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Dash takes protecting people to far when he gets a power that has been lock inside him for some time will he risk he life for his family or doom The Incredilbes to their death

Category: Incredibles - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Horror - Characters: Dash Parr, Elastigirl (Helen Parr), Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), Violet Parr - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-03-24 - Updated: 2006-03-24 - 1099 words

A/N i dont own the incredibles and i never will every thing this story has belongs to their resepcted owners thank you!

Dash's pov
As the bell rang I ran fast enough so as not to let my secret out i got the gym and waited for the try outs to begin i didnt have to wait long as the instructor pointed at me and told to step into the arena my opponent smirked at me and if i had any experice in this i laughed and told him lets fine out.

Boy: your going down i'm going to send you back to the drawing borad


normal pov
Dash and the boy locked up the boy over confident shoved dash off. Dash came back with a hip toss then an arm bar. the boy gets up and they both stare down.

DASH: how about a name

BOY: yours frist

DASH: its Dash

JIMMY: mines jimmy

DASH: lets get back to work shall we

Normal pov
they both grapple again this time dash locking in a full nelson which was counter into a DDT. then the instructor rang the bell and spoke

Instructor: ok thats all for today i will post the results tomorrow thank you.

Jimmy: good match

Dash: good match hope you make it

Jimmy: likewise

normal pov
Dash and Jimmy shook hands and parted ways Dash went and got his stuff and walked outside for his mom to pick him up. He waited until he was about to fall asleep until the sound of a horn shook him up out of dream land and saw his mom. Smiling he got up and powered walked to the car when he got in his mother flooeded him with questions.

Helen: how was your day did you make the team

Dash: it was dull till the end. i wont know till tomorrow and i my opponent seemed nice after the match he even wished me luck and shook my hand its awsome.

Helen: hmm thats good bet the supense is killing you isnt it?

Dash: not really i just did my best and thats all that can be expected.

Helen: thats a good way to look at it.

Normal pov
They continue talking until they stopped and picked up Violet
who looked to having a bad day. As she got in the car she was muttering something that the others couldnt make out. Dash then got in back next to Violet and tired to get her to tell what happen.

Dash: bad day?

Violet: what do you care

Dash i do care

Voilet: ok frist my locker got jammed so i kicked it to get it open and i did then a teacher thought i was destorying it so next week i got detention and i have double homework becuase of some moron who wouldnt shut up in math and i still have to do last nights homework. you happy now so go ahead and rub it in.

Dash: i'm sorry you had a bad day

Normal pov
Dash then hugged his sister then used her shoulder as a pillow. Violet was shocked she never expected this kind of affection for Dash usually she wait for him to make a joke or a put down of something to make her mad . Then she looked to her mom who had a wondering experssion on her face as well but shrug it off and turned back around to drive.

Violet's pov
Ok this is odd since when dose Dash become so caring this isn't him least not lately well its better than yelling.

Normal pov
When they got home Violet nudged Dash in the arm waking him upa and he woke up in a flash.

Dash: no more autographs!

Violet: wake up rock star were home

Dash: alright and by the way i wasn't a rock star. i was the dash in a nice suit with good looks and extreme hair with alot of people begging for my name.

Violet: well did your dream satifiy you

Dash: well it was about to until you woke me up from it

Normal pov
Violet rolled her eyes and walked inside. while Dash stood there thinking if his comeback was good enough then walked inside and saw his dad talking to his mom.

Bob: so you arent going to know till tomorrow huh.

Dash: who told you that

Bob: mom

Dash: well i'll know tomorrow for sure. Personally i thought i did good.

Bob: how long did your match last?

Dash: about a minute and ten seconds

Bob: you creamed him that fast?

Dash: no its a test match to see if we make it to try outs.

Bob: what happens to those who dont make it?

Dash: they go to the lighthavey wight section.

Bob: oh I see well good job on trying and good luck later on

Dash: thanks dad you rock

Bob: yes i know i'm the greatest ok i got work to do

Normal pov
Violet walks up to Dash and hugs him Dash then starts to speak

Dash: having a better day i see

Violet: its just kinda shocking most of the time you and I fight every second like this morning.

Dash: look i know i'm a pain most of the time but your still my sister and i love you and i'm sorry for giving you a hard time about well just about everything.

Violet: i love you to and i'm also sorry for everything i have done to you as well.

Helen: Bob please tell me you did you get that on tape.

Bob: got it right here both our kids making up

Normal pov
Both Dash and Violet blushed even harder when their mom took out the cam and got a few shots then they all went to there own places of the house. Dash went to his room and closed the door and laid on his bed then he heard a voice

kill them kill them all

Dash: who's there

fine them all kill them kill them all

Normal poc
Suddenly pain like fire shot through his chest clutching his chest he tried to scream for help but the pain was to great and passed out. As his eyes closed he saw his own refectling in the mirror only with glowing red eyes.

A/N well theres chapter 2 i know chapter one was kind of short so i pushed myself to write more i just have one thing to tell all readers rest relax and review please and thanks. ^_^
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