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Dash takes protecting people to far when he gets a power that has been lock inside him for some time will he risk he life for his family or doom The Incredilbes to their death

Category: Incredibles - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Horror - Characters: Dash Parr, Elastigirl (Helen Parr), Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), Violet Parr - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-03-24 - Updated: 2006-03-24 - 1264 words

Normal pov
Dash woke up hours later he got up just in time to hear his mom call him to dinner. As he walked toward the door he turned on the light and looked back in the mirror this time he only saw his normal reflection. Sighing he walked out of his room and down stairs as he saw what awaited him T-bone steak mid rare, fries, and a large root beet on the rocks with one of those loopy straws.

He sat down and tore into his meal with the frist bite he could taste the remaining blood flow over his toung and down his throat. He then started to feel his body tingle as his body begged for more. He finished everyting in a matter of minutes. After he was done he saw the rest of the family look at him like he was a
shark. His mom broke the quitness.

Helen: well looks like someone enjoys my cooking

Bob: you ok Dash you look like your not all here

Dash: i'm good just tired i think i just go to bed.

Helen/Bob/Violet: night

Dash: night guys

Normal pov
Dash walked back upstairs and to the bathroom he closed the door behind him while his was brushing his teeth he heard the voice again.

kill them kill them all make them remember what true power feel like KILL THEM.

DASH: who are you show youself

all in do time dash

Normal pov
The voice stopped and ran out of the bath room and smashed right into Violet. She looked at him confused.

Violet: whats wrong with you

Dash: come here you got to see something

Normal pov:
They both walked back to Dash's room. Dash led her over to the mirror.

Dash: ok now look at my reflection do you see anything out of place or strange.

Violet: i just see us nothing else. Nothing strange about that unless i'm missing something

Dash: its going to come back maybe when i least expect it.

Violet: who's going to come back

Dash: i dont know but its something bad early today when i was in my room pain like fire shot through my chest then i passed out on the floor but my reflection in the mirror was me only i had glowing red eyes. Thats not normal

Violet: i hate to be the bearer of bad news but were not really normal.

Dash: you know what i mean super or not i'm not suppost to pass out on the floor and have glowing red eyes.

Violet: so what do you want to do

Dash: i dont know what to do i guess i'll just have to watch myself see what happens.

Violet: you going to be ok

Dash: for now i guess we will see.

Violet: ok well i'm going to bed goodnight Dash

Dash: yeah night Vi

Normal pov
Violet left Dash's room and went to her own the things that he said were still fresh in her mind one part of her believe that something was wrong with him while the other part of her just thought he was going through a phase of seeing things. As she laid down she toss it out of her mind and fell into a peaceful sleep.

As the next morning came Dash woke up and stepped out of bed and got ready for school. Then went down stairs when he got there everyone was at the table eating, listening to there CD Player, reading the paper or talking on the phone. Dash then took another step but tripped over his other foot. Bob burst out laughing while Helen went into mommy mode.

Helen: are you ok dash.

Dash: ya just tripped

Helen: dont worry dear your father is an overrated jerk

Bob: ok now that was below the belt and the judges take a point away

Helen: shut up Bob.

Normal pov
While Bob was muttering about how he dosent understand women Violet tried to hold back her laugh but couldnt so she quickly ran out of the room bearly made out of ear shot. Dash looked at his mom.

Helen: let it go dash its not worth it sides i took care of dad WHO IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!

Dash: ok thats a little much i think

Helen: eat your food

Violet: ok i'm fine sorry dash but it was something that couldnt be helped

Dash: fine just so you know dad is sleeping on the couch.

Violet: really thats a frist.

Helen: ok kids lets go

Normal pov
As they prapered for another day of school Dash thought about what happen last night maybe it was stress. He was knocked out of his thoughts as the car came to a stop outside his school. waving goodbye he walked inside.

Dash's pov
ok just relax and get ready for try outs i thought as i walked into the same class i got busted on with a tape that you could bearly see me on might i add the teacher and I locked eyes for a moment i could feel my hands itching to smack him across the face and put him in a full nelson. i got to my seat and tried to pay attention but with this teacher i didnt really care.

Normal pov
Violet walked through the hallways going to lunch as she got to the lunch room she sat down ate and read a book but dash's words still stuck at the back of her mind. closing the book in frustration she threw the remains of her lunch in the trash and walked to her next class.

Instructor: ok everyone settle down nice group here very impressed ok there is only one slot for the haveywight section and were looking for one of you just one however tbose of you who dont make it the lightwight section is just as good remember that. Ok lets see what you can do.

Dash vs. opponent

Dash and his oppoenet grapple up and powered over each other Dash tried to shove the other guy but he prove to be stronger and got a knee to the stomach. Dash came back with a punch to the temple then a chop then another punch. Dash then went for a roll up and pinned for two. Dash then got caught and got slammed into the mat. Dash answered back with a swift kick to the side of the head for the win.

Instuctor: ok Dash good job please report to my office. ok well good proformence. welcome to the havey wight division.

Dash: thank you sir

Normal pov
Dash got home but didnt say a thing when asked if he passed then Bob finllay couldnt take it anymore.

Bob: oh come on didnt you make it

Dash: yes i made not only did i make it i made the havey wight division.

Helen: congarts Dash

Bob: awsome job

Violet: dont forget to think about us when you go pro.

Dash: who are you do i kown you?

Violet: aw shut up you bug

Dash: um uh I you

Violet: lost for words

Normal pov
they continue exchanging insults while Helen and Bob shook there heads.

Bob: well it was good while it lasted

Helen: it only lasted a day

Bob: yeah but i still got it on cam and you have the picuters.

Helen: true true

Normal pov
The parents then went back to there work and cooking. while the kids still changed insults.

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