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In art, a new kid walks in a sits beside Gerard.

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I sigh and erase my enitire drawing. It looked terrible. Frustrated, I rip the piece of paper up. A kid sitting beside me raises their eyebrow. I smooth out another piece of paper in front of me. I start to draw again. The classroom door opens and a guy walks in. He has black hair and really tight jeans. He has on a black hoodie. His shoes are converse.
He hands Mrs. James his schedule, obviously confused.
"Ok...class this is Franklin Iero..."
She shrugs, "Find a place and sit down...we're doing a free drawing today."
He nods and looks around for a place to sit. People put their bags in seats near them. I roll my eyes, disgusted with their rudeness. I wave him over and move my stuff out of his way. He smiles, clearly relived and walks over.
"Thanks for that."
I shrug, "No probelm..."
"So...what exactly am I supposed to draw?"
"Whatever you want..."
"What are you drawing?"
I show him my drawing, "Its a dark hallway with someone sitting in a corner."
"That's realy good."
I try, but fail, not to smile, "Thanks...", I love when people complement my artwork.
"No problem.", he grins, "So, Obviously, I'm Frank...."
"I'm Gerard..."
"Nice to meet you."
I raise an eyebrow, "You too... Now, clearly you haven't caught on to how this school works. See, nobody talks to me, unless they need homework or are in need of a punching bag. So, unless you want to reck anychance you have of not becoming a punching bag, you should stop talking to me."
He shrugs, "I don't care what people think."
"Nor do I, but the punches hurt. A lot."
"I can run-"
"Not if they corner you and know where you will run...", I inform him as I shadow the drawing.
"Damn... Why don't you try to hit back-"
"Tried that once....I'm passovist, so it didn't work well. I can't punch worth a damn so..."
"Yeah it means I'm against fighting."
He nods, "Oh..ok."
"So, unless you want to be-"
"I just told you, I don't care."
"Why what?"
"Why bother talking to me anyways...?"
"You're different and you're the only person that'd let me sit near them."
I shrug, "Alright, but I did warn you."
"Why do people beat you up anyways?"
I feel myself blush, "I'm an easy target and well mainly...M-my sexuality..."
"Which is...?"
"I-I'm gay..."
He shrugs, "So? NOthing wrong with that..."
"I know that but they don't..."
"Well they should be taught."
I chuckle, "Alright, you are doomed with or without being my friend..."
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"You have different opinions then everyone else. Like me."
He smiles, "Except I'm not pasvist...I can kick ass!"
"It's passOvist..."
"Same difference..."
I roll my eyes, ", let me see your scedule..."
He has all classes with me. Weird.
"YOu have all the classes I've got.."
"BUt odd."
He shrugs, "We're it's fitting..."
"You've got a point."

After Algebra I bite my lip.
"Do you think I could hitch a ride with you?"
"S-sure...Just hurry."
"What's wrong?"
"After fourth the football players try to corner me and...", I drift into thought.
"That sucks..."
"Y-yeah so hurry. Can you run?"
He nods.
I run down the hallway and out the door. Frank follows and we run to mom's car.
Mikey claps, "Congrats man! They didn't get you."
"Yeah-yeah-yeah let's just go, This is Frank he lives near us can we drop him off?"
"Alright dear.", mom answers.
Mikey smiles, "So, who's he?"
"No I mean... a friend...or more..."
"MIchael!", my mom snaps.
"What? It's an honest question!"
"Don't bother your brother.", she looks at me through the rearview mirror, "IS he just a friend?"

I roll my eyes, "Yes mom we just met today, and he isn't into guys....damn I'm glad I already told him That I'm gay!"
Mikey frowns, "Sorry..I was hoping you found a boyfriend."
"Why does my lovelife matter to you?"
"You're lonely, which makes you sad... And that bothers me."
I cross my arms, "Am not."
"So, Frank, we're going to pick up some pizza, wanna see if you can join?"
Henods, "I'll text my mom, thanks."
"NO problem, It's good for Gerard to have any kind of friend."
"Moooom!", I groan.
"Sorry Gerard."
Frank chuckles, "She said its fine."
"Cool", Mikey smiles, "Hey Gee, you can hang out with me, Ray and Bob, ya know..."
"The correct way to say that is Ray, Bob and I."
"Are we in English? NO! So stop correcting me!"
I chuckle, "Fine, sound ignorant."
"I"m just kidding Mikes chill."
"ANYWAYS, you don't have to brood all alone at lunch..."
"I don't brood, I'm usually drawing or something and I hate distractions....."
"Whatever. You can sit with us Frank. Its fun."
Frank nods, "And I'll drag him along."
"NO you wont."
"Yes I will."
"What do you have that I could possibley want?"
Mikey covers his mouth, muffling his laughter.
I throw a pencil at him.
"Well that's very passovist of you.", Frank jokes.
I flip him off.
"Gerard Arther Way!"
I roll my eyes, "Sorry mom..."
"YOu'll see what i have tomomrow.", he smiles.
MOm gets the cheese pizza.
"Thank God you got cheese, I don't eat meat.", Frank smiles.
"For real?", I ask.
He sighs, "Yeah and-"
"Me too!"
Frank smiles again, "Sweet."
We go back to the house and I show Frank my room.
When he has to leave, he turns to me and whispers something so quietely that only I can hear it.
"By the way, you were wrong when you said that I'm not into guys."
And with that Frank Iero walks out of my house.
I feel myself smiles.
Why does that make me kinda happy?
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