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Chapter 2

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Dawn arrives in St. Louis

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Chapter 2
Anita's POV

I hate this. I hate airports, I hate crowds, and I hate that Richard is considering letting another new wolf into the pack so soon after the Jacob fiasco. And yet here I am, waiting with Jason for this girl's plane to arrive, which was already half an hour late. I had much better things to do on my vacation time, but as pack Bolverk, I couldn't really refuse Richard's request. If this girl turned out to be dangerous, I didn't want Jason alone with her.

Jason was holding a handwritten sign that said DAWN SUMMERS in big red letters. I was fighting the urge to take the sign away, toss it out, and go home. I think some of my irritation was stemming from my misgivings about this Dawn girl. She has been a werewolf for like ten years, and yet she has never belonged to a pack. Not to mention the wolf that infected her was killed by her big sister, who just happened to be the eldest living slayer. So what is big sister going to do if baby sister isn't happy here?
I've taken on my share of bad ass monsters, but I had no interest in going up against a true slayer.

That train of thought was interrupted by a tall brunette stopping in front of us, a seemingly shy smile on her face. She held out her hand and said, "Hi. I'm Dawn Summers." I took her hand to shake, and to get a feel for her power. It didn't feel like much. Some of my worries about this girl started to fade, while concerns about her sister increased slightly.

"Anita Blake, and this is Jason." Jason slid between us and took Dawn's hand.
"I'm whoever you want me to be, beautiful." To her credit, Dawn simply raised an eyebrow at Jason's antics.

"That's nice, but I think it'll be ok if you were just Jason."

"Don't mind Jason. He hasn't learned how not to flirt yet, but he's basically harmless."

Dawn smiled. "No problem. Kinda reminds me of a friend back home."

OK. Enough with the small talk.

"Great. Richard, the Ulfric, is expecting you in about two hours. So, Jason and I will drop you by your hotel and let you get settled and then come back to pick you up and take you to the Lunatic Café to meet Richard."

"Sure thing." She sure didn't have much to say. I wanted to ask questions and get some answers, but I would have to wait. I would be there for her meeting with Richard, and later with Jean-Claude. I would have to be patient, but I would get my answers soon enough.

A/N: Longer Chapters Ahead
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