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Concrete Kiss

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Despite the title, this isn't romantic...

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Author's Note: Due to a stress-related bout of insomnia, you guys are getting another update. You best enjoy it, yo!

somethingorother: No, I don't go to UIC. I'm actually a senior in high school right now, but I'm planning on going there next year (already applied for housing!). On a story-related note, I, too, wish that I had an older brother to take care of me when I get "sick." But luckily, I have friends who do that for me.

Tissamy: Glad you liked the Froot Loops bit. I wasn't sure if people would brush it off as Chloe being overly-analytical.

AllTimeJack96: Props to you for reading these chapters on your phone! If I was in your shoes, I would have given up and ran to the nearest computer.

HellOnHigh9: Haha. I'm keeping the violence to a minimum at the moment, so there will be no ass kicking (at least in this chapter).

lovetah: Same here. Clinginess is my biggest turn off, and when it comes to boys, my attention span is about 10 minutes. This, in conjunction with my crude sense of humor, doesn't do anything for my love life. lol.

But enough about that. Here's the next chapter:

Concrete kiss.

After a solid week of moping around my apartment, I decided to take my brother’s advice and get out of the house. The mall and theater reminded me of Eric, so I decided against those destinations. And with the price of gas going up, I really didn’t want to drive anywhere. So with my other options gone, it seemed that a bike ride was in order.

Before I knew it, I was outside my apartment. My helmet was strapped on and my bike’s kickstand was in the upright position. I quickly hopped on and pedaled toward the park.

Five miles. That’s how far the park was from my apartment. Once there, I did a few rounds on the bike trail.

“Chloe?” Someone called out as I pedaled past a water fountain.

Though I recognized the voice, I couldn’t attach a name to it. Gently I pumped the brakes, allowing whoever it was to catch up with me.

“Hey, long time no see.”

Suddenly, it clicked.

“Wow, I’m surprised you remember me,” she said.
“Jack’s birthday, right?” I asked, with false confidence.
“Yeah, you saved me from your brother’s water balloon attack.” She chuckled, tucking wisps of auburn hair behind her ear. “Live around here?” I nodded, leaning onto my left leg.
“Just 5 miles or so east of here. You?”
“A few blocks north.”

All of a sudden a golden retriever came bounding toward us, carrying a Frisbee in its mouth.

“Good job, Batman!” Anna said, petting the dog.
“Your dog’s name is Batman?” I asked as the canine sniffed my hand.
“Yeah, my boyfriend named him,” she replied. “In my opinion it was the lesser of two evils; it was either that or Ghostface Killah.”

I chuckled as the dog excitedly pawed at her checkered vans.

“Sorry to cut this conversation short, but I’ve gotta go pick up the surprises he left around the park.”
“No problem. It was nice seeing you.”
“Same here.”

With that, we went off on our separate ways. After about an hour or so, I got bored of the monotonous trees and decided to head home. Just as I exited the park, a squirrel ran out in front of me. Nobody else was on the path, so I was able to swerve out of the way. While the rodent got away unscathed, I flew off my bike and landed arm first onto the pavement. Muttering profanities, I pulled myself off the ground. There wasn’t any permanent damage--just some cuts and scrapes--but I was still in a bad mood for the remainder of my journey.

On the way home, I noticed that my wrist was kind of swollen and it hurt when I moved it. I figured that my hypochondriac tendencies were simply getting the best of me, but just to be safe, once arrived at my apartment, I put my bike away and drove myself to the hospital.

In the waiting room I filled out paperwork (luckily it was my left wrist that was banged up), and absentmindedly flipped through the water-stained pile of old magazines.

“Chloe Barakat, Dr. Jennings will see you now.”

I quickly got up and headed into the office.

“So I understand that you had a little accident on your bike,” he said as I took a seat on the edge of the examination table.
“Yeah, I dodged a squirrel then fell on my wrist.”
“Let me take a look.”

I held out my arm and he carefully examined it. When he asked me to flex my wrist, I did so with a grimace.

“Oh dear. I think you may have fractured it,” he said.

A few x-rays later, his hypothesis was confirmed. I was fitted with a cast and instructed to keep away from bikes and driver’s seats for a couple of weeks. With a sigh I paid for my visit at the front desk, then pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. It would be a joy explaining to my brother why he had to pick me up from the hospital.

With a reluctant sigh, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed his number.

“Hey, Jack. It’s Chloe. Could you pick me up from the hospital?”
“What happened? Are you okay?” he frantically asked.
“Yeah, it’s nothing serious. I busted my wrist when I was riding my bike. Now it’s in a cast and the doc said I shouldn’t operate vehicles or heavy machinery for the time being.”
“Wait, then how’d you get there?”
“I drove.”
“You drove your car even though you fucked up your wrist?”
“Yeah, it didn’t hurt that much…”

I didn’t realize how dumb that was until the words had spilled from my mouth.

“You should have called me or something.”
“I know, I know.”

He sighed in worry/frustration.

“Alright. Me and Alex will be there soon. Try not to hurt yourself before we get there.”
“Don’t worry. I won’t be involved in anymore shenanigans.”
“Okay, bye.”

Within 20 minutes of my call, they were both in the parking lot waiting for me.

“By the way Jack was freaking out, I thought you were in a body cast,” Alex said, walking toward me.

I rolled my eyes, but knowing my brother, Gaskarth probably wasn’t kidding.

“What? If you had a little sister, and she called you from the hospital saying that she couldn’t drive home, wouldn’t you be freaked out?” Jack asked.
“Yeah, but Chloe’s a tough bitch. It would take like an army of rabid transvestites to take her out.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this comment.

“Am I the most mature person here?” the lanky brunette asked.
“I think so,” I said with a nod.

While Jack rolled his eyes, I tossed my keys to Alex.

“Before you go, could you do me a favor?” he asked, twirling my Optimus Prime keychain in his hands.
“For you, anything,” I replied.
“Promise me you won’t die on your way home,” he dramatically said. “God forbid that you stub your toe and bleed out internally.”
“That sounds like a daunting task, but I promise I’ll be alive when I get home.”
“Alright. I’ll hold you to that,” he said, wrapping me in a quick hug.

With that, we went our separate ways, and I had the pleasure of sitting shotgun in my brother’s car.

“So how exactly did you do that to your wrist?” he asked, as I buckled my seatbelt.
“I fell off my bike trying to dodge a squirrel,” I explained.
“Where were you? The woods?”
“Legion Park.”
“Isn’t that like 5 miles away from your apartment?”
“So you biked 5 miles home with a broken wrist, then decided to drive yourself to the hospital?”
“It’s not broken, just fractured.”
“And you wonder why I worry about you,” he said, pulling out of the parking spot.

The rest of the way to my apartment went on like this.

“Be more careful next time.”
“Avoid squirrels.”
“Always wear a helmet.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Despite the fact that I was stuck in Jack’s car, listening to him rant as an itchy cast covered my wrist, I couldn’t help but smile. For the first time in a week, my thoughts weren’t revolving around my pothead ex.

I know it sounds depressing, but to me, things were looking up.


PS. I love you guys like Alex loves Jack.
PPPS. Go read stories from moocow and rawrlittledino. THEM > me. No lie.
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