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Protect me

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Frank gets a scare

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P.S - For those who wanted a bit of Ray and Bob giggles Ray is now in the story, I'll add Bob if I can :]

I felt on top of the world. I felt like a genious, a super hero from the comics I loved so much. I had never felt so important before, its so cliche but I felt like I finally had a reason to be alive. Whenever I saw Frank in the school I would see him smiling, socialising, wearing new clothes, talking to anyone and everyone about music and TV. He finally seemed like a normal teenager, and though I noticed he was still nervous around a lot of the male teachers, he seemed to be growing more confident. I was amazed how one person could change so much in one week. And I knew it was because he was out of that horrible house, and of course my moms cooking can make any day, no matter how bad, seem okay again. I would see Frank talking to fellow students, and my chest would fill with pride when I knew that if it werent for me, he would still be in that house with his father...
"Hey Ger - Sir." Frank caught himself just in time and I looked up to grin at him, he was stood infront of my desk with another kid stood next to him. I recognised him as Ray Toro, he was one of the best guitar players in the school and I knew he had been getting along with Frank recently.
"Hey Frank, Ray." I nodded at them each in turn, going into teacher mode and Ray nodded back. Frank grinned and leant over the desk, it was dinner time and so I was surprised to see them here, and had been spending my time drawing some characters of mine.
"Watcha doin'?" Asked Frank in a sing song voice. He looked at my picture and grinned. "Thats really cool." He said kindly and I couldnt help but blush a little.
"Thanks." I mumbled not meeting his gaze.
"So anyway. We were wondering if we could sit in here for the rest of dinner, I wanna get some more art work done if thats okay?" Frank asked, I looked up to see him smiling at me and I smiled back.
"Sure thing, you know where everything is." I said brightly and he nodded.
"Thanks sir." He giggled, bounding over to the paint cupboard, Ray following him with a chuckle. I picked up my pencil and got back to my drawing, but I couldnt help but listen to Ray and Frank talking as Frank got on with some work, they seemed to have become good friends and I was happy for Frank. They were discussing guitars and I had to admit it was almost like they were speaking a second language, I had tried to learn guitar when I was in college and had failed miserably. I was soon so caught up in enjoying listening to Frank giggling and debating whether Les Pauls were overrated or not that when the bell went I nearly had a seizure.

