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If the boys wanna fight you better let 'em.

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"Mikey... am I bad person?" I whispered, head buried into my hands, the phone still pressed firmly to my ear, as if I thought it would sprout wings and fly away if I dared loosen my grip on it.
"No Gee. Liking someone doesn’t make you a bad person." Mikey answered, voice firm, warning me not to disbelieve him.
"But Mikey, I'm just like his fucking dad! I'm way older than him and I think he's gorgeous." I cried, the words hurt as I said them, I had never really admitted to myself that I thought Frank was beautiful, fuck - he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And I didn’t like thinking that.
"Gerard! Don’t you dare compare yourself to his dad, for a start you're only six years older than him, and its not like you rape him, fuck I bet you freak out just at the idea of hugging him!" Mikey snapped, and I was silent for a moment. I guessed he was right, but what if something happened? What if I got drunk and lost control or something? I never drank, but really - these things should be considered.
"Mikey... It’s not fair to like him. He's only just started to trust me fully, I can’t lose that trust because I like him. It’s not fair to break his trust in men like that." I sighed, hearing Mikey sigh along with me.
"Gee, you don’t need to tell him that you like him. Besides, maybe he likes you back and you’re exactly the sort of guy he needs, someone who adores him and will protect him always. Stop looking at everything in a bad way." He scolded me, I sighed and curled up into a ball on the sofa.
"But Mikey... what if he doesn’t like me? And then one day he's gonna leave school and get a girlfriend and he'll just forget all about me." I whispered, hearing Mikey tut.
"Don’t be stupid Gee, he's not going to forget about you. For a start he lives with our mother for Gods sake, and second you saved him from his abusive father, and that to me says he will always remember you, and probably want you in his life for ever, even if just as a friend." Mikey spoke the last part gently, probably understanding the affect it would have on me. My heart missed a beat as I thought about being there for Frank for his entire life, watching him grow from a teenager to a man - something I was already bearing witness to. Being there as he got a job and a wife and a house of his own. Fuck, maybe even there when he retired and would complain about 'the youth of today' as he sat in a rocking chair. I smiled a little, the idea was both adorable and hilarious at the same time.
"Maybe your right Mikey..." I mumbled, starting to see it his way.
"Of course I'm right. I'm always right, and I always knew you were gay." Mikey giggled back, I pouted moodily and sat upright.
"Shut up Mikey! I am not gay!" I snapped. I heard Mikey laughing to himself and my frown deepened, fucking brother and his fucking childish-ness. It was annoying how it was the sort of thing I needed right now, just to put a light spin on things.
"Okay okay, you just happen to like another MALE." I swear if he was here I would have hit him by now... or poked him... or something.
"Shut up Mikey. I'm going to hang up now and ignore you." I stuck my nose in the air as I heard Mikey laugh.
"Cool thing, speak to you soon then Bro."
"Bye Mikey." I replied, forgetting this meant my ignoring thing had just failed.
"Bye Gee, love you - but not in the bumming way." Mikey burst into hysterical laughter and I rolled my eyes.
"Ass hole." I snarled. "Go away Mikey, I refuse to talk to you now." I snapped.
"Fine then. Bye Gee." He giggled back.
"Good bye annoyingly straight brother of mine." I replied before hanging up as Mikey continued to laugh to himself. I swear that kid has a problem.

"Gerard, there’s a parent here to see you." I stopped trying to unlock my office and turned to see the headmaster giving me a confused look. "He says he just needs to speak to you in private about something - what’s going on?" He asked. I shrugged, I had an idea of who the parent might be, and exactly what they wanted but I refused to say this, praying that I was wrong.
"I've no idea. Who is it?" I asked. The headmaster scratched the back of his head as he shrugged.
"I'm not sure. I'll send him in for you, stop by and let me know what it was about later." He answered, I nodded my understanding and he straightened his tie as he walked away, I felt my heart start to race and the nerves kick in as I turned back to my office door and continued fiddling with the key. Just act natural - it might not even be him.
"Mr... Way? Is it?" I swallowed deeply and turned round, hoping against hope that it wasn’t him. But my hopes did nothing as I came face to face with Franks father himself.
