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Asking the Impossible

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They want to be like him. He can't bring himself to hurt them in anyway, even when his conscience is urging him on as he is about to do it. No, it's asking the impossible.

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His friend's shock at this confession arose, not the fear and contempt he though, but rather an encouragement. Riku told him he should do it. Riku told him to. Riku demanded that he change the two of them so that they may suffer with him... live an eternity with him... become a monster with him.

Riku said he never liked the idea of growing up anyway.

How did this happen? Why did this happen?

This couldn't be happening.

"What do you think, Sora? Can you do it?"

The theory was possible, but the practicality scared him.

"I can't do it, Riku!" the brunette shouted at the older boy, glaring at him. The girl stirred on Sora's lap as the boy raised his voice against his bed friend.

"You said it was an infection or something when your Sire bit you!" Riku argued back. What was so bad about biting? Riku still had a fiery red burn from the venom trailing along his skin which was most likely the toxin that created vampyrism.

"I lied!"

Silence rang through the cave and the girl slowly woke up, rubbing her eye sleepily. She yawned looking up at Sora, then to Riku.

"What are you guys fighting about now?"

Riku ignored her. He had to know how it was done.

"Then what happened?"

Sora pulled Kairi into his arms, a light blush crossing her cheek as he did so. Riku was sure Sora would have done so as well if he could. Kairi rested her head on his chest, waiting for him to go on, although she wasn't there for the entire conversation, Riku knew she would catch up as they heard Sora's story.

Dark eyes fell as he began. "It was shortly after we came back home. A day? Two days tops. I came here alone, wanting just some time to myself. Away from it all. The attention. The parents. The friends. Everything that had my head spinning.

"I saw a man, laying in that corner." Sora tosses his head towards the place where a door used to stand. "I went over and saw he wasn't moving, wasn't breathing, nothing. I tried to help him and he pinned me to the ground, biting at my neck and shoulder." His hand snaked up to his right shoulder and Kairi watched with fascination. He looked at the smooth skin and Riku wondered why there was no scar before he realized vampires had perfect skin. "It was like he had nails like knives clawing down my chest and stomach. I tried to fight him off, but everything was getting dark and it was cold and I couldn't see and I couldn't breath or scream or cry.

"I don't know what happened after that, but I was drinking something. It was like life was coming back to me, so I grabbed a hold of whatever was at my mouth and drank until I became aware it was an arm.

"I crawled away and the man looked at me. He said he was sorry. His arm was bleeding and I wiped my mouth and I had blood on my mouth and it tasted so good and I didn't know what to do. He said he had to take me away now and I said 'I just got back, I'm not going anywhere!' He tried, I mean, really tried to take me away with him but once I pulled out the Keyblade, he backed off. He said his name was Blaze. He said he'd come back in a few weeks to check on me and left. He never came back.

"So, here I am, a vampire forced to live off of the cats and dogs with the people of Destiny Island afraid to let their pets out at night, thinking some wild non-existent animal will kill them. Now that I think back, I really should have gone with him.

"I refuse to kill you."

Riku fell to his knees and slumped against another boulder. Sora died. Sora was killed by a bloodthirsty vampire and brought back into another life. Riku just asked his friend to kill him. Sora had never killed a human. Sora killed Heartless and Nobodies but never a human. Yes, a single humanoid Heartless. Yes, several humanoid Nobodies. But never a real human before.

"Riku?" Sora's voice brought Riku out of his daze as he looked up at his friend. His face was incredibly stiff. "What did you read about how to kill vampires?"

"W-Why?" Riku stuttered at the sudden off-topic question.

"Never mind about that. What did you read?"

"Uhm... some say you have to nail a stake through the heart; some say hammer a nail into the head, throat, and heart; some say the vampire's natural enemy, the werewolf, would have to kill them; another says they can be burned in fire; and they can be killed by other vampires."

Sora began muttering to himself rapidly. Riku had trouble following. "Stakes and nails are out. I bend those. I never met a werewolf, so I can't ask them. I fell into the fire we built last week and I'm still here. My only choice now is to find another vampire."

"What are you talking about, Sora?" Kairi questioned as she sat up, looking at him properly. Riku furrowed his silver brows at his friend. Something wasn't right.

"I refuse to kill you." Sora repeated, looking down at his shoes. "What are you going to do when you get older and I stay the same?"

Riku sputtered. What would be his answer? "You'll always be my best friend, Sora. I'll always be there for you."

"Sora is Sora. My opinion of you will never change." Kairi stated firmly.

"So, you'll be grown up, thirty, with a job and a family and still come to see me on the island at night?"

Silence. No one knew how to answer that.

"Exactly." was Sora's short answer. "And what will you do when you have a perpetually fifteen best friend and people see us as father and son? Or, Kairi, what will you do when people see as, no as a couple, but rather as grandmother and grandson? I'm not changing. Mentally or physically. Yeah, I'm learning. I'm getting smarter. But my state of teenagedom will forever remain. I'll be an immature, optimistic boy who's ready to save the day."

"Well, for an optimist you're being extremely pessimistic." Riku grumbled.

"Yeah, well, you know I get like this when I'm depressed." Sora said heavily.

"Sora..." Kairi said quietly and both boys turned their attention to her, Riku having to catch Sora's movement to hear her. "What if you find your creator?"

"I dunno... what?"

"What if you find him... and, since you won't change us, and I won't ask you to change us, I won't do that to you--"

"You're suggesting I find him and tell him to kill you for me?"

"I know it sounds bad when you put it like that, but it really isn't like that! Sora, I want to spend eternity with you and Riku will always be by your side. It's not killing, Sora, it's being reborn."

"No!" the scream echoed over the walls and Sora was gone.
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