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I'll never let them hurt you, I promise

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Eventually to be Ferard. When Frank Iero spends two weeks getting to know his new school, he finds some pretty horrific things about a certain Gerard Way that mirror his own relationship with his mom.

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Franks P.O.V

I sighed as I threw my case in the boot and got into the passenger seat. Usually when you're about to go on holiday, it's exciting. But not for me. My mom is a devout Catholic. Any holdidays I take are either through church or school. This one happened to be the latter. We had moved from Belleville to Newark a few weeks ago, this means a new school. I was going to some camp for the first years. Great. It was all something about building realtionships and getting to know your way around the school, classmates and teachers. Well I wouldn't exaclty be meeting anyone from my year. Even if I did, no one would want to talk to me. unless it was an insult. Standing at just 4.9" they already had enough ammo, but I had to go and dress like a freak, mostly in black and red and I nearly always had my hobo gloves on. I was a walking canvas and had my lip and nose peirced. The way I turned out was why my mother thought I was a fucking Devil Child. She hated me. I wasn't the son she wanted. She wanted a regular church Charlie and what she ended up with was well, disappointment.And not just because I dressed like I did. I was also gay. She wastes no time reminding me. I gazed out of the window watching the world go by. Before I knew it, mom had parked the car and has got out. Following suit she opened the boot for me to take out my stuff. I slipped my messenger bag onto my shoulder and picked up a rucksack, sleeping bag and pillow. Yup, there is no better way to spend two of your weeks than camping on a fucking school field with people who probably want to gut you or are a year younger than you. My mom led me to the schools reception where I was met by the head teacher. I wasn't really listening to the conversation between him and my mom. I heard her thank him then she pulled me round to face her.
"See you soon Frankie honey." She kissed my cheek and trotted off downstairs.
"Yeah, see you in hell." I muttered. God damn it I hate it when she acts like she loves me. It's just for show. It's completely different at home.
"Right Iero, lets go and find your buddy for this week." A buddy?! He did not just say a buddy? I reluctantly followed him down the hall, still feeling like a fucking retard. We stopped outside a classroom, Rs2 I read on the door. I must have looked confused as the teacher explained to me the letters showed the subject taught in the room. Rs. I laughed to myself, The little catholic boy is gonna be based in the Religious Studdies room. How approrpiate. I followed the teacher into the room. I'll learn his name later okay? I stood in front of a small group of kids who looked to be in the 4th or 5th year. None of them seemed like anyone I'd get along with particularly well. Oh joy. The teacher looked at a list on his clipboard.
"Right now, lets see....Iero......Iero.....Ah here we are. Gerard Way." I watched as none of the group stood up. The teacher sighed. "Way, here now!" He barked at the corner. It seemed to me that this Gerard guy had a pretty bad rep. I noticed as a boy stood up and made his way forward to us. As he moved around the desk I took his apperance in. He had long black hair, his fringe parted at the side, so one of his bright green eyes was hidden behind a black curtain. I noticed his eyes were rimmed with black and red. His black hair was a striking contrast to his very pale skin. He wore a plain black t-shirt and black skinnies. He was quite attractive. The teacher interrupted my thoughts.
"Frank this is Gerard Way, you two are going to share a tent for a week, and Gerard will show you round and tell you how everything is done. Any questions just ask him." With that he threw a tent at Gerard who caught it, his eyes a little wide in shock, at metal poles and canavs being thrown at him. He went back to the corner, picked up his own stuff. "Oh and Way" The teacher started. "Get your hairband in. You don't want hair healing into your face, do you?" His voice seemed gentler, more caring than before. I wondered what the techer was on about. Gerard didn't seem impressed but nodded anyway as he made his way back.
"C'mon then" he mumbled at me. Then without glancing back strode out to the corridor. I ran to keep up with him as he opened the main doors and started across a field where I could see other people already paired up pitching tents. Although Gerard must have been at least 5.3" - 5.5" it was still taller than me, therefore could walk faster than me.
"H...hey....G...Gerard....could you....slow down a little?" I gasped out, stumbling over a hole made in the grass. Gerard sighed in a bored way but still let me catch up and walked slower.
"So where d'ya wanna go kid?" He asked. His voice was soft and I noticed he spoke mostly out of the side of his mouth. I shrugged. "Corner?" He asked. Wow he likes his corners. I nodded and followed him. Again he was walking faster than I could keep up. I wasn't thinking about that at the moment though. I watched Gerard. He seemed to want to hide, be secluded and didn't like interaction. He had a pretty defensive attitude as well. I love studying psycology and Gerard seemed like a psycological challange. His body language was suggesting he was afraid but when he spoke, it was blunt and short. Full of attitude. It made me think he was hiding something. I bumped into Gerard. I hadn't noticed he had stopped walking. Looking up he had quickly moved away from me and was frowning a little.
"I'm....I'm sorry....I didn't'd stopped." He nodded.
"Just.....careful...." I tilted my head. He didn't seem to dislike being touched, more like it was painful for him to be touched. I decided to leave the subject for now as Gerard slipped the poles out of the bag.
We managed to work out how to put it up with half destroyed instuctions. Once it was up we had lain down our ground sheets and sleeping bags. We were now unpacking our things. I had all my things that would be okay with a little damp along the side between my tent and my sleeping bag. Anything else stayed in the bags at the bottom of the sleeping bag. It was pretty snug. I looked over at Gerard. Most of his items stayed in his bags, tucked up in the corner. Next to his pillow (I noticed the pillow case was Batman) was a proper sketch book, a pencil, eraser and set of water colour pencils. Gerard then placed a small stack of manga books next to the pad then sighing slipped a hairband in his hair, pushing his fringe out of his face. Thats when I noticed it. The thin but deep, bruised cut extending down his face.

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