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The Beginning

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Dash takes protecting people to far when he gets a power that has been lock inside him for some time will he risk he life for his family or doom The Incredilbes to their death

Category: Incredibles - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Horror - Characters: Dash Parr, Elastigirl (Helen Parr), Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), Violet Parr - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-03-23 - Updated: 2006-03-24 - 279 words

normal pov
The night was covered in a hot sticky thick mist of heat for Dash Parr. Outside rain,thunder,and lightning made its appearence. Dash on the other hand couldn't sleep he kept tossing and turning after what seemed like hours his body fanilly gave into submission and dash fell into the dark depths of sleep. as the morning came he got up and walked into the bathroom to clean up after twenty minutes he walked out and got changed. When he got downstiars he sister Violet Parr and him locked eyes more like glares both of them just glared until there mother Helen Parr aka Elastigirl took over.

Helen: alright you guys dont start the day off fighting with each other now dash Vi get in the car time for school

Bob: so dash what sports you plan on trying out for in addtion to track and what not.

Dash: i'm thinking of trying the wrestling thing see if i'm good enough

Bob: well even if you dont make it you still be good enough in my book son.

Dash: thanks dad i'm off

Bob: have a good day and dont make anyone mad

As they all piled into the car dash has a smile on his face which would make people think that you would need plastic suergy to get it off. Helen then dropped the kids off and drove back home.

Dash walked through the hallways getting into his class he just couldnt wait until class is over.
_A/N well thats it for chapter one. Tell me what you guys think if its good or if its a piece of crap let me know
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