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Forgiving Love

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He was overwhelmed with the guilt. He was ready to apologize sincerely and leave her, if that was what she wished for. What he got was a request he never expected.

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That night, he drank the blood of seven dogs and three cats. As morning broke, he retired to his home where his mother was drinking her morning coffee. She scolded him for being out so late and he headed to his dark bedroom. In there, it was like the light bulbs were removed from the lamps and there was no window. But there was no such case. He had a façade to keep up with his parents.

He felt the guilt coming back as he thought about what he had done to Kairi and Riku. Riku had forgiven him but Kairi... he was going to lose her. He couldn't lose her. He loved her beyond anything else.

But, if he were to lose her, he would have to say something before she was gone forever from his life. He suddenly felt the need to be with her, to be close to her, to hold her. He frowned, contemplating on what he should do before he slipped out of his window, ignoring calls from his mother. The bright sun burned and he had to cover his closed eyes with his hands before he could adjust to the light that was intensified with his year-old vision. Everything was intensified. He ignored the oncoming headache and darted with impossible speed to the school where he would be attention, had he not become a creature of the night.

Following the sweet, sweet scent of Kairi, he climbed a tree and found her classroom. Sitting on the branches, he watched her learning.

No, she wasn't learning. She was distracted. She chewed the eraser of her mechanical pencil and she pretended to take notes. One of her feet lay flat on the ground and the other was positioned at an angle to keep the wound off the ground. One hand held the pencil, the other worried on her tie.

A bell rang. It was time for lunch.

A silent sigh escaped those full lips as she put her books into her desk and pulled out a bento from her bag and placing it on her table. She stared at it, probably with no intention of eat it. Sora frowned, wanting to be there to tell her she should eat. She picked at the plastic, but made no attempt to open it. He shifted, worried for the girl. She seemed to acknowledge a movement in her peripheral vision and turned to look casually out the window.

He gave a weak smile and waved at her. Her eyes went wide and she practically flew to the window, pushing it up before she hung out of her, grinning like crazy at him.

"Sora, what are you doing here?" she asked, clutching onto the windowsill. He found himself climbing closer, perching himself precariously on the closest sturdy branch. Her expression gave him hope.

"I came to apologize for last night." he explained. "I didn't know when I'd see you next, so... here I am. I'm so sorry, Kairi. I couldn't--"

"Sora?!" a voice interrupted his apologetic monologue and a hyper girl was hanging out of the window with Kairi as she frowned at her friend. "Where've you been? I haven't seen you in forever!"


"Why aren't you in school? Did you drop out? That's not good, you know."


"How are you doing? What are you doing? God, you look horrible. Don't you ever see the light of day? Sun if good for your health, you know. You're as pale as a ghost."


"Why don't you see us anymore? Man, you look really different. Wakka and I were talking just the other day about how you used to play Blitz ball with him when you guys were kids. He was saying how much he missed that. I missed how you were the only one to play jump-rope with me. That's why I started whipping the boys with it and you all turned it into a spar! I still--"

"Selphie!" Kairi finally managed to catch the attention of the brunette and she looked at Kairi, confused.

He felt his head spinning with all of the questions he was bombarded with. Either, one day, he'd spend an entire day with the girl to answer every single question (very slowly, might he add), or avoid her entirely and never have to answer those millions of questions she had for him. He was actually preferring the latter at the moment as he heard Roxas laughing somewhere in the recesses of his mind.

As he caught his wind, Kairi managed to shoo Selphie away. She turned to him, ordering him to meet her on the roof and quickly closed the window with one last desperate look before she turned around and ran to her desk, packing her things. He looked up at the building and jumped, clinging to the near-flat surface. Scaling the building and fence to the roof was easy. He landed lightly on his feet and strode in front of the door, waiting for Kairi. Surely she wasn't really allowed up here. She'd have to sneak to the roof.

It was several minutes before the out of breath redhead burst through the door, flinging herself at him, wrapping her arms as tightly as she could around his waist, pushing her head against his empty chest. In another life, this action would have sent them both falling to the hard earth. But times had changed and Sora was stronger. Resting his cheek hesitantly on her head, wrapped one around around her frame and tangled the other softly in her hair.

He recalled that time when they first found themselves like this. After he had showed Riku his lack of life, Kairi questioned what scared him. He had showed her, pressing her ear against his chest to listen to the nothingness within. No scent of fear rose from her. She was calm, and instead, her scent became more intoxicating. He could still handle it. He could resist. Her heart beat wildly in her chest and she wrapped her arms around him, embracing him, assuring him she wasn't afraid. They stood silently for a long time; a silent confession taking place. Her scent became worse as they moved only to look into each others eyes. He wanted to devour her, right then and there, and he gave her a warning. She left after much insistence.

He understood her forgiveness. He brushed his lips over her scalp and she shivered. She wasn't scared yet.

"Sora is Sora. That's all he'll ever be." she whispered quietly, He nodded. "Can we please get out of here? I can't stand being in there any longer... I'm so tired..." Her body weight changed as she said this, suddenly as she slumped in his arms.

"I don't think that's such a good idea--"

"Please, I was up all night, thinking about you and what you were doing and if you hurt anybody and thinking about the horrible guilt you would feel.

He thought for a moment. "Did you stop bleeding?"

"Yes, last night. They think it might get infected, though, because of the sand and salt water that got into it...--" Before she could continue, he had scooped her into his arms and, to any bystander, it would look as if the couple had disappeared.

Riku had arrived late to the regular meeting place. As he arrived, no lanterns stood where they usually would be. Instead, he saw a light some distance away. It was the light of a single lantern that stood before the entrance to the secret cave.

Entering, he found the other five lanterns standing in various places to light the small cave. Sora leaned against one of the boulders with Kairi sleeping on his lap. Riku stared at them, standing between questioning and not.

He did not expect this when he arrived tonight.

Sora didn't look up at Riku, but instead, stroked Kairi's hair as she slept, looking at her peaceful, sleeping form.

"I thought this place would be safest." the brunette spoke, a pain showing in his eyes. "It reeks of you, me, and Darkness in here." A sigh escaped those chalky lips. "She didn't get any sleep last night."

There was a pause with an air of Sora having much more to say.

It was said in two sentences.

"She wants me to change her. She wants to become a vampire, like me."
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