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A New Trainer (revised)

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A story about a girl who is about 15 or so, who finally decides to go on her journey to become a pokemon trainer. Along the way she meets some new pokemon and people just like all the other trainer...

Category: Pokemon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Nurse Joy,Professor Oak - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2009-02-20 - Updated: 2009-02-21 - 1111 words

yawn “Huh…? What time is it...? Ahhhh! I'm late!” said the girl rushing to get into her morning clothes. “Sweetie, Are you ok...Professor Rowan is waiting at his lab for you to pick your pokemon.” said the girl's mother knocking on the door. “I'm ready mom! Bye! I'm leaving now!” said the girl as she left for Sandgam town. “What will I do with her?” said the girl's mom.
“Hello Crystal, are you ready to pick out your pokemon, we have several choices, there is Piplup, Tirtwig, Chimchar, Ditto, Eevee, Pikachu, Togapii, and any of the pokemon you see here.” said Professor Rowan, as Crystal walked into the lab. “Yes I am I’ll pick... Eevee.” said Crystal as she grabbed the pokemon hastily. “Are you sure you want that one, it has a bit of its own mind..." said the professor. “I'm sure, besides I love all Eevees', no matter what kind of Eevee they are.” said Crystal petting the pokemon. “Well I guess I can’t argue with that, do you know all of the evolutions of Eevee?” said Professor Rowan.
“Yes I do, there’s Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon, so there’s 7 evolutions of Eevee.” said Crystal petting Eevee again. “Well then here are a pokedex and some poke balls.” said Professor Rowan, as he handed Crystal some stuff.

“Come on Eevee lets go” said Crystal. “Wait! Aren’t you going to put your pokemon in its poke ball?” said Professor Rowan. “No! Way! I’d never do that with any of my pokemon, especially my Eevee, besides Eevee don’t like being in poke balls!” said Crystal angrily, as she walked out the door. “I guess I’ll never understand kids these days…” said Professor Rowan, to himself quietly.

“So Eevee, what would you like to do, compete in gym battles, contests, or both?” said Crystal looking at the pokemon. “Eve, eve, Eevee, eve, Eevee, Eevee.” said Eevee. “OK, so we’re gonna do both, ok… but where should we go first?” said Crystal thinking. Sometime later, Crystal and Eevee were walking down the road, when suddenly crash! “Are you ok kid!?” said the person who crashed into Eevee and Crystal.

“Yeah, I think I’m ok, but I don’t really know about me Eevee…Hey Eevee are you ok?” said Crystal first checking herself, and then talking to Eevee in a low voice. “Eve, Eevee…eve…” said Eevee in a hurt voice.

“I’m soo sorry; I can give you and your pokemon a lift to the nearest Pokemon Center.” said the kid. “Sure, besides I want to make sure me first pokemon is ok.” said Crystal, as she hopped on the kids’ bike. “Oh, you’re a new trainer then, you must have been that kid I saw running to the lab, I’m also guessing you’re the kind of trainer who thinks having a pokemon in a poke ball is wrong, unless you think the pokemon is in danger.” said the kid.

“Yup, everything you said was, and so far still is true.” said Crystal, as she walked into the Pokemon Center, with the kid. “Hey Nurse Joy, me and this kid sort of bumped into each other and her pokemon got hurt!” said the kid. “One sec… Oh! I’m soo sorry sir- I mean Felix!” said Nurse Joy, as she came from another room. “Its okay- It’s okay! Besides I don’t want to be known, to every single trainer, even though I’ve been a Gym leader, for almost a year now.” said Felix awkwardly.

“Gomen Felix, I didn’t know you are “that” Felix…” said Crystal blushing. “I’ll be back with your Eevee in a little bit…” said Nurse Joy, walking into a room with Eevee. “I hope Eevee will be ok…” said Crystal worried. “I’m sure that Eevee will be ok…Crystal.” said Felix comforting Crystal and giving her a hug.

“Thanks Felix that really means a lot to me.” said Crystal, giving him a hug. “No problem.” said Felix, moving closer to Crystal, and then giving her a big hug. “Can I sit on your lap?” said Crystal “Sure you can do anything…With me, whenever you want…anywhere.” said Felix, putting Crystal on his lap.

Sometime later when Nurse Joy finally came back, with Eevee, it was night time. “Here is your Eevee Crystal, and you’re all registered, but for contests, you’re gonna have to register at Floroma town, oh and before I forget, since it’s getting late, you should stay here.” said Nurse Joy, handing Eevee to Crystal.
“Thank-you soo much Nurse Joy, I’m soo glad that Eevee is gonna be ok, come on Felix, let’s go” said Crystal, pulling Felix to a room. “Why are you in such a hurry Crystal?” said Felix, as he closed the door.

“I’m just soo worried about Eevee, on how I almost lost him/her…” said Crystal, hugging Eevee.” “Well I guess we better get some rest now.” said Felix, climbing to the top bunk. “Ok Felix, me and Eevee will…” said Crystal, getting under the covers with Eevee.

“Hey Crystal wakey, wakey! It’s time to get going...” said Felix trying to wake Crystal up. “Eve… Eevee, eve.” said Eevee “Yes Eevee, so will you please wake her up, before other people find out I’m here, and if anyone does it will be impossible to get out, so is this a deal?” said Felix making a deal with Eevee. “Eve…Eevee, Eevee…eve.” said Eevee agreeing with Felix. Therefore, Eevee decided to try to wake up Crystal.

“Huh... What going on…” said Crystal waking up. “Let’s just say that you better hurry up, or a lot of people will find out that I’m here, and it will be impossible to get out, and I already packed my stuff.” said Felix grabbing his stuff. “Well you better forget about leaving at the entrance, because people are already starting to gather around the entrance, don’t ask how I can hear them, only because I don’t even know the answer to that one, but right now just follow me.” said Crystal climbing into an air vent. “Ok then, come on Eevee, let’s go.” said Felix putting Eevee on his back. “I want to see Felix-kun!!!” said a whole bunch of people who just, oh so happened to admire/stalk Felix. (Wow, I never thought my Felix-kun would be soo popular, within just a year.)

This is it for chapter one, see you in a week or so for chapter 2
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