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Three Cheers for Sweet Confusion?

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Pete continues to question Patrick about the guy. (A little Mikey Way) I think you guys are gona like it

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I walk through Pete's house rolling eyes.
"Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME!"
"No, Peter."
"It's Andy isn't it? You two are unusually nice to eat other..."
"No, its not Andy. And before you ask, It isn't Joe!"
"Ooh, Ryan? I saw you give him goo goo eyes."
I blush, "H-he's cute but it isn't Ryan."
Although I don't think I'd turn him down...
"Peter. Stop bugging me. I'll never tell you."
"Oh! Is iiiiit.....", he frowns, "I don't know of anyone else you'd crush on... MIkey Way?"
"Um. No... He has a thing for Ray though. Uh... I didn't tell you that."
He smiles, "Does Mikey know?"
He grins, "Michael cannot lie..."
I roll my eyes.

The next morning

I yawn and walk into the living room.
My jaw drops as I see Mikey Way.
He smiles over at me, "Hey!"
I hug him, "I haven't seen you in months."
I pout.
"I know...Pete called me and said I should come over..."
I give Pete a suspicious look.
Pete shrugs, "I knew you missed him so..."
I hug Mikey again.
He smiles, "I gotta talk to you!, he pulls me outside.
"Awesome! Why the hell didn't you cal me?"
"I had to tell you in person..."
"OK, I forgive you..."
"So, Pete said I could stay the night, unless you want me to leave.."

Mikey Pete and I stay up late watching movies. It may be my imagination, but Pete is sitting very close to me. Leaning on my shoulder.
Not kissing him is nearly impossible.
At 2am we decide its time for bed.
Mikey sleeps on the couch bed and me and Pete sleep in his room.
I start to make a pallot in the floor.
He frowns, "You can sleep on the bed, ya know..."
"But, it's your bed."
He shrugs, "I can share."
I get underneath his covers.
He lays beside me and smiles.
"ONe more thing..."
He leans close and his lips touch mine.
My heart speeds up as I kiss back.
He pulls away, "Told ya Mikes can't lie."
I laugh semi nervously.
I hug him tightly.
"Pete I...I've alwas loved you...and I know that sounds stupid but-"
He puts his finge over my mouth, "It's not stupid baby..."
I blush.
"So, be my boyfriend?", Pete asks with a blush.
Pete never blushes.
I nod.
He kisses me again.
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