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The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

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A/N: Well ... long time, no see, eh? This is just a little warning that this one is just a tad twisted. Just an itty bitty bit, ya know? If that's not your thing, I recommend you hit the back button on your browser and go read a "Ferard" or something. LOL Seriously though .... twisted ... just sayin'.

When the real world becomes difficult you would think that you could find comfort in dreams – to just slip from this world into that ethereal realm where reality dissolves and is replaced with ... well, anything you want. But sometimes, what you want and what you get are two very different things.

My eyes flew open. It felt like that simple act flung my whole body off a two-story building. I stared up into the pitch black as I realized I was indeed awake, lying in bed and no longer in the subconsciously crafted world that a moment ago felt so real that it left me covered in a cold sweat with a pounding heart and an aching hard on.

I closed my eyes tight silently begging the organ in my chest to settle into a more controlled rhythm. What little bit of fingernails I had dug into my palms as I clenched my balled up fists. If only a key existed to unlock the tension held within what felt like every muscle in my body. My mind was in a free fall spinning out of control. Everything from the past month seemed to suffocate me, squeezing the air from my lungs and twisting around my neck like a noose.

I tried to sit up quietly, not wanting to disturb the woman lying beside me – my wife. I would bear any burden for her but at the moment my façade had crumbled and I needed to just hide from the world. I crept out of the bedroom and down the hall trying desperately to control my breathing. I headed for my office, hoping to find some solace in the space I used to create.

I didn't bother with the light, just closed the door and slid down the backside of it. A slight tremor was working its way out from my core making my limbs shake involuntarily. I prayed for the erection to go away. The last thing I needed was another painful remainder of what was lacking from my life and I really wasn't in the mood to jack it.

The truth was that I wanted to curl into a ball on the floor and cry my fucking eyes out ... and sleep.


I found myself driving. It was a moonless night and an acrid smoke filled the air. The city behind us was in flames. Something happened. Something bad. But I couldn't quite remember what it was; I just knew we needed to get as far away as possible and fast. I floored the accelerator, the Jeep's V8 throttled and we topped 90 miles per hour. I glanced to my right and sucked in a breath when I saw the worried look on my wife's face.

It seemed like we were disappearing into the night. Hours must have passed and the fuel tank was nearing empty. I pulled off the side of the deserted highway to fill up the tank with gas from one of the spare cans attached to the back of the Jeep. The moment I set foot on the pavement the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I felt sick to my stomach. I could sense something approaching and my instinct was that we needed to leave. I ran to the back to unlatch one of the cans and the next thing I knew I was falling towards the road with a shooting pain reverberating through my skull.

As consciousness slowly leaked into my foggy brain I noticed the pain first but I couldn't tell where it was coming from because my whole body seemed to be wracked with it. I tried to move. Nothing. I squinted my eyes realizing I was lying on my side with my arms behind my back and wrists bound. My knees were curled into my chest but my ankles also had some form of restraints.

I heard the unmistakable sound of a metal latch and rolled over in time to see the door to the room I was in swing open, letting in light from whatever was behind it. Two dark figures entered and I felt them roughly move me onto my stomach. My heart began to race as my head tried to grasp what was really happening. Where was I? Where was my wife? Who were these people?

"We're taking you to see your little woman."

I felt what was probably rope being removed from my ankles then both men heaved me up into a standing position and started dragging me towards the door. My joints screamed against the pain. I wondered how long I had been unconscious.

Bare light bulbs hung from the ceiling. We were in a tunnel and I had the distinct feeling that we were underground. Dark green paint peeled from the metallic walls. We stopped in front of a door. It opened and I immediately focused on the single occupant. I was filled with molten rage combined with utter helplessness. I could see the bruises blooming on her face and arms.

Why didn't I listen to my gut instinct and just get back in the Jeep and go further down the road? Why couldn't I have been there to help her? To prevent who ever these fucks were from harming her in any way?

"Don't worry, she's still alive."

