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The Final Chapter

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Dash takes protecting people to far when he gets a power that has been lock inside him for some time will he risk he life for his family or doom The Incredilbes to their death

Category: Incredibles - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama - Characters: Dash Parr, Elastigirl (Helen Parr), Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), Violet Parr - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-03-25 - Updated: 2006-03-25 - 1478 words

Normal pov
Sunlight poured in through the windows. Dash awoke and sat up when he looked around he realized this wasnt his room then last night images flooded his head he looked over at Violet who was sleeping peacefully he crept out quitely so as not to wake her. He walked pass his room and opened the door and to what shocked him was that the mirror was fixed like it had never had been shattered. He slammed the door and backed away until he felt the wall behind him.

Dash: ok dont worry just go downstairs and relax just dont let anyone know whats wrong you can do this.

Normal pov
As Dash walked the step to what felt like him was a gateway to the underworld of darkness. When he got there he found the front door wide open. He looked outside and saw nothing the car was gone so he thought his parents left for some reason or another. Looking outside he saw a beautiful blue clear sky bright, yellow sun, and shiny green grass. Sighing to himself he smile for the frist time in a long time. Then he felt two arms wrap around his neck. The shock made him shout out. He turned around and saw Violet laughing so hard her face was turning red.

Violet: now that was funny

Dash: now what was that for what happen to last night you were nicer then

Violet: Ok sorry but you were just standing there it was two good of a chance to pass up. Do you think that thing or whatever it is can kill us.

Dash: That thing is my inner power or so it says. It says it is a part of me, it is me. But if it is me then it has my strengths and my weakness's.

Violet: But he said i can grant you strength like your father and you could become immortal.

Dash: True it did say that. However the only reason he is doing this is becuase he thinks that humans are a pest and needs to be wiped out for the supers to take control.

Violet: so how do we stop him

Dash: As long as i'm alive he will live if i die he cant hurt anyone.

Violet: whoa wait a minute no one is dieing. We can think of another way.

Dash: Is there another way i have thought of mostly anything even telling mom and dad

Violet: whats wrong with that

Dash: dont you fined it odd that they didnt see anything wrong wiht me but you did. how is it that its like mom and dad can see whats happening.

Violet: maybe they just haven't notice but if we tell them it will be different. Death isnt the anwser.

Dash: no its not beacuse mom and dad haven't notice its beacuse it's chooseing who it wants to see him.

Violet: Then lets stop him together no dieing

Dash: ok Violet lets stop him for good.

Normal pov
As Dash and Violet walked back upstairs they made it to Dash's door. Violet was about to open the door when she felt a sharp pain charge through her neck she fell down on the floor knocked out. Dash had drove his elbow into the back of her neck. He then took her to her room and laid her on her bed.

Dash: I'm sorry sister forgive me but i cant loose you or anyone for that matter.

Dash's Pov
I walked out of Violet's room and i ran into mine and stood still staring at the mirror. i wasnt afraid anymore this thing had caused be nothing but pain put me and my sister through hell now its time to pay the piper. I cracked my Knuckles getting ready for the fight of my life. i was going to go head to head with the devil himself. But they i'm feeling right now i'm going to kick the devils ass. Then as always he made his enterance.

V: good to see you Dash have you thought about my offer.

Dash: yes i have

V: then what is your anwser. Wait before you anwser lets meet face to face being in a mirror is really hard on the legs.

Dash's pov
The glass on my mirror started to look like water waves. The Voice that has haunted me for the past two days in a half had finally showed himself he looked just like me only he was shorter and his eyes held no emotion i mentally prepared for anything I thought he could do.

V: ok thats better now you were saying your answer what is it

Dash: its no

V: no huh you know i picutered your responese different in my mind

Dash: if your really were me you would have already known my anwser.

V: just beacuse i'm you dosent mean i know every little detail of you however there is one thing i know knocking your sister out to save her very brother like of you tell me do you really think killing yourself is going to make me go away i just walked through a mirror from another place that people could only dream of going to.

Dash: who said i was dieing who siad i was going to kill myself you know for being me you really dont know me that well its called bluffing.

V: Well if your not going to accept my gift then you must die i'm going to hang you head on a wall.

Dash: you are a fool i'm going to make you remember what its like to taste acid.

V: what kind of come back is....

Normal pov
The voice never got to finish his what he was saying for all the air had been punched out by Dash He then pulled out a knife.

V: you would kill me to save who yourself.

Dash: no to save my sister

V: tell me is all this really worth Violet. Is she really wroth the price you'll pay when god comes for you.

Normal pov
Dash drove the knife into his reflection's throat, then into his chest.

Dash: voilet is worth dieing for, worth killing you for, and she is worth going to hell for.

Dash's pov
The wounds from the knife started started to fade as i saw my reflection's body evaporate into particals until he was no more. it was over it was finally over no more voices no more pain. i knew that one day i would have to pay a price but like i said everyone is worth protecting and dieing for. Then i walked out of my room and back to Violet's when i got there she was still there. i called her name. she awoke with a groan.

Violet: what happen last i rememeber we were walking to your room then darkness

Dash: i knocked you out

Violet: YOU WHAT

Dash: calm down you see the wrestling practice it really helps

Violet: what about him

Dash: i already took care of him he is now dead

Violet: how did you do it

Dash: he asked me what you were worth so i jammed the knife into his throat and i told him you were worth dieing for, worth killing him for, and worth going to hell for.

Violet: you really said that

Dash: yeah see i'm not all that bad i'm pretty cool sometimes yeah?

Violet: yeah are you ok?

Dash: i'm fine no more pain or have to worry beacuse i have you to protect me.

Violet: promise me something.

Dash: ok anything:

Violet: dont you ever do this again with out me we helped each other with our problems ok.

Dash: i promise i sware it

Violet: good

Normal pov
The front door opens Bob and Helen walk in talking

Bob: i did not run a red light

Helen: Bob there were cars coming at us dont tell me you didnt run a red light i was there i saw it happen.

Bob: i'm not going to sit here and fight about this.

Helen: only beacuse you cant admit that you were wrong and i was right.

Normal pov:
They were interruped by Dash clearing his throat.

Dash: did you get those picuters Vi

Violet: only if you got it on cam. Both are parents fighting of crouse mom totally beat dad

Dash: i did but your mistaken dad is clearly just not lowering himself to a level of admitting something that wasnt his fault.

Violet: hmm whatever.

Normal pov
Dash had defeated his demons and his relationship with his sister had grown as well with his parents and now he can live in peace and and in life.

A/N and there you are chapter 5 and the story is done r/r/r enjoy :)
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