miss Umbridges rules have been revoked except Potter's ban which affects all of us. How can we Slytherins win and gloat if we don't play against the best."

Harry's mouth was hanging open by this time. The board members thanked Malfoy and as he passed Harry he smirked and mouthed, "You owe me."

"Well then I think that covers that. I move that the ban be rescinded but that Mr. Potter be warned violence will not be tolerated." Said the pinched faced man.

"Yes I quite agree." Began Dumbledore.

"Enough Albus this was of your making after all." Said Mrs. Longbottom cutting him off.

She looked up and down the table and with a nod spoke to Harry.

"Mr. Potter, Fred and George Weasley the Hogwarts Board of Governor rescinds the ban forbidding you to play quidditch. Now we should move on to other matters."

Dumbledore who had been moving to stand now looked frustrated.

"What other business does the board have might I ask?" He said.

"Your tenure here Albus. There have been questions and concerns voiced by parents about some of the happenings here. What with attacks and ministry interference these past few years, well I'm sure you can understand that some action must be taken."

Dumbledore sat there with a blank look on his face and then pulled himself together.

"Surely this could be discussed privately. The students should be dismissed." He said.

"Actually we have questions for Mr. Potter. As well as you yourself Albus and for the head of houses, I notice that Professor Snape is not present, he should be called."

"Ah Professor Snape is on Sabbatical." Started Dumbledore.

"Really, where?" Asked Mrs. Longbottom.

"I, that is Severus did not inform me of his plans. I cannot contact him at this time. Perhaps if you ask Mr. Potter. I believe he was the last to see Professor Snape this summer." Said Dumbledore eying Harry with frustration.

"So you are saying that you lied Albus, that you have no idea whether or not Severus Snape in dead or alive. What about the rumors that he was spying on You-Know-Who for you and he was found out?" Mrs. Longbottom asked.

"Severus was indeed my spy in Voldemort's camp. However Mr. Potter was the one who let that fact slip."

"Yes another thing to blame on Mr. Potter, I see. So what steps have you taken to find your teacher?"

"There wasn't anything I could do with out placing Severus in possibly more danger. Mr. Potter would not..."

Here he was cut off.

"Mr. Potter," said the pinched face man, "You've heard the accusation the headmaster has made. What do you have to say about this?"

"The last time I saw Professor Snape he was fine. The night my aunt and uncle were killed the headmaster came to my house yelled at me for blowing the professors cover and told Professor Snape to go back to Voldemort and try to convince him that he had fooled me. It wouldn't have worked Voldemort would have killed him. The headmaster never ask Snape how hurt he was or even if he wanted to try, just gave orders, just like he tried to give me orders. I figured if Snape wanted the headmaster to know where he was then he'd contact him. After all he is a grown man and presumably able to make his own decisions."

Dumbledore was staring at Harry now with a thunderstruck expression.

"Harry don't you understand, Severus is in danger out there unprotected. He must return here or the dark mark will kill him or drive him mad, I haven't been able to enter his quarters so I know that he is not dead yet. You must tell me where he is. It is to late to send him back to Voldemort but perhaps not to late to save him. You must understand I had to do what I did for the greater good." Dumbledore seemed to have forgotten that he was in front of a crowd.

"That's what you always say Dumbledore, the greater good. The greater good caused me to live in a cupboard half my life, the greater good got my aunt and uncle killed, the greater good got Sirius in Azkaban. I don't want to hear about the greater good. We are real people with lives and emotions not chess pieces for you and Voldemort to move around. You could have stopped Tom Riddle along time ago Dumbledore. Why didn't you or were you to busy playing with other peoples live to notice one little boy crying out for help." Harry drew in a ragged breath and sat back in his seat. "You're not god and you're not right all the time and your mistakes are bigger than most."

Harry rose from his seat and left the room. He needed to be somewhere quiet. He couldn't handle Dumbledore's broken face and slumped posture any longer. It had need to be said, he only hoped he'd gotten through this time.


Gryffindor' room

A movement to Harry's right attracted his attention. Two suits of armor had come to attention and saluted with their swords. Harry noticed a door between them that he'd never seen before. He moved between the guardians and laid his left hand on the door, it recessed back and open before him.

As he stepped in to the room he realized that this must be the private room of Gryffindor. The portrait over the mantle confirmed it.

"Welcome my young heir I'd wondered when you would be paying me a visit. Have a seat and tell me of your world." Said the man with the Potter hair.

Harry looked around the room in curiosity, a desk, a few chairs before the fire, a rack with weapons, a cloak hanging from a hook with a pair of still muddy boot beneath, shelves with a few book and artifacts, the walls and floors done in red and gold.

"Greetings Lord Gryffindor, I am Harry Potter. What would you like to know?"

"Ah the usual young heir, tell me of your battles and your conquests in both war and love." Said the portrait. "And I shall tell you of mine."

Harry laughed and again began the story of his life.

Several hours later a small house elf popped in, "Pardon Master the new Headmistress is asking Taffy to find Master Potter and say he is needed in the her office."

Harry startled but answered, "Please tell her I'll be right there, thank you Taffy."

The little elf bushed and bowed and popped away.

"I have to go, sir, with your permission I'll come again sometime."

"Of course young Harry, you as my heir are always welcome here. If you think of a specific destination as you exit my door you will be there." Spoke Godric

"Thanks." Said Harry with a wave as he thought of the gargoyle and exited the room.

He came out right across the hall from the gargoyle guarding the entrance to the Headmasters or rather Headmistress' office. He laid a hand on the gargoyle's head and it opened. He stepped on the staircase with some trepidation.

He knocked on the door and then stepped inside to face McGonagall.

"Ah Mr. Potter, come in. I wanted to speak with you about today."

"I'm sorry I walked out. Did the board have more questions for me?" Said Harry sheepishly.

"No Mr. Potter it was probably good that you left when you did, though no one could find you." She eyed him for a moment. "The Headmaster has taken a retirement. Although I believe if he hadn't the board would have sacked him."

Harry's mouth dropped open. He'd never thought the board might fire Dumbledore though things would be easier with him out of the castle.

"Mr. Potter, Harry, I wanted to discuss the wards with you. You indicated this morning that there was something that could be done to strengthen them." Said McGonagall.

Harry nodded, "Yes there are two rituals that can be done to strengthen the wards one by the Heads of House and one by me as Founders Heir." Said Harry.

"I am familiar with the Head of House ritual Harry but it hasn't been done in a couple of decades as Professor Snape's mark prevented it. I don't believe it can be done now even if we confirm Professor Sinastra as Slytherin Head as I cannot be Gryffindor Head and Headmistress at the same time. I had intended to continue to teach until I can do a proper search for a new Transfiguration teacher and no one else wants to be Gryffindor Head."

"Does Professor Sinistra want the Slytherin position?" asked Harry who thought he heard she didn't.

"No, Albus promised her it was for only a short time. The only other Slytherin on staff is Tralawny and I wouldn't want to inflict her on the..." she broke off as she realized what she was saying to a student, "yes, well, that leaves us in a bit of a bind."

"I may have a solution, Professor, as a Founders Heir I can stand in for the headmaster or mistress if you'll take the Gryffindor spot. I can also ask Professor Snape return to the school for the ritual. As he no longer carries the dark mark there should be no reason why the ritual wouldn't work. He may not want to stay, you'll have to talk to him about that but I'd imagine he'd help with the ritual." Harry smirked slightly at her shock.

"I'll raise the blood wards tonight with your permission?" He said.

McGonagall just nodded as Harry left the room to prepare for the ritual. He was hungry and ritual work could take a lot out of a person. A trip to the kitchen was in order.
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