Her limp form lay on the cold floor as they threw me down beside her. I got to my knees to get a closer look at her. My hands were still bound behind my back as I felt one our captors grab the restrains around my wrists and start to undo them. Once freed, he shoved me hard back towards the floor. I felt his knee in my back and the cold barrel of a gun at the base of my skull.

"Should we kill 'em now?"

My eyes went wide. I'm sure the blood drained from my face, traveling south to my heart as it beat out an erratic pattern behind my ribs.

"Wake the girl up."

I could have torn that guy apart with my bare hands as I watched him cock his arm back and backhand my wife. She woke with a scream already in her throat - something primal and lost and full of fear and hate and anger all at once. He wasn't expecting the noise and he wasn't expecting the movement. Her foot shot out and clipped the guy between the legs. Without even thinking I twisted my body around grabbing the gun barrel with one hand and the throat of the man behind me with the other.

It was pure adrenaline and animal instinct. If ever there was a moment I was seeing red, it was right then. One of these guys had to go quick, but the other one was going to experience just how far my rage could go. The man that was behind me was on the floor, clawing at my hand that had become a vice grip around his adam's apple was gonna get it easy. I shoved the barrel of semi-automatic half way into his eye socket and squeezed the trigger. In a moment I was onto the other captor with the gun pointed straight at his forehead. I was in the eye of the storm then. An unsettling calmness overtook me.

"Honey – get those restraints. We're gonna tie this fucker up."

Without hesitation or question she did it. I stood up.

"What does it feel like ..."

"You're fucking crazy man!"

I leaned down, grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back. I wanted to gouge his fucking eyeballs out – beat his skull into a fine paste of bone and brains.

"I said ... what does it feel like to know you fucked up?"

"Look! We can work this out! I've got cash ... food ... gas ...anything you want!"

I actually laughed.

"What I want ... is to bash ... your ... fucking ... BRAINS IN!"

I kicked him in the throat and he went down. I pressed my boot against his larynx. A garbled scream was trying desperately to escape his lips. It was then I noticed he had a military style belt around his waist. I bent down and unsnapped one of the pouches that hung from it. It was a multi-tool - an over-glorified pair of pliers basically. I needed both hands.

"Cupcake ... can you take this gun and point it at our friend's head here?"

"With pleasure."

God I loved her. I removed the pliers and took a seat.

"Open your fucking mouth dirt bag."



The waste of skin did it and I grabbed onto the first molar those pliers found and wrenched it back and forth until I heard the sickeningly satisfying crunch. I fell backwards from the sudden release of the tooth as another scream ripped through his half-crushed voice box. I did that about 6 or 8 more times until his mouth was a mess of broken roots and blood. Somehow he was still conscious, but at least we didn't have to hear him talk anymore. I was past the point of caring who he was, where we were or why they grabbed us in the first place.

I scanned the dirty room. A bullet was too fast. I needed a large piece of metal or something. I saw a chair in the corner. I grabbed the top of it and bashed it against the wall, effectively breaking it into manageable pieces.

"Gimme a piece."

I couldn't blame her. I still had no idea what those two might have actually done to her but just the thought was enough to push me over to edge into "Hulk smash!" land. I lost track of time but I was trying to pinpoint what blow was going to send this piece of shit into the great unknown. As the light of my life whacked away at him, I leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"You fucked up. This is the last thing you'll ever hear."

I stood up and took one last swing at his skull.

We dropped the metal chair legs and ran for the door. The hallway was long and led to what we first thought was a dead end. We were panting, looking around for an escape when out of the darkness a ladder appeared. We wasted no time scaling it. At the top was a hatch that gave way easily. The cooler air was the first thing we felt. We crawled out onto the ground. It appeared to be a giant empty warehouse. There wasn't another soul in sight and the only sound was our own gasping as we tried to catch our breath from running.

I was lying on my back and next thing I knew her mouth was over mine – her tongue forcing its way between my teeth. Everything was a blur and reality melted away. The only thing that seemed solid and real was my dick as I fucked her on the floor.

And then I woke up.


Just sleep. I wish it was that easy.
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