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3. Faster than Lightning, Quieter than a Mouse.

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He closed his eyes and fell asleep. He started to get comfortable when an image appeared in his head. Those familiar objects he sought that granted unimaginable power. He didn’t need a flashback to remember these things. Even though he had only felt their touch a couple of times he knew each time when he found one of seven.
The Chaos Emeralds.
They were the seven colors of the rainbow each with unique characteristics and traits. Sonic turned over in his sleep when a huge booming knock erupted him out of it.
He ran to the door when Rotor answered.
“Is this the first time you’re gonna eat one of Amy’s meals?” he asked not even saying a friendly hello. Rotor had become a bit bossy. Guessing with his size no one has told him no in a while.
“Um yeah I think so.”
“You’re gonna need this then.” said Rotor while handing him a bottle of pink liquid medicine.
“Is it that bad?” asked Sonic reading the label.
“You should probably take that now, just drink the whole bottle.”
“Yeah he’s definitely a lot more bossy.” thought Sonic.
Sonic downed it while Rotor escorted him into Amy’s apartment. The place was pink and red with a lot of girly trinkets everywhere. The apartment was no place for a guy. Still as small as Sonic’s there was enough room for a kitchen table where friends would come and eat. Sonic entered and sat next to Bunnie who was next to a visiting Antoine.
“You guys are awfully close.” stated Sonic.
“Well we should be since we are married.” Antoine shot back.
“Married, wow!” Sonic exclaimed.
“Go ahead, Antoine.” Sonic thanked.
“No when are y’all gonna get us wedding gift?” asked Bunnie.
“Why does everyone ask me that?” asked Sonic, “I’ve been in a coma!”
The door opened with Tails holding onto the knob. He panned the room and saw Sonic sitting at the table. He stared at him while Sonic waved to sit in the chair next to him. Tails looked at Amy and shook his head no.
“Looks, like take out tonight.” said Tails leaving. He slammed the door knocking a picture of young Amy to the floor. Luckily the glass didn’t shatter.
Sonic got up and slammed his hands on the table and started to chase after him.
“What is with that kid?!” he yelled. “I’m goin’ after him!”
“Sonic no! He’s too strong for you!” yelled Amy from the kitchen.
“Tails? Stronger than me? You’re out your betty crockin’ mind if you think that!”
“Sonic, Tails has been infused with an element just like you have.” started Antoine, “He’s very dangerous but luckily he’s devoted to New Mobotropolis.”
“Okay that’s new information. So what I can still run circles around him!” Sonic argued while starting to sit down.
“Sugah-hog, didn’t you notice his fourth tail?” asked Bunnie, “That means he’s in, well, puberty. He’s going through some changes and we have to help him through things.”
“So puberty makes him better than me.” asked Sonic while leaning back in his chair.
“I guess you’ll just have to see on the mission.” said Rotor shutting him up.
“All these years and your still a cocky hedgehog.” said Amy while serving up dinner. She slopped whatever it was onto their plates as each of them made a grueling face.
“Eat up.” she stated.
“Are you sure this edible?” thought Sonic.
“Last time I ate this, I had gas for eleven weeks.” thought Rotor.
“Now honey, I don’t know if I can take another one of Miss Amy’s dinners.” thought Bunnie.
“Wow Amy, this is great!” Antoine complimented while digging his spoon deeper and deeper.
“Eww…” said the other three.
Sonic grabbed the others plates and blasted out the apartment. He dropped the food off in the forest and took one last smell of it.
“Eww.” he said again.
He blasted off back into the apartment and back into his seat before anyone realized he was gone.
“Dreams do come true!” said Rotor.
“So what happened on you guys last mission.” asked Antoine through bites of Amy gruel.
“Oh my stars, I almost forgot about that.” said Bunnie while clinching her forehead.
“We had a mission to find other divisions of Freedom Fighters in the land of Downunda.” started Rotor. “Things started out fine with Tails piloting us in the Tornado-XLZ through the natural part of Mobius. We came across the desert and into Downunda’s territory still with no problems. We got there and into the land but it was just nothing.”
“Nothing?” asked Sonic and Antoine.
“Just a whole mess of Swat-bot parts and creatures that didn’t survive them massacres.” Bunnie explained. “At that time our li’l team had split up to cover more ground. Tails and Amy went northeast as me and Rotor searched northwest.”
“That’s when we thought we were in the clear when we ran into…him.” said Rotor. “That son of a…”
“Now now Rotor, no need to use that kind of language in my house.” Amy stated while cutting him off.
“Sorry but I hate him.” said Rotor while clinching his fists. “He could have been a help to us if he didn’t make the choices he had.”
“I assume you mean the other hedgehog.” said Antoine while nodding his head.
“Shadow the Hedgehog intercepted us and fought us nearly killing us.” said Bunnie reminiscing.
“Whoa whoa, time out from the story!” exclaimed Sonic. “Who the heck is Shadow the Hedgehog?”
“Well Sonic, to put it simply, he looks just like you, but is evil incarnate.” Amy began, “He’s the reason Knothole was destroyed. Me, Tails, and some other fighters tried to stop him when he went on his ultimate life form rampage but managed to gain some sort of new power. Even with the upgrades we all received, Shadow is three times as powerful as us.”
“There’s somebody out there that looks just like me.” said Sonic.
“Rotor and Bunnie were up to their necks in Shadow’s attacks when Tails and I arrived. Tails took him on without question and got us enough time to retreat. I wish Tails was here to tell you about his fight…” Amy finished.
“Anyway, we waited for Tails but he didn’t comeback to the rendezvous point on time. We decided to scout for Tails and found him near the ocean. He said he’d been fighting Shadow just up until we came.” Rotor explained.
“But the funny thang is he didn’t have a scratch on him.” said Bunnie. “I swear the kid is untouchable.”
“He said Shadow fled to Angel Island where his next goal was and we decided to follow him there.” Rotor explained. “We flew there on the plane and got together with Knuckles and his team and warned him of Shadows arrival. They made necessary preparations and guarded the islands Master Emerald very well. Shadow appeared again throwing many of the guards aside. We faced him again and successfully held him off from the Master Emerald but he got away with his original goal, the green Chaos Emerald.”
“Afterwards we help restore damages to the Marble Gardens area and began the journey home.” Amy finished.
“Well this settles it!” yelled Sonic. “I’ve gotta find this Shadow guy and defeat him for hurting my friends. I’ll teach that hedgehog who’s really the top hog!”
“Sonic, I think you should just take things slow this first mission.” Antoine suggested.
“Slow?!” Sonic interrogated. “Slow is for fat people and retards, I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, faster than lightning, quieter than a mouse, I’ll be there and back before you know I’m even gone!”
Amy laughed with the others joining in.
“We’ll see Sonic.” said Amy taking the plates from the table.

