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Frank gets happy :]

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I put out my cigarette after knocking on Franks door, it was Sunday and even though I had been tempted to spend the day sleeping like I usually do - today was the last day Frank had before his dad came home from where ever the hell he was so I needed to see Frank now. I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my black jeans and waited patiently on the doorstep as I heard someone running down the stairs.
"Just a second!" They called and I recognized Frank’s voice easily, I felt small smile tug at my lips and fought it back with annoyance, this was no time to start grinning like an idiot. Why was I even smiling anyway?
I heard a key rattling in the lock and a moment later the door swung open to reveal Frank, he wore a superman T-shirt with ripped blue jeans and his hair was messy. I got the impression he hadn’t been out of bed long.
"Oh! Hey Gerard, I didn’t know you would be coming round." He said and I could hear the nerves in his voice, see the fear in his eyes and I realized I should've got his number from the school and rang him to let him know.
"Sorry Frank, I just wanted to see you before you're dad gets back tomorrow." I explained and Frank ran a hand shakily through his hair.
"Why?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows, surprised and slightly hurt at how worried he was around me.
"Because... I've thought of a way to help you... ya' know... with the dad thing." I didn’t know how to refer to Franks abuse, I didn’t want to upset him by voicing it out loud but to my relief he understood what I meant and smiled warmly, standing aside and inviting me inside.
"Thanks." I smiled, walking into the house and looking around, I hadn’t noticed last time I was here how cozy the place was. Photos of Frank as a child and his father lined the walls, the colour schemes were natural and warm - the place looked like a home and for a moment I wondered whether he would be willing to leave.
"So... you said you knew how to help me?" Frank asked, leading me into the living room. I pulled off my leather jacket since the house was warm and nodded, sitting down on the armchair opposite Frank who curled up on the sofa.
"Yeah. I just want to make sure its okay with you." I clarified and Frank nodded. "See... I didn’t know whether you'd want me to tell the Police or the school -" Franks look of horror cut me off and he instantly began shaking his head.
"No! Don’t tell them - last time I told them they didn’t believe me and they won’t believe me now! And I got into so much trouble last time..." Frank ran his palms down his cheeks at the memory and I frowned.
"In trouble with your dad?" I asked and he nodded, a look of horror on his face and I felt my stomach churn, I decided I didn’t want to know how his father had punished him so I continued.
"Well, don’t worry - I wont tell anyone unless you want me to?" Frank sighed with relief and gave me a grateful smile which I returned. "So. I think the most obvious thing right now is that you can’t stay here with your father." I said and Frank nodded.
"Yeah, but I don’t have anywhere to go." He said quietly.
"Don’t you have any relatives you could live with?" I asked. Frank shook his head sadly and looked down at the floor, I looked at him for a moment, feeling myself grow more and more sympathetic but I tried not to show it, I knew Frank would hate to be a charity case.
"Well, that’s okay - I have a plan B." I smiled, Frank looked up, hope in his eyes.
"Really? What is it?" He asked.
"Well... My dad left my mom last year, and of course me and my brother Mikey don’t live with her anymore so she's been pretty lonely. I'm sure she wouldn’t mind you moving in with her for a while, she'll love being able to cook for someone else for a change." I said, getting straight to the point. Franks eyes grew wide and for a second I thought the idea scared him, but then I realized he had a look of hope in his eyes and he began chewing on his lip ring.
"Really? She wouldn’t mind?" He asked, voice filled with awe. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I shook my head.
"Nah, she'll love it. She's always trying to make me and Mikey move back in, I think the only thing she's ever really been happy doing is being a mom." I said, smiling as I thought about it. My mom was amazing, I loved her to bits and I would love for someone like Frank to be on the receiving end of her motherly love too.
"And... your dad doesn’t live there?" Frank clarified, blushing a little, obviously ashamed of having to make sure. I smiled to show him it was okay and shook my head.
"No. He was a great guy, and the divorce was a mutual thing so they still get along but he's moved to like... London or something stupid, so he can’t just drop by even if he wanted to." I laughed. Frank smiled and I could see real happiness in his eyes for the first time.
"And you’re sure she wouldn’t mind?" He asked again.
"She'd love to have you live there Frank. Trust me." I smiled, Franks smile widened and he jumped to his feet.
"Can we go now?" He asked, excitement clear in his voice. I was shocked for a second, I hadn’t expected him to be so keen and I hadn’t even asked my mom yet, but I was definitely not going to kill his happiness now. Besides, he had to be gone before tomorrow anyway.
"Sure. Why don’t you go get your stuff." I grinned.
"Yes! I'll be ten minutes!" He cried before racing out of the living room, I laughed as I heard his footsteps pounding up the stairs. I felt elated at being the one to cause that look of happiness on his face, and I just wanted to sit and savor the moment, but I had a phone call to make...

