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2. Look at 'Em Grow

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“Sal, you look, wow!” started the blue hedgehog. His spines twitching in the mere presence from the love of his life - five years ago. Coming out of coma has confused things for Sonic but not enough to scramble his life around too much. He thought of the missions and scattered memories they shared. From life endangering situations to mere conversations in the village all of them were great memories. Sonic looked at the queen when Geoffrey St. John, known as king around New Mobotropolis, interrupted.
“I’m afraid its Queen Sally now, hedgehog. Funny thing marriage is.”
Sonic saw the chunk of Master Emerald ring on her finger as she tried to put up a heartfelt smile.
“My father died, you were… out of it and we needed a sign of hope, I needed a sign of hope and Geoffrey was there for me and the people of Knothole.”
Sonic stumbled backward a little bit and grabbed his head.
“Did I wake up in the wrong life?” thought Sonic.
“Which reminds me,” started Geoffrey. “You didn’t get us our wedding gift.”
“Geoffrey!” Sally exclaimed.
“I wonder what he’s gonna get us.”
Sonic’s fists tightened as he took a step forward. Running in front of him and bowing humbly before the spiny-haired hedgehog was the fearful coyote turn military commander. He was dressed with the highest military honors even donning a scar near his left eye.
“Welcome back Sonic the Hedgehog.” he said.
Mostly hilarious images pass through his head as Sonic grew a smile on his face.
“Antoine!” he yelled while attempting to grab him.
Antoine grabbed Sonic’s wrist and spun him around while pulling his arm up higher.
“You shouldn’t touch the Royal Chief General’s overcoat, okay?” he said while smiling back at Sonic.
“Antoine you lost your accent, and got some skill I see.” said Sonic as he was let go.
“I’m surprised you’re not out on a mission.” said Sonic.
“Actually I was here to be briefed on a mission that is taking place now.”
“Say what?” asked Sonic.
“Antoine’s right, there are four Freedom Fighters that are returning from a mission assigned to them three months ago.” Sally explained. “They will be most surprised to see you again.”
“Four.” said Sonic while becoming excited.
“In the meantime we will tell what has happened in the time you’ve been away.” started Sally.
“Sorry love, but I’ll take this time to go to the john.” said Geoffrey while getting up and leaving.
“So what happened Sal.” asked Sonic while sitting on the red carpet.
“Well it goes like this,” she began, “Since Robotnik started Project: Endgame in order to wipe out Knothole Village with his Ultimate Annihilator weapon, you were labeled as a fugitive for killing me. Obviously since it was a ploy from Robotnik and ultimately a spy in our ranks, there were complications among the group. But that’s when you returned and took the fight to Robotnik, of course in an irresponsible way. Nevertheless you went toe-to-toe to Robotnik while his nephew and assistant Snively, reprogrammed the machine to target the war room; the place where you fought Robotnik. The Ultimate Annihilator destroyed Robotropolis and the outskirts of the Great Forest. Fortunately for us Antoine and Bunnie had remained unscathed under some of Robotropolis’ wreckage.”
“They found you in bad condition and in need of multiple surgeries. You were so near death we all couldn’t stand to watch. But thankfully due to your collection of power rings and your tie to chaos energy the blast only did that damage to you. We hoped that you would return to us but at the same time the Freedom Fighters were in need of a fighter, a signal of hope, but that hope was resting underneath hospital sheets. After a year of turmoil Robotnik’s swat-bots started to move and expand out Robotropolis. We had conceptions that Robotnik had returned and it proved correct. We lost the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters that day to his wretched roboticizer. Since then no one has seen Robotnik since his base is on the other side of Mobius.”
“We took this time to build up ourselves and the village but something had happened. Although we are unsure of even to this day, Robotnik’s swat-bot army had overwhelmed and destroyed Knothole Village. That day was a year and a half ago. Since then Robotnik still searches for us but thanks to my Nicole we’ve remained off of his visible spectrums. Now that you are back things are finally starting to look up.”
“I see you still haven’t lost faith in me Sal.”
“I never will.”
“So why did you…”
The castle doors fly open with four ominous figures at the door.
“Oh your in luck Sonic, here they come.” Antoine stated.
Sonic started to have a reel of memories return to him at once. The four creatures before him were none other than his best friends from five years ago.
“Oh my stars, Sugah-hog!” yelled Bunnie Rabbot, the half-roboticized rabbit with an innocent country accent. She was clad in a heavy brown leather jacket and matching hat. Her arm and legs were laced with technology as she approached Sonic. She embraced him in an adamant hug and kissed him on the cheek.
“I see you’re still as strong as ever, Bunnie.” Sonic stated rubbing his arms.
“S-Sonic?!” questioned the big guy. He was holding a massive cannon over his shoulder as he stomped to hug and overpower Sonic. He clinched Sonic even tighter and lifted him off of his feet. He wore two ammunitions belts across his chest and camouflage designed shorts. and combat boots. Whatever battle that was coming up he made sure he was the one ready.
“Rotor! I see you’re still strong too!” screeched Sonic with air coming out of him.
“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Its good to see you on your feet!” screamed Amy Rose as she hugged him. She gave a less overpowering hug but just as affectionate. The pink hedgehog pecked Sonic on the cheek before she stepped back. Her joy was extremely visible as she clasped onto the yellow fox behind them all.