Tails finishes up his chili dog from Sonic’s uncle Chuck dog stand. He sits alone at the bar under the yellow colored lights as Sir Charles wipes the glass cup.
“I should really switch these to plastic.” mumbled the old metal hog.
Tails chuckled before sipping some of his soda.
“So how was your latest mission sport, I can tell you’ve gotten stronger.”
“It was good.” Tails simplified. Uncle Chuck put the glass down and lined it up with others.
“I see you got other things on your mind huh?” he inquired like any good bartender would.
“It’s just…” started Tails. “Speak of the devil…”
“Hey Unc!” exclaimed the speedy hog arriving at an instant. Tails, who had sensed his arrival, didn’t bat an eye.
“Yo Tails, I see you got your usual! Put me down for mine Sir Charles!” Sonic demanded taking a stool next to the four-tailed fox.
“Sixteen chili dogs comin’ your way!” said Chuck getting ready to fill the order.
“I just heard about your mission.” said Sonic getting serious, “You’re doing things this time huh?”
“I’m only doing what’s right for freedom.” Tails finally uttered.
“You sound like a robot, lighten up a little big guy! Look where we are!”
Sonic placed his hands on Tails’ shoulder when Tails looked his way. He batted off Sonic’s hand and erupted from the stool.
“All these years and you still condescend to me!” Tails lashed out.
Sonic smiled finally awaking something from Tails – too bad it was anger.
“Relax Tails.” said Sonic placing his hands behind his head. Tails grabbed Sonic by the throat and held him in the air. Uncle Chuck was too deep into his cooking to hear anything.
“I’m done taking orders from you Sonic, I’ve gotten this far without you and I prefer to go the rest of the way…without you.” Tails gnashed. He dropped Sonic onto the stool and stared at the blue blur while he regained his breath.
“Later Uncle Chuck.” said Tails turning his back to the hedgehog.
“See ya Tails!” he exclaimed while turning around.
“Hey Tails.” Sonic called out.
The fox stopped in his tracks with his ears twitching.
“I can’t wait for the mission… so I can run circles around you!”
Tails balled his fists and continued walking before he was out of range the four-tailed fox voiced his opinion.
“You can try.” he stated.
Sonic smiled leaning further onto the stool. Uncle Chuck stood paralyzed with the grilled hot dogs burning to crisp.
“Sonic are you crazy!?” Uncle Chuck spat out.
“Don’t worry, Unc, the best way to get to Tails right now is through rivalry. Now that I told him I can beat him with ease he’s gonna try his best to defeat me.” Sonic explained. Uncle Chuck relaxed a bit before turning over the charred hot dogs.
“Still Sonic, Tails is a force to be feared, you should go about this with caution.” stated the wise robot.
“Don’t worry Unc, underneath his extra two tails and extra hair lies Miles Prower, my best friend.”
Sonic nodded to Uncle Chuck when he finally noticed the smell.
“Unc, your burning the sweet sensation known as chili dogs!” Sonic exclaimed. Sir Charles finally paid attention and got them off the grill.
“Whoops!” Chuck stated.