"GERARD! Oh my beautiful talented wonderful first born! How are you my darling!" I smiled at my mom’s excitement and rolled my eyes.
"I'm fine Ma." I laughed.
"Oh wonderful! I've been waiting for you to call me, you haven’t rang in weeks!" She cried.
"It’s been three days mom, and you can ring me ya' know."
"That’s not the point young man. I shouldn’t have to ring you, you should be ringing me to make sure I'm alright, same with your brother Michael and -"
"Look Ma', sorry to interrupt but it’s only a quick call, I need to ask you a favor."
"A favor?" Mom’s voice was filled with suspicion and I rolled my eyes - I could be the president of the United States and she'd still think I was getting up to trouble.
"Yeah... see, I have this student - Frank Iero. And he kinda' needs a place to stay."
"Because he's err... having trouble at home. He really can’t stay here Ma' and well... I told him he could live with you."
"Ma' please listen! He really can’t stay at his house, I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t really important. He's a great kid Ma', polite and quiet, he's a little shy and he could do with feeding up..."
"Feeding up eh?" I knew the food part would tempt her. "Well... what troubles is he having exactly?" She asked. I bit my lip and looked up to the ceiling, I wanted to tell her because she was my mom but... I didn’t feel like it would be fair - I mean, I'd already told Mikey without Frank’s permission.
"I can’t tell you mom." I sighed. "I would if I could but it’s not my thing to tell, I'm only trying to be fair to Frank." I added. I heard my mom sigh on the other line and for a few seconds there was silence.
"Okay. I understand. How long will he be with me?" She eventually asked.
"Erm... I don’t know to be honest."
"Oh Gerard, your asking a lot of me ya' know that? I mean, I've never even met the boy." My heart skipped a beat as desperation began to set in.
"I know but you'll love him Ma' I promise. Please Ma', please please please do this for me! Only the best mom in the whole wide world would do this and I know you can!" I cried. I heard mom giggle and sigh, the sort of sigh she always gives when she's given in.
"Fine. I'll let him live with me, he's not a fussy eater is he?" She asked.
"Err... I don’t know." I answered her honestly.
"Well, I better get the guest room made up then." She said, she was trying to sound annoyed but I could hear the smile in her voice and I chuckled.
"Thanks ma' your the best!" I cried.
"I know. And you owe me a kiss young man." She laughed.
"Of course, we'll be round soon. Love you mama."
"Love you too baby, mwah!" I laughed and cancelled the call, pocketing my phone as Frank appeared in the doorway, carrying a large rucksack and a guitar case.
"Hey, mom says its fine, she's really excited." I smiled and Frank grinned back.
"Cool... and erm... thanks for not telling her..." He said shyly and I nodded, smiling warmly.
"It’s okay. Shall we get going?" I asked and Frank nodded eagerly.

"D’ya think she'll like me?" Frank asked quietly once I had knocked on my mother’s door, smiling at the house I could remember living in like it was yesterday.
"Absolutely." I said warmly as the door was flung open and I was pulled into a back breaking hug. I gasped and choked, struggling to breathe as I patted my moms back.
"GERARD! OH MY BABY!" She cried down my ear, I heard Frank giggle behind me and my cheeks burnt a bright red.
"H - Hey Ma'." I gasped. I was suddenly released as she caught sight of Frank and I was pushed aside as she observed him, a warm smile on her face.
"You must Frank." She declared.
"Yes ma'am." Frank said politely and mom laughed, waving her hand as if dismissing something.
"Oh dear, call me Donna." She giggled. Frank smiled and nodded. "Now, let’s have a look at you." She grabbed his arm and peered at it, pinching his skin gently and prodding his elbow.
"Goodness gracious lad you're a skinny boy, never mind. We'll soon have you fattened up. Hope you like good home cooking." She grinned and Frank blushed, shrugging.
"I guess so... my dad usually only buys microwavable meals." He said quietly and mom stared at Frank in horror.
"Oh no! Well, there'll be none of that trash in my house. You like Italian don’t your dear?" She asked, and Frank smiled, nodding enthusiastically.
"Yeah... oh but erm... I should mention, I'm vegetarian." He mumbled, sounding ashamed of this fact. Mom raised her eyebrows but then continued to smile warmly.
"Well, that won’t be a problem. Now come on in - let’s not stand out in the cold." She laughed, ushering both Frank and I into the house.
Inside the smell of cooking warmed my senses and I smiled, sniffing happily.
"Cooking mama?" I asked. She grinned over her shoulder at me as she pushed Frank into the kitchen.
"Not for you." She laughed. I pouted and followed her moodily. Frank was pushed into a chair and mom instantly began making him a drink. "Gerard!" She barked as I reached a hand into the old cookie jar, I jumped and dropped the cookie I had been holding and smiled guiltily.
"Err, yeah?" I asked. Mom gave me a stern look before smacking my hand away from the jar.
"Stop being greedy and make yourself useful - take Franks things to his bedroom." She ordered and I rolled my eyes.
"Fine." I sighed, receiving a playful smack round the head, I poked my tongue out at her as I took Franks guitar and bag off him. Dragging my feet as I left the kitchen.
"He's so childish." I heard my mother tut, causing Frank to giggle.
When I returned mom was sat at the table already in deep conversation with Frank about the school, he was telling her about all the other students and how he didn’t get along with most of them. She was nodding in understanding and I could see Frank was at ease.
"Yeah... Gerard never got along with the students at his school either, he used to get bullied a lot. He'd come home with black eyes and all sorts, he was always getting into trouble -"
"Mom." I snapped, entering the kitchen. Ma' looked at me over her coffee mug and raised her eyebrows.
"Stop making me sound like such a nerd." I whined, Mom laughed fondly and Frank grinned.
"But you are a nerd." She giggled. Frank burst out laughing as I stared at mom in shock. "Oh Gerard I'm only joking." She soothed, still laughing at me. I pouted and stormed over to the cookie jar.
"I deserve a cookie for that." I declared, grabbing said treat and taking a bite out of it, sighing with happiness as mom shook her head at me.
"And to think you’re a teacher at a high school." She sighed, I stopped mid-chew and glared at her, Frank covering his mouth with his hand to try and hide his giggles.
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