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“Your heart is my piñata.”

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I love you?

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NOTE: For chapter title the credit goes to Chuck Palahniuk

Once they made it up to the room they undressed each other, then slipped into their pajamas. Heidi toppled onto Gerard, who was already in the bed. She curled up next to him trying to warm his cold body. He pulled the covers over them and started to hum. She looked over at him. “What’s that?”

He continued to hum. “What’s, what?”

“What are you humming?”

He smiled. “Something new, something I thought up for you.”

“See, I like you like this; sober. This is the way you should be all the time.”

There was a melancholy expression on his face now. He knew she was right, but it hurt to have her bring it all the time. Gerard kissed her softly then turned over for sleep. A few minutes had passed and then he said it again, those three annoying little words.

“I love you.”

Heidi panicked. “ Um, goodnight.”

She still couldn’t say it, she wasn’t ready yet. The trust just wasn’t there.

All ready to apologize for the I love you incident, Heidi rolled over expecting to feel a cold body. Gerard wasn’t there. She really wanted to clear things up, she needed to be honest with him.

Stumbling over a scattered clothes and a pair of sneakers she opened the bathroom door. She thought, Maybe he’s just in the shower. She froze; through the fogged up glass of the shower she could see Frank’s bare body. Quickly, she slammed the door before he spotted her. Damn it! He probably heard that. 30 minutes or so had passed and Heidi heard the door open. She gazed directly out the window, making sure she didn’t turn around towards Frank. The last thing she needed was to see him naked…again.

“Oh! Heidi! Sorry, I already checked out of my room. I felt like I needed a shower so Gerard told me to come up here.
Heidi sighed. “ It’s fine, didn’t even realize you were here. Where is he anyway?”

Frank’s voice faded as he moved into the other room. “Loading the bus, you should get dressed. Heading out soon! I’ll walk down with you, let me know when you’re ready.”

Carefully, she peeped out of the bathroom making sure Frank wasn’t walking around naked. He was known to do such a thing. There was Frank, sprawled out on the bed with his sunglasses on his face. Heidi giggled, he was drooling on her pillow.

“Get up!”

She jumped up and down on the bed causing Frank to fall off. Oh, did he hit the floor hard. Laughing hysterically she scrambled across the bed to help him up.

“Thanks a lot. I’ll probably have a bruise now.” he smiled up at her.

They had a couple of hours before they would reach Kansas City. The whole way Heidi sat close to Gerard, clenching his iPod for technical support. He looked over at her. “You okay? You’ve been quiet, and acting a little off.”

She started to shake her right foot nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Usually you’re all smiles or forcing Bob to take pictures with you.” He chuckled at the thought. Bob absolutely hated people taking pictures of him.

“I’m just tired…”

“Well, I love you.”

There it goes, that panicked feeling she felt before. Her heart was racing and as she looked around pretty much the whole bus was eyeing her. They were all waiting for her response and so was Gerard.

“Love you too.”

By just saying that three syllable word it put the biggest smiled on his face. Heidi was happy to please him, but wasn’t so sure she meant what she said.

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