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Gerard and Frank become best friends. And Frank brings his bribe.

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I yawn and rub my eyes. I didn't sllep well last night. Frank walks over with a smile, "I brought it."
"Brought what?"
"The bribe."
I had forgotten all about that.
"OK so what is it Iero?"
He smiles, "You'll see at lunch."
I frown and give him a grr face.
He chuckles.

"OK so what the hell is it?"
He pulls out a scetch pad. An amazing scetch pad that I've wanted for a while now.
"Are you...Sure?"
"Yeah, I'm not that talented at drawing really... So. Merry Christmas... NOw ya gotta sit with us."
I frown, "Alright...Its worth it I guess."
We walk over to the bench outside where Mikey, Ray and Bob sit at lunch.
Mikey smiles, "Hey! You got him to come!"
Bob smiles, "Hey Gee. And....Frank, right?"
Frank nods, "Bob right?"
Bob nods, "And this is Well I think you know Mikey...and Ray."
I sit down beside Mikey and open my new scetch pad.
Mikey frowns, "The point of you coming here is for you to talk to us."
"I agreed to sit. Not socialize."
"Ass.", Mikey mumbles.
"Its nothing against any of you, except MIkey, I'm just not talkative, which I'm sure you all know."
Mikey rolls his eyes, "So, Frank...where'd you move from?"
"This time, Washington. I've been freaking everywhere....We've moved too much."
"Sorry. Sexual orientation?", Ray asks.
"He's joking.", I tell Mikey shooting Ray a look.
"No its ok...I'm gay...."
"GASP You lied yesterday.", Mikey exclaims.
"NO, that was before I knew. And Its rude to ask people that-"
"NO it isn't. I'm Bi... and Mikey claims to be straight but...he is wearing tight pants..."
Mikey rolls his eyes, "I just like tight pants, doesn't make me into boys."
"Whatever.", Bob laughs.
"What are you?", Frank asks Bob.
"Oh uh...", he blushes, "Currently in a state of confusion."
"Ah...I see."
"Anyways...I have a test in History and I also have this brother who is going to ace the test that should help me study.", Mikey says.
I roll my eyes.
"Alright...Give me your book."

I smile at Frank, "Ya know what?"
"You're the only person that's made this effort to figure me out...It's kinda cool..."
"Yeah? You're the only person this hard to figure out."
"Ah well."
"And you're my best friend."
I smile, "YOu're mine too..."
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