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This Is How We Do

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All Time Low! "I have a HUGE secret..."

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2009-02-19 - Updated: 2009-02-19 - 158 words

Alex's POV

"Jack! Will you tune my guitar? I gotta go talk to someone!" "Yea, whatever, who?" "Uhh no one?" Your girlfriend was the truth. "Umm you sure bout that?" "Haha yea just, bathroom. K?" "Dork." "Yeaa. sure" Whew! Thought I was dead.

Oh, hey I'm Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and I have a HUGE Secret. My friend, Jack Barakat, yea his girlfriend, Lisa, and me are secretly together. Friends since kindergarden, I feel bad, but she is so amazing. I have a secret from her tO, and it's tha- "Hello?!" "Hey Alex, Jack's not by you, right?" "Naw, I had to tell him bout a bathroom." "Ok, uhh I guess I gotta go." "Ok, see ya!" "Love ya Alex." "Love ya Lisa."

Click. Oh yea, where was I? Oh, umm I hav- "On in 5, let's go Alex!" "Coming!" No time to talk!

A/n next chappy will be Jack and Alex but i gotta go!
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