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Chapter 1

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Dawn Summers is a werewolf who moves to St. Louis to teach Jr. High. This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter.

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Chapter 1: Goodbyes Suck

Dawn's POV

Goodbyes suck. Even when you know you are moving on to something better. I am just so tired. I've been a part of this war in one way or another since the day those damn monks created me. Buffy tried to keep me out of it, out of everything, but being the slayer's little sister tends to attract attention. It also tends to get you kidnapped a lot. So for a few years I helped find the bad guys by having said bad guys use me as slayer bait.

Of course, I haven't done that in a while, not since I turned sixteen. Buffy's birthday curse apparently got passed on to me, because my birthday was the last time I got kidnapped. It just so happened that this time the bad guy was a rouge lycanthrope with serious anger issues. I guess he wasn't planning on the bait being a smartass, because he decided to stop me from talking by raking claws across my chest a stomach. Buffy's original plan had been to capture him and hand him over to the local werewolf pack, pack justice or something like that. But when she busted into that warehouse and saw me hanging by my wrists covered in claw marks and drying blood, we ended up with one very dead werewolf.

So I turn all teen wolf and being sixteen I already have impulse control issues. So while my friends are focused on make-up and boys and prom, I am concentrating on getting through the prom without eating my date. I spent some time with the local pack, learning to control the beast and the changes in how my body works now, and lessons on pretending to still be human. I had no true place in the pack though. Something about my sister being the oldest slayer had the Ulfric wigged, and he wouldn't accept me in the pack. I could stay in Cleveland, and he would see that I learned the necessary control, but that was it. Six months and my already weak ties with the pack were cut, cast out for the crime of being Buffy Summer's baby sister.

Now, ten years later, I've just finished my teaching certificate, following a degree in preternatural biology, and have been offered a job teaching at a Jr. High in St. Louis. Hence, the sucky goodbyes. Wills and Xander have each hugged me about a hundred times, and Buffy has promised to slay anything that tries to hurt me while I am there. Yes, she still tries to protect me. I'm 26 and a full grown werewolf, but she still wants to protect me. But she can't. I've arranged meetings with the Ulfric and master of the city in St. Louis, and my plane leaves tomorrow.

Buff, Wills, and Xander back off, and I see Giles standing in front of me. The only words I remember clearly from that night are his.

"Good luck, Dawn. We're all very proud of you. Please remember that if you ever need it, you always have a place with us."

A/N: Future chapters will be longer.
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