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South Broadway

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Will Alex's secret finally come out?

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~Jack's POV~

Alex has been acting oh so weird lately! I dunno what's wrong. That boy scares me sometimes. Hold up, he is talking to someone! That liar!

Ok, wait, LISA?! My Lisa?! Oh hell NO! My best friend and girlfriend! Ugh, how upsetting. "On in 5, C'mon guys!" "Comin'" Yea I better go this won't be to good.

~After The Show and Alex's POV~

Damn Jack kept giving me these glares. Maybe?! Oh No! He heard me talking to Lisa probably! "Alex!" Crap Jack. "Yea Jack?" " C'mere real quick." "One sec."

"PUH-LEEZ!" "OK, yea?" He hit the seat next to him on the black leather couch. "I heard you and her. No lies please, I think you've done waaay to many already so far." "Ok. The truth is..."

MUHAHAHA! Will Alex lie? What would say? Me and Trace Cyrus share a b-day! hbu? R&R!
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