"It is." I gulped. "Can I help you sir?" I asked, trying hard to remain natural. Not to give anything away that I hadn’t already. Franks dad shrugged and ran a hand over one of the desks he was stood by.
"Actually... I think you can." His gaze met mine and I couldn’t help but feel frightened. "See, the thing is - my son hasn’t been home for over a week now, and I was just wondering where he is." Franks dad smirked at me and I struggled to keep myself composed. How was it this man could evoke such fear in me when all I wanted to do was kill him?
"Well, who is your son?" I asked, feigning ignorance but it seemed to have failed as Franks dad approached me slowly, I backed away into the door of my office and his hands came up to press against my shoulders. Pinning me against the door.
"His name is Frank Iero. He's short for his age, got floppy black hair, facial peircings, hazel eyes - was sat with you in your car on Friday afternoon." He smirked as he saw the horror in my eyes, I had been praying that he hadn’t recognized me that day, but it was stupid to ever think that he hadn’t. His smirk was soon replaced by a frown and he leaned closer to me, his face barely an inch from mine, his eyes burning into me.
"See, here’s the thing Mr. Way -" He spat my name out like it was something that tasted foul and pushed a hand through my hair, gripping it painfully tight. "I don’t like it when my son just disappears without a word only for me to find him in a car with another man. I'm a very protective parent and I'm sure you'll understand that I worried about him. I only ask that you bring him back to me, do that, and no one will get hurt." His voice held a threatening edge but instead of frightening me further it made me angry, did he actually think that I didn’t know?
"Except Frank." I spat. He looked shocked and I pulled his hands away from me. "I am not going to send Frank back to you." I snarled. "Not now, and not ever."
"Oh really? Well, I'm sure the school will be very interested to know that one of their students is living with his art teacher against his father’s wishes." Franks dad snarled back, slamming me into the door again.
"Think again retard, Frank isn’t living with me - and he's not going to be living with you either. And I'm sure the school will be very interested to know that one of their students have been raped by their own father since they were six years old!" I shoved Frank’s dad away from me with such force that he stumbled and fell back against one of the desks, a look of shock on his face. I shouldn’t have carried on but the rage of facing the reason why Frank was so broken just caused me to lose control. My fist came down against his face again and again, and the more I punched him, the more the blood washed over my knuckles, heating my skin - the more I wanted to carry on. The more pain just wasn’t enough, he needed to die - he deserved to die. His hands came up to grab at me, pulling at my shirt, scratching at my fist and ripping through the skin.
"Gerroff me!" He roared, pushing at me and trying to hit me. We tumbled to the floor, rolling over and over as we both tried to hurt the other person. The whole fight was a rage fueled tangle of confusion, my whole body was under attack, he ripped at my hair, bit at my hands, kicked, kneed, punched, and scratched as I returned it all. We rolled into desks, chairs, cupboards - intent on ending only when one of us had been killed. I felt no pain, I could feel bones crunching, skin being torn, I could feel blood dripping down from my lip and nose, but I couldn’t really feel it. All I could feel was pure rage and hatred for the man who had hurt the one person I was truly starting care about.
"I'll fucking kill you!" I shouted, spitting blood from my mouth as I rained punches down onto his face, he growled and rolled his over, punching me repeatedly anywhere he could reach.
"You can try motherfucker, I'll kill you - and then I'll get Frankie too and -" He stopped, he had one hand gripping my shirt collar, the other poised above his head to punch me once more, but he wasn’t looking at me anymore, he was staring in horror at something. Confused, I tilted my head back and jumped as I saw the whole of my morning class stood just inside the doorway, staring at us with wide, frightened eyes. They were only first years, they had probably never seen anything like this in real life before. Some of the girls were already crying, and one even began to scream hysterically. I felt my stomach sink with regret as I realized what this must look like, what I had just done.
"Shit..." I whispered, Frank’s dad didn’t move, he seemed shocked. And I could hear people running frantically down the corridor towards the room.
"What’s going on in here?" It was the head masters voice and panic surged in my chest, there was nowhere to run, no where to hide - I was busted. The head master burst through the crowd of students, followed by about three other teachers, stopping short as they saw me and Frank’s dad on the floor, each of us bloody and bruised, his fist still waiting to come down against my face.
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