"Hey Gee." Frank bounded up to me with a huge smile on his face at the end of the day, I was stood with the door to my car open about to get inside when Frank had ran up to me.
"Hey Frankie." I smiled, feeling my heart flutter as his nickname passed my lips. "Whats up?" I asked. He was stood bopping on the spot, messenger bag bouncing on his hip.
"Donna's letting Ray come over for tea tonight, and I know you are too so I had to tell him just now so he didnt get all shocked when he saw you there and he nearly fell over in shock." Frank laughed heartily and I smiled. "It was so funny. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I told him I'm living there cos' she's my Aunty and your my cousin." I stared at Frank in shock as he giggled. "I didnt want to tell him about my dad." He explained and I nodded, I could understand that.
"Thats fine." I smiled. Frank grinned back, and I could tell he was grateful.
"I just wanted to tell you that before you came round for dinner so I wouldnt have to pull you aside and make Ray suspicious. I told him not to tell anyone though, I said we didnt want people to know incase I was bullied for it." He added and I nodded.
"Okay, thats fine, good thinking Frankie." I smiled and he laughed, and I noticed his cheeks had flushed a faint tinge of pink. "Hey, do you want a lift home?" I asked. All the other students had already gone and I figured it would save him walking. He looked surprised but quickly smiled, nodding eagerly.
"Sure, if its no trouble." He said politely and I laughed.
"Of course not, jump in." I said brightly, getting into the car myself. Frank nodded and walked round to the other side, I watched as the wind blew his hair off his face slightly and his eyes sparkled in the sunlight, I felt my stomach squirm and fear instantly filled my chest. That wasnt normal. Was it okay to get along with Frankie so well? I had become vaguaely aware that the more time I spent with him the more I felt the need to protect him, to keep him happy. It made my day to see him smile and be the cause of it, was that normal? Was I feeling something for him that I shouldnt?
"Can I choose the radio station?" Frank asked as he flopped into the passenger seat, turning to look at me with inquisitive eyes. I snapped myself out of my thoughts with a jolt and forced a smile.
"Sure thing." I said, Frank grinned and instantly began pushing buttons on the radio. I swallowed deeply and passed my tongue over my dried lips, there was no doubt that I cared about the kid but did I care too much? I struggled to keep my mind on the driving as I pulled out of the parking space and slowly manouvered the car out of the school grounds. Frank found a radio station playing some thrash metal and turned the volume up, giggling at me when I glanced at him with an amused shake of the head. I turned back to look out of the windscreen when I gasped, slamming on the breaks. I had almost ran over a man stood casually in the middle of the school gates, smoking a ciggarette with his back to the car. I clasped a hand over my chest, my heart thumping madly behind my ribs, in nothing more than a second I had envisioned myself hitting that man, killing him. I struggled to calm my breathing as Frank looked at me with concern.
"What a stupid place to stand." I finally muttered angrily, slamming my fist onto the horn, causing the man to jump and spin round with a glare. I recognised his face but it took me a moment to place it, Franks horrified whimper helped to jog my memory.
"Shit." I whispered. The cigarette dropped from between the mans parted lips as he caught sight of his son, but then he smirked and began to storm over to the car door. Franks face went pale and released his seatbelt with shaking fingers.
"Gerard - Gerard dont let him get me!" He cried, scurrying away from the door and practically into my lap. I leaned over him and slapped my palm over the internal locks just as Franks father grabbed the handle. He glared at me and began rattling the handle, shouting something I couldnt quite hear, banging on the window.
"He'll break it - he'll break the window. Gerard protect me please!" Frank begged, burrowing his face into my shirt. I tried to grab the wheel but Franks body prevented me and his dad was pounding on the window with a clear intention.
"Frank you have to move." I cried, pushing him away from me.
"No!" He screamed, trying to fling his arms around me.
"Frank I wont let him hurt you I promise - please I cant drive!" I could hear the panic in my voice and to my relief Frank reluctantly moved back to his own seat, dragging his knees up to his chest and hugging them tight, whimpering in horror as his father fist collided with the glass again and again, in my haste and panic it was almost like I couldnt remember to drive. I grabbed the steering wheel, releasing the brakes and hitting the gas, the car wheels squealed as we shot out of the school grounds, speeding onto the road, I flung the car round and sped away, Franks father lying on the ground where he had been thrown backwards. Pure fury evident on his face.
We were silent for a moment, I drove as fast as I dared even though I knew there was no way his father would be able catch us up on foot. I didnt dare look back just in case, my heart was going so fast I was sure it was going to give up in any second and just stop all together. I didnt look at Frank, intent on getting us to safety. How could I have been so stupid not to realise his father would come look for him at the school? I mentally beat myself up until we reached my mothers house which wasnt far. I pulled up against the sidewalk and sat facing foreward for a moment, still gripping the steering wheel. I could hear Frank sobbing in the passengers seat, the radio still blaring out. I jabbed the off button with my thumb and turned to see Frank, head buried in his knees, his shoulders shaking.
"Frankie -" I began, only to stop when he looked up and flung his arms around me in one rapid movement. I jumped and felt my heart rate increase from the surprise.
"Oh God... I was s - so scared." He whimpered against my shoulder, arms tight round my kneck as if I were his lifeline. Hesitantly I wrapped my arms around his shaking form and pulled him close. He tensed but then I felt him relax and he continued to cry against my shirt.
"Shh, its okay. Its alright now Frank, you're safe. He wont find you here." I whispered, soothingly rubbing his back. "I wont let him hurt you - remember?" I felt a faint nod and Franks sobbing began to subside.
"I was sure he was gonna get me..." He whispered eventually, leaning back and wiping his tears away. "I just panicked." He forced a giggle and I sighed, helping wipe away the tears he brushed away so harshly, he dropped his hands and looked at me with wide eyes as I gently wiped the droplets of water away with the pad of my thumb.
"I know. I was scared to, but we got away." I smiled softly at him and he smiled slightly back. His eyes were still watery but he seemed at ease.
"Yeah. Thanks to you." His smile widened and he pulled me into a tight embrace, snuggling his face into my neck. "You're like my gaurdian angel." He giggled. "All you've done is protect me. Thank you so much." He whispered quietly and I felt my heart skip a beat.
"Its nothing." I smiled. Slowly I pried him away from me, not sure of the feelings he generated in me. I was shocked but happy that he seemed to be comfortable around me now, I just wasnt sure if I was comfortable around him. It was beyond wrong to start liking not just a student, but a kid like Frank in the way I might be. I didnt want to be like his father. I didnt want to scare him.
"Why dont you head off inside and relax a bit. I'll be back later for dinner." I suggested. Frank smiled and nodded.
"Okay. I'll let Donna know you're still coming." He said softly and I nodded.
"Thanks." Frank nodded and opened the passenger door. "Sia Frankie." I whispered as he shut the door behind him and dashed up the driveway to the door. I waited until he had let himself into the house and waved goodbye to him as he waved back, driving away as he shut the door behind him.
I knew what he needed most right now was a coffee and a hug off someone who could just make it all better without even knowing what was wrong. And I knew my mom would be perfect for that.

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