Wrapped up in his four flight-capable appendages, he crossed his arms and turned his nose up.
Sonic looked toward him and noticed just how much the “big guy” has grown. He was just a little shorter than Sonic with hair going every which way from his face. He wore stylish boots and the same type of gloves as Sonic. His four tails waving alongside him he opens one eye and looks at Sonic.
“Tails.” said Sonic as he hugged him. Sonic embraced him and then stepped back for a moment.
“Wow look how big you got… and you got two more tails… you really have become the big guy.” Sonic remarked.
“Get away from me.” said Tails in a harsh tone. Sonic stepped back as he looked into Tails’ eyes. This kid was definitely different than last time. His eyes were full of five years of pain and suffering. He turned around and walked the long carpet out of the Palace.
“Sorry Sonic, but Tails has changed.” said Sally.
“I see…” said Sonic.
“Sonic, I know this is sudden but how capable do you think you can do on a mission?” asked Rotor.
“Tails…” thought Sonic as he watched him finally exit the castle, “What happened? You are best friend, the “big guy” and now all you do is snub me.”
Sonic started to run after him when Bunnie grabbed his shoulder.
“Now y’all attention now, sugah.” stated Bunnie.
“Oh uh, sorry Bunnie, what’s up?” Sonic asked while looking back at the door.
“We need you on a mission, as soon as possible; you’ll be heading straight into the core of Robotropolis.”
“Say what?” questioned Sonic with a small grin on his face.
“No one has seen Dr. Robotnik in years and we need you to confirm his health while doing reconnaissance.” Sally commanded.
“Um can we get a little rest in before we go… we were gone three months.” reasoned Amy. Sonic glanced at her and remember all the times she claimed to be his girlfriend. She was in a tight black dress with a red strip going down from off-center. Her boots were in the same design with gray soles and dark green socks. She had a lot of gold and yellow bracelets on her wrist with red and black gloves over her hands. She had the kanji for power on the back of her hand. Her hair was wildly scattered in a neat way with a red and black headband holding it all back. Sonic glanced back at Sally and looked at her again. He sees his prize has been taken away by the skunk and King, Geoffrey St. John. Sonic smiles and shakes his head while posting his hands on his hips.
“Fine you leave tomorrow night.” said Sally. “As for you Sonic you have a room awaiting your presence along with your teammates.”
“C’mon Sonic I’ll take you there.” said Amy while walking towards the door.
“It’ll be just like old times, hey buddy.” said Rotor nudging him with his elbow.
“Just like it!” faked Sonic while slapping his hands. He knew things wouldn’t be the same with Sally not at his side. The four friends head for the palace exit when Sonic stopped and ran toward Sally.
“Sally, I know that’s not the reason.” he said.
“Sonic, not now.” Sally interjected. Geoffrey emerged from a hallway and directed toward Sally.
“C’mon love, the council meeting is a few ticks away.” he stated. “Wouldn’t want you missing it now.”

“Please Sonic, try to enjoy yourself.” she said leaving the throne. Sonic watched her every move as she exited. He still remembers the kisses he laid on her as if they were yesterday. Sonic let loose a single tear trail as he wiped it away quickly.
“It’s not fair.” said Sonic to himself.
Geoffrey opened the door for Sally as he pointed and winked at Sonic.
“Jerk.” said Sonic.
He gathered himself and blasted out the castle next to Bunnie, Rotor, and Amy. They travel to the south where most of the homes and apartments were established. All the houses were in semi-sphere design and tan in color with southwestern colors to tell them apart. They travel to one of many tall silo-shaped apartments and enter. They take the elevator and travel to the top floor. There were five apartment doors with each persons name on it.
“C’mon Sonic!” yelled Amy as she grabbed his arm. They approach Sonic’s door in the middle of the five when she pulls the key from under her bra. She slid in the key and opened the door revealing a small place with nothing to exciting going on it; pale white walls and empty space between furniture.
“This is it huh?” asked Sonic. “Home sweet home?”
“We didn’t know when you would wake up and…”
“Its fine Amy, really, I was just making a joke. A small one…there it goes!”
Amy chuckles a little bit and walks into the apartment.
“Oh, I missed you… I mean them, the jokes, I miss the jokes. Amy misses jokes!”
Sonic smiled at her while stepping into the apartment.
“She’s changed too,” thought Sonic, “She’s a lot more serious about her words now. She’s come a long way from being my number one fan and stalker. And I see she’s not gonna be the hostage anymore like when I first met her over Never Lake.”
Amy wiping the sweat from her forehead and calming down a bit she played with the handle of the door.
“Oh yeah come to my apartment for dinner in an hour or two, I’m making my best dish.”
She slammed the door as Sonic approached his bed in the room in the back. He lay upon it and put his arms behind his back. He pondered over the days events and chuckled at the funny memories. He thought about Dr. Quack, Nicole, and Sally mostly. He thought about Tails for a while and then about the mission. He squinted his eyes and tightened his mouth to at one particular thought. He looked into the ceiling and tried to remember but came up short. He propped his leg over his already curled leg and started bobbing his feet still trying to remember. He came to a point and stopped trying when all he could say is:
“Who’s Dr. Robotnik?” he asked.
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