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How friendlt is too friendly?

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Frank spends the night at Gerard's.

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"Do you think I could spehe night?", Frank asks.
I shrug.
A guy at my house? A GAY guy at my house? AT NIGHT?
"I dunno... I've never had anyone over at night..."
He smiles, "First time for everything, right?"
Why does that sound oddly sexual?
"O-ok...You can ask my mom..."

"Of course! That'd be wonderful. Mikey's having Ray over tonight too."
I try not to laugh.
Even if Mikey hasn't noticed it everyone else has. He SO has a thing for Ray.
Well Ray, who clearly wants him too, hasn't noticed it.
"OK well I need to go get some cloths. I'll be back guys, Thanks Mrs. Way.", Frank smiles.

After he leaves my mom gives me a look, "Do you like him?"
"Then why do you smiles at him or just the mention of his name?"
I shrug, "He is my best friend."
"GERARD!", I hear Mikey yell from his room.
I go to his room, "Yes Michael?"
"Can you help me find something?"
"Sure. What ya lookin for?"
"My green straight-legged pants."
"Why the green?"
His face turns red, "I just want to wear those."
I roll my eyes, "Hmmm, If I'm remembering corectly, Isn't Ray's favorite color green?"
"I-is it?"
"Yeah...hmm and isn'the on his way over?"
Mikey's blush deepens, "What an odd coincidence..."
I roll my eyes, "'re only fooling yourself."
"About what?"
He bites his lip, "What-whatever Gee, I'll just wear something else..."
I sigh, "MIkey..."
"It's ok..."
He shakes his head, "I-I don't kn-know what your talking ab-about so-", a tear falls out of his right eye.
I pull him into a hug, "Mikes...It's really ok. I know that you like Ray-"
"NO YOU DON'T!", he coughs, "I-I don't like him. It's more like madly insanley in love with..."
I smile and hug him, "And that's ok.."
"IS it?"
"No offence, but Says you, my gay brother. Of course its ok to you. You're gay."
"Ouch. What the hell difference does that make? If it was a girl It'd still be ok. You should follow your heart a little..."
"Mom would-"
"Have no problem because I'm gay. She'd be thrilled you're bi."
Mikey chuckles, "Ok..."
The door opens.
Mikey's face flushes as Ray walks in.
"Hey guys- Mikey are you sick?"
"N-No I-I..."
"He couldn't find his eyeliner so he's pale from fright.", I answer Ray.
"Really?",Ray chuckles.
Mikey nods.
Frank walks up behind Ray.
I smile, "Hey Frank, that was fast..."
Mikey raises an eyebrow, "Practice what you preach bro."
Ray and Frank are confused, but I get it.
I flip him off.
He laughs.
Mom orders cheese pizza.
After that, Mikey, Ray, Frank and I watch a few Tim Burton films.
After a while, none of us can realy keep our eyes open.
Frank and I walk to my room.
Half asleep, and not really caring, I undress forgetting about Frank.
His eyes are wide.
I blush.
"sorry I...I kinda I'm half asleep and well...sorry."
He smiles, "I'll pretend to mind."
I chuckle and lay down on my bed.
He lays on the other side.
"Night Gee..."
"Night Frankie."
He hugs me tightly.

I open my eyes and squint in the darkness.
A pair of arms are wrapped around me.
Warm arms.
I lean into the body attached to the arms, layind my head on the chest.
Lips touch my cheek.
I smile and attack my lips to those.
My heart skips a beat, then beats faster.
I pull away and look into the eyes possesing the lips.
They're really beautiful eyes and- OH MY GOD IT'S FRANK!
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