After another set of sixteen chili dogs had been made and eaten Sonic arrived back in his apartment. He got to his bed and fell into the comfy sheets and blankets. He kicked off his shoes and closed his eyes to fall into sleep. His stomach digesting the food made gurgling sounds as if to say job well done. Sonic wrapped himself in his covers when two hands snatched the covers off of him.
“What the…?” yelled Sonic as the hand clasped over his mouth. That hand was attached to the body of a ninja. Dressed in the conventional black attire he threw the blanket to the ground. Even his face was fully covered not even revealing the eyes. Sonic balled his fist and blasted from his bed and hit the air. The ninja was fast. Sonic skidded to a stop with the bottoms of his socks making him slide across the wood floors. Sonic fell to the ground as the ninja shook his head in disgrace.
“Come on you lame Naruto, lets get to the fun part!” Sonic yelled. The ninja grabbed Sonic’s shoe and threw it out the open window he came through.
“Crap.” said Sonic. The ninja threw a couple of shuriken as Sonic dodged to the left sliding into the kitchen. He hit the oven and fell over to his side.
“This is not a good night!” stated Sonic getting up. The ninja clasped Sonic’s hands and pinned them against the oven. He put one leg over Sonic’s body and sat over his lap. Sonic now noticed this wasn’t a male ninja but a female one with a goal in mind.
“All you had to do was ask baby!” Sonic uttered through a smile.
The ninja got closer to Sonic’s mouth and kissed him through the silky cloth of the mask. Oddly enough the ninja was a good kisser and had Sonic in a daze. Sonic kissed right back letting her hands release the grasp over Sonic’s. Sonic felt the ninja’s body as he caressed it all the way up to her neck. He found the end of the mask and grasped it slightly. The ninja broke away from the kiss and stepped back. She ran back toward the bedroom and out the window. Sonic’s front door had been busted open by a black, red, and yellow hammerhead with Amy at the handle.
“What the heck is going on?” she asked with a disturbed look on her face. Sonic lay love struck in front of the oven as Amy gazed at him. Sonic didn’t have his shoes on and there were shuriken embedded into floor. A shoe flew through Sonic’s window and landed next to the other.
“Whatever you do in your spare time is your business.” Amy whispered as she slowly exited with a quiet shutting of the door.

“I love ninja’s.” stated Sonic.

Finally the morning arrives with the sun beaming over New Mobotropolis. The palace glistened from the sunrise to a new day. Standing before King and Queen St. John were the now five-man team known as the Freedom Fighters.
Sonic being the fastest thing in recorded history.
Bunnie Rabbot who is the half rabbit half machine.
Rotor the now battle ready commando.
Amy Rose holding her large hammer in hand.
Miles “Tails” Prower who now leads the team.
“Your mission is an important one.” began Queen Sally. “Hopefully with Sonic’s speed added to the team we can finally travel into New Robotropolis.”
“Although I liked the four man team, your success depends if we keep this arrangement, Sonic the Hedgehog.” said Geoffrey St. John.
“No problem, Skunk-y.” Sonic sort of insulted.
“So without further delay!” Sally interrupting her husband, “Nicole shall escort you to the city gates.”
Nicole appeared before the team and bowed.
“Follow me.” she said as she walked them out the palace. Sonic caught up with her and whispered to her.
“Hey Nicole, do you know anything about intruders?” he asked.
“If you are inquiring to know if any intruders have entered the city then that is a no.” she uttered.
“No I mean like ninja’s and stuff.” Sonic interrogated.
Nicole’s eyes suddenly went wide and then abruptly back to normal.
“No I do not. But I shall look into it.” said Nicole.
“Past cool, Nicole.” said Sonic. “Let’s get this show on the road!”

Nicole had looked back at Queen Sally St. John and shook her head. The queen had a satisfied look on her face as she watched Sonic walk out the palace.
“Queen Sally!” Nicole exclaimed in her head.
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