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Still With Me

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He thought he was gone. He never thought he was hear from him again, but it was a good thing he did. Now, he felt unbearable guilt....

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He had his prey pinned. He watched the older, silver-haired boy scream and squirm beneath him as he spoke his name, opening his mouth wide, to bite down on the sensitive flesh of the human--

"Sora, don't you dare do it!"

The voice froze him as his dinner whimpered. A voice... Who was that? He looked around and no one was there except himself and the food beneath him.

"Stop, you'll hate yourself for it later. I promise you."

He knew that voice. The last time he heard it was a year ago. That was the first and last time he ever saw the Nobody...


"That's right. You know you don't want to do this."

He felt a tugging in the back of his mind and the vampire crawled away from his friend, looking at his fingerless-gloved hands. It occurred to him what he as about to do and how so very wrong it was. He almost killed his best friend.

"What... why did I...?" He broke down, clutching his hair and face, trying his best to let tears fall, but nothing happened and it wasn't as effective as it used to be as he wracked a sob. No fluids were in his body. Nothing to help let the frustrations and emotions that were bottled inside of him out. He was stuck. He wanted to kill both of his friends, he wanted their blood sliding down his throat and he screamed, wanting to escape the thoughts that invaded him to the very core of his being.

"It's okay..." the voice was gentle this time. "Look." He couldn't bring himself to look at Riku, but he felt arms wrap around his head and shoulders. He snaked his arms around his friend and clutched the fabric in the back, sobbing into the shoulder.

"I'm so sorry! I couldn't... I didn't... I..." he wailed, unable to finish what he was trying to say. What
was he trying to say? He didn't know anymore. His last words before he stopped talking were, "Don't leave me." Both Riku and Roxas gave him the same answer.

Hours passed before Sora finally calmed down and fell limply in his arms. Yes, the boy could not be physical exhausted, but mental exhaustion was possible.

"It's okay, Sora," Riku comforted, letting the boy slump in his lap. It was weird, having someone cry into you shoulder, but not having the tear stains to prove it.

Somewhere during that time of mourning. Sora had gained his blue eyes back. They were still dark with thick black circles around them, but they were the same as they had been for a year. Not even when Riku had seen Sora feeding had he seen Sora's eyes turn black. Or when he hit his head and it started bleeding did Sora go crazy like he did when Kairi cut her foot. Instead, he helped staunch the bleeding.

"I won't blame you if you hate me." Sora muttered into his chest.

"I don't hate you. You're my best friend."

"I tried to kill you."

"I tried to kill you. We're even."

"Kairi hates me."

"She loves you."

"No, she doesn't ever want to see me again. I almost ate her."

"I stopped you."

"Then, I almost ate you."

"Then you stopped yourself."

"You can say that." Silence.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm hearing voices in my head now. Roxas is a good conscience."

"Well, lucky he decided to speak up or else I'd be dead." Was this a good thing or a bad thing that Sora could hear Roxas? Riku decided it could go both ways.

"Wish he would have come in sooner." Pause. "He wishes, too."

"How long has he been around?"

"Just now. When I was about to bite you."

"Thanks, Roxas."

"'No problem. You owe me big time.'"

Riku couldn't help but laugh. Yes, he owed the non-existent Nobody a lot. Considering he beat the shit out of him and and put him in a fake Twilight Town, thinking that it would wake up his best friend, and then making sure that he was gone for good. Then, Roxas turns around and saves him. Yes, he owed the blond his life. Now, if only he could think of a way to pay him back....

"Do you think Kairi will come back tomorrow night? I don't think so..." Sora said, pulling away from Riku. "She was terrified."

"How do you know?"

"She smelled scared."

That would have been the weirdest thing Riku had ever heard, had he not had similar senses. Smelling Darkness and Light were different from what Sora had, but it was still very weird to hear it from the Warrior of Light.

"She'll come back tomorrow night. Promise."

Sora didn't reply. Instead, he got to his feet, saying he was going to fine an animal to feed on and Riku should go home, he looked tired. Riku reluctantly agreed, leaving Sora on the island, surrounded by the six blazing-blue lanterns.
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