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Chapter 2

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chapter 2....

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Thank you to everyone that read the first chapter. A special thank you to falloutboynumber1fan! This chapter is dedicated to you darling.

Sorry that it's on the short side, but I wanted to get a new chapter out, considering it's been about a month. Chapter 3 is about a quarter of the way done, so expect that sometime in the next week or so.

"Hey! You're here!!" Tosh and I had just walked into Angels and Kings and immediately had two vodka shots a piece shoved into our hands by none other than Peter. We both swallowed down the alcohol and posed in front of the mugshot wall together in a way that would've made anyone who was looking question if we really were "just friends".

We had started to pre-game before we left the hotel. Of course, I didn't want to, but it's so hard to say no when your best friend is already half way through a bottle of whiskey. My only options were to one, tackle Tosh or two, drink. Considering I only came to a whopping five foot four inches, option two was all I really had to work for me. Besides, Tosh made a very convincing argument. We were already going out to party, so it really didn't matter what time we started. Alcohol is also known to make people more confidant. So thank you, Gentleman Jack, for making me change from my jeans and t-shirt to a sexy little black dress that I saw in the store window three blocks over and just couldn't say no to.

Tosh and I said our hellos to Pete and Ashlee. They led us over to the table where all of their friends sat. Being on a different label, we only knew a handful of the people there. I slid between Travis McCoy and Patrick Stump, both who told me they were also judging the karaoke contest. Tosh had settled himself next to Pete and a man who's name I couldn't remember for the life of me, but knew he was at least at Pete and Ashlee's wedding.

"What are you drinking tonight, Miss Nichole?" I heard whispered into my ear. I smiled.

"Surprise me, Mr. McCoy." Travis nodded and got up, walking over to the bar. I looked around the small, but cozy, space. It was packed wall to wall, which I was told is pretty normal, especially when the public finds out that Pete Wentz himself is going to be making an appearance. Patrick and I made small talk, mostly about what we were working on musically. The whole time I couldn't help but feel someone's eyes on me, yet whenever I would look around, I wouldn't meet anyone's gaze. I chalked it up to being the booze.

Travis returned with a round of shots for the table and a special double shot just for me. "What's in it?"

"Nothing, just drink." He grinned wide when I shrugged and pounded back the liquid. I cringed, but successfully managed to swallow whatever was in the tall glass.

"And that was?"
"Double shot from hell. 1800, Absolut, and Bombay Sapphire. Would you like another?"


I woke up the next morning in my hotel room, mouth feeling like the bottom of a birdcage, still wearing my clothes from the night before. I noticed a glass of water and bottle of aspirin on my nightstand. Must've been the maid because from what I could remember, Tosh was no where to be found when we were leaving last night. I sat up slowly and took two tiny pills out of the plastic bottle. I took them with a small sip of water and then looked at the time. It was about noon. I had roughly two hours before Josh Eells from Blender would be here for an interview. I groaned as I pulled myself out of bed. I pulled off my dress, letting it fall into a heap on the floor and got directly into the shower. I let the warm water cascade down my body and I tried to recall the night before. I certainly remembered drinking a bunch with Travis. I remembered giving out crazy scores to all the people in the contest. I remember Patrick and I insisting we could do better and singing "You're the One That I Want" together, but after that, the night is a complete blur.

I finished my shower and got out, wrapping a fresh towel around my small frame. As I looked through my luggage for something to wear, I noticed that my cellphone wasn't on my nightstand where I would normally have put it. I searched through the purse I had brought with me, but my phone was nowhere to be found. I let out an aggravated sigh and decided that, for right now, it wasn't important. I found the clothes I would wear for the day and got dressed.

While waiting for my hair to air dry, I sat on my couch with a bowel of cereal and watched E! News. It was my absolute guilty pleasure. In the middle of a segment about Lindsay Lohan, the hotel phone rang. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID, but decided to pick it up anyway.


"Hi, um, is this Aubrey?" The voice was male, but not one I recognized at all. I decided to do what I was always told to do if a mysterious person ever called your hotel room.

"This is...."

"Oh, sorry. This is William. Um, she left her phone by mistake last night and I wanted to make sure she got it back." I thought for a second. William? I wasn't sure I knew a William and I silently prayed that I didn't accidently sleep with him.

"I'll have her call you back." We both said a very brief goodbye and I was dialing Ashlee's number before the phone even had time to stay on the receiver. It rang almost six times before a very groggy voice picked up on the other end. Before she could even say hello I was half way into freaking out.

"Whoa, Bree. Slow down. William stole your phone and slept with who?" I took a deep breath.

"So we do know a William?" I could hear her sigh on the end.

"Yes, Aubrey. He happens to be someone you've met like, eighty times. You were on Warped Tour with him last summer. Tall, brown hair, singer for The Academy Is..."

"Oh! That William! Well, why does he have my cell phone? Last night is completely gone from my memory." At this point I had calmed down enough to pick my cereal back up.

"Really? Well, I mean, I guess he could have it because you spent half the night flirting with one of his friends. You probably left it on the table, or something."

"I did WHAT?" I jumped up, completely spilling over my breakfast. I groaned. "Please tell me that it isn't as bad as you're probably going to make it sound."

"Well, not exactly. Aubrey, it was nothing. Everyone was pretty drunk last night. No one is going to take it seriously."

"I made an ass of myself, didn't I?" The other end got suspiciously quiet. "Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz you answer me right this second."

"Maybe a little." I groaned. "I mean, it could have been a million times worse, Bree."

"As long as it's staying amongst us friends and not in some tabloid, then I guess I can get over it." I felt my hair, which was near dry now, and started to straighten out the ends. Ashlee and I chatted until I heard a knock on the door.

"Ash, I gotta go. Josh is here." We said our goodbyes and I let him in to start the interview.


Once again, sorry this is so short. Look out for chapter 3 sometime in the next week. And please please PLEASE review. It makes me more motivated =]
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