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Supenseful Time

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Dash takes protecting people to far when he gets a power that has been lock inside him for some time will he risk his life for his family or doom The Incredilbes to their death

Category: Incredibles - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Horror - Characters: Dash Parr, Elastigirl (Helen Parr), Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), Violet Parr - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-03-24 - Updated: 2006-03-25 - 873 words

A/N: I thank those who have read chilled and reviewed ^_^. There is one thing i have seen the Incredibles and in the movie Dash and Violet fight just as much as any siblings do however i'm trying to get away from that as far as powers go in this story sorry if this is a letdown but please understand this is my frist time doing this and i'm trying my best sadly english was never one of my strongest subjects even though i have an A in that class anyways enough of me heres chapter 4.
Normal pov
Dash kept pacing back and forth on his bedroom floor then his eyes gazed at the mirror the had become a thing of evil to him and right on que the voice started up again only this time no reflection.

You dont have to be afraid of me Dash i know what its like being different. They wont pick on you anymore. Or beat you up. I'll see to that. All you have to do is let me help you. Come on Dash let me help. Let me free you from this pain.

Dash: i love my family i'll die before you touch a hair on them! i can make you remember what its like to taste acid!

Normal pov
Dash didnt cry he just stared eyes open anger written all over his face but still tears fell from his face but he paid no mind. the voice just laughed.

Dash: whats so funny

V: i'm not going to hurt your family i'm talking about those who fear you they fear you beacuse they dont understand your life from your point of view. You see Dash humans hate what they dont understand and they hate what they fear. But Dash they made you they made all the supers. Why should you apologize for something that isnt your fault your family never asked for this did they you never asked for these powers. Sure you have speed but that only goes so far i can give you strength like your father. Everything and anything you could wish for i can grant i can make happen. i could even give make you immortal. However i think you need some time to think this over so i'll let you alone to consider your options.

Dash: even if i choosed to let you give me all that i would have to watch my family grow old and die while i live on. Then i watch you kill innocent people.

V: who said i was killing anyone?

Dash: you did you keep saying kill them kill them all

V: you dont even know who i'm talking about so dont asumed things when you dont have proof now think about my offer. oh and by the way i'll contact you

Dash: how are you going to do that

V: i live in you i am you trust me i will fine you.

Normal pov
The voice left Dash Dropped to his knee's trying to shake off the intense conversation. However there was one thing nither the Voice nor Dash knew was that Violet saw and heard the whole thing making her truly believe something was wrong with Dash. Violet's experssion was unreadible her face held no emotion her gaze was on the mirror the whole time. Her fists were clenched so tight her knuckles turned white, she felt anger, rage, and hatred. She had seen enough.

Dash had been emotionally broken she walked over took the mirror and picked it up and trashed it up. Dash looked at her shock his face and eyes red and irrtatied. She walked over to him and hugged him.

Violet: That thing gets you when it prys you from my cold dead lifeless fingers.

Dash: I cant let it get you or mom n' dad

Violet: Then we will fight this thing as one were a team a family and we are Incredible.

Dash: i'm so scared

Violet: Dont be i'm here and i'll protect you

Dash: I love you Vi

Violet: I love you to ya bug

Normal pov
Dash gave a weak chuckle then Violet led him down stairs to the living room. After watching tv they ate dinner and walked back up stairs. Dash was two steps away from the threshold of his room until Violet stopped him.

Violet: I'm not letting you go back in there come on your sleeping in my room

Dash: I really dont think thats a good idea i mean sharing a bed and all plus i'll hog the covers or steal a pillow or two.

Violet: I have a spear bed in my closet now move it.

Normal pov
As they walked into Violet's room Violet pulled out the spear bed and tossed dash a couple of pillows.

Violet: Goodnight Dash

Dash: Goodnight Violet

Normal pov
they both fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time Dash felt safe. He also knew he had a choice to make and he knew he make the right one until then he would just have to live life as it came not worrying about where or what he was.

A/N aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand chapter four done r/r/r :)
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