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How do you explain gay marriage to a 4 year old?

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"Isn’t dat for mommy’s and daddy’s?”

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“Married? But isn’t dat for mommy’s and daddy’s?” Lizzy asked.

“Yes, it can be but, for some people, it could be a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and a daddy.” Gerard tried to explain to her in terms she could understand.

“Oh. So, Fwankie is gonna be my daddy too?”

“Yes baby.” My stomach turned as a look of sad and confusion spread across her face.

“But…W-What about M-Mommy?” Pain spread across Gerard’s face as the memory of Krysti’s body lying on the floor ran through both of our minds.

“Mommy…Mommy will be happy for me. But you understand that right?”

“Okay Daddy.” I put my hand on Gerard's shoulder as his face went paler than it already was.

“Come on baby girl. Try and get a bit more sleep before Uncle Bob comes and picks you up.” He said, picking her up and carrying her into her bedroom.

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch, waiting for Gerard. I heard the door to Lizzy’s room shut, but Gerard didn’t come out. I wait for a second before hearing our bedroom door close. I got up and slowly and walked in to find him lying on the bed.

“Gerard? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Y-Yeah. I-I’m alright.” I heard him sniff.

“Tell me the truth.” I said say I sat down next to him.

“When…When Lizzy mentioned her mother, it just, brought back memories. That’s all.”

“Oh Gee. I know what you mean.” I said, rubbing his back. He looked up at me confused. “Remember, the who mind reading thing?”

“Oh yeah.” He said, putting his head down in my lap.

“Bob will be here soon. You get into bed and I’ll let him in ok?”

“Alright. I'll be waiting.”

Hey! Sorry to cut it short but I will hopefully update the rest of this chapter later. I’m babysitting and using the computer when, you know, I’m kinda not to be on so yeah. I’ll update asap!

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