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Clandestine Lights

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“Hips swiveling to the beat, beads of sweat running down his neck, singing out to everyone who wants him. She stands to the side of stage watching the crowd get high on every word. The lights and the pyro just adding to his greatness. That is what a typical night is like for her, watching her love from the sidelines. The life style is enough to want to make her want to off herself sometimes, but she would stand by him through anything.”- Lucy Vercelli, the sister.

“Ya know, I really feel like you aren’t listening to me Heidi! Heidi! Hello!”

She could hear someone talking, at least she thought it was talking. It was starting to sound like an annoying buzzing noise. But she slowly turned around and to her disappointment it was someone talking; Emily. This was Frank’s new significant other, but she didn’t seem very meaningful to Heidi. She was always around trying to pry information from her, waiting for her to spill. She sat at the table of her hotel room staring out of the big bay window, wishing Emily would go away. She quickly turned her attention to her and smiled.

“Hey, Emily.”

She giggled annoyingly. “Oh, I just came to check on you. I know how this tour thing is. Don’t want to be alone.”


“So give me the dish on Gerard and you!”

Her frizzy red hair was pulled in two buns, she looked like some kooky Star Wars character. If you looked closely you could see lipstick on her teeth and she was wearing way too much eyeliner.

“Well, I’m his girlfriend.”

“Silly girl, I know that. When did you meet? You’re not some groupie are ya?”

Heidi cringed then moved from the table. “I need a cigarette.”

“I will go with you!”

She put her hand up. “I’d rather be alone.”

She followed Heidi out of the room then they went their separate ways. Gerard had told her to play nice with this Emily girl, she didn’t see that happening anytime soon. Especially not with her prying into her business, she stepped off the elevator quickly towards the courtyard. She hoped her little friend hadn’t followed her down there.

Sitting on a stone bench covered in vines, she watched the smoke from her cigarette float in spirals above her head. It wasn’t like she was ever going to tell Emily how Gerard and her came to be. In fact it wasn’t likely she would tell anyone, the only other person who knew was her sister Lucy.

Heidi had been sitting in a shabby bar all night listening to drunks sing on the karaoke machine. Gerard was one of them, he seemed okay but then he proceeded to vomit all over himself and the karaoke machine. She had to pry the name of his hotel out of, but when she got it she rushed him there. Spent the whole night watching over him, she knew he couldn’t do it himself. The next day he wanted to repay her with a date, she was skeptical but Heidi said yes.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket.

“Looking for Emily?”

“I guess so, where is she now?” He laughed.

“Well, awhile ago she had barged into my room. Begging for my attention.”

He sighed. “I’m so sorry about that Heidi. Not too sure I should have brought her with me on tour. But anyway, Gerard wants you to get ready for the award show and the party. Meet in the lobby around 7?”

“I have no other choice. See ya.”

The last thin Heidi wanted was to get all dolled up for people who didn’t even care. She couldn’t wait till the tour really started to pick up, she stomped out the glowing embers from her cigarette then made her way to the elevator. On her way up she spotted Emily with another guy who wasn’t Frank. Sure did look like someone who was more than a friend, since she was kissing all over him. Way to keep it on the down low. Frank never chose the right girls. Never!

Not wanting to waste anytime Heidi quickly pulled her hair up into a high ponytail. Then she slipped on a black cocktail dress, Gerard had bought it for her in Paris. She grabbed her worn leather clutch and tossed her cigarettes in along with her cell phone.

Patiently she waited in the lobby for the boys, she could hear someone walking behind her. More like stomping is what is sounded like. Turning around she spotted the culprit, she turned to a puddle of mush. Gerard always had that effect on her, when he’s near her she has no control. Turns into a complete pansy. Smiling goofily she stood up with her hand out.

He laughed. “Sorry Heidi, but I’d rather take a kiss. No shame here.”

Blushing like and idiot she wrapped her short arms around his neck as far as they would go. Ew! She thought. It brought her into and unexpected kiss, it was sloppy, out of synch, and tasted of liquor. Not the best way to start the night, she thought maybe she shouldn’t have gone on this tour at all. She glared up at him letting go and stomped off to the limo.

Heidi was silent the whole way to the awards, purposely shoving Gerard away ever time. When they made it to the red carpet, she didn’t even stop to take pictures. She was just too angry to put on a fake smile. She dreaded the thought of having to sit next to him through the award show.

He looked at her apologetically, Heidi looked back at him feeling pity. All she wanted to do was hold his hand; so scared for him.
He grabbed hold of her small chin pulling her face towards his. Heidi fixed her eyes on Kylie who was sitting next to him.

“Heidi, I’m so sorry. Really I am.”

“ Gerard, you can’t drink anymore tonight. You scare me when you drink, you aren’t the guy I like when you drink.”

It’s true, he turns into this egotistical, mush mouthed, stumbling mess.

“ I promise I won’t, I love you.”

She refused to say it back, she just couldn’t do it yet.

“Okay, but remember I will forgive but I won’t forget.”

She gave him a quick peck and sat back in her seat holding his hand. She smiled over at him then turned her attention back to the award show.

The award show was amazing and the band won a handful of awards. Heidi was proud of them all; very proud. They jumped in the limo and headed to where the party was. She had second thoughts about the party.

“Gerard, I think you should go without me.” she whispered softly in his ear.

“Why doll?”

“I’m tired, plus I’m in no mood to mingle with these snooty people.”

He chuckled. “ Doll, I’ll go back to the hotel with you. How about that?”

“Are you sure that won’t ruin the fun? I mean this is the last time you get to really go out before the tour really starts.”

“It doesn’t matter, we’ll get time alone if we go back to the hotel.”

Heidi smiled, exactly what she was wanting. Time alone.
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