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4. Up, Over, and Gone,

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Your mission is to travel across the world of Mobius and into enemy territory.” started the holorealmatic Lynx known as Nicole, “You must confirm Robotnik’s existence while gaining information on his plans. There will be dangers as minor as swat-bots to major ones such as Shadow the Hedgehog. You all must survive and return here with news. Be sure to cover your tracks and recharge your elements on a regular basis. You may begin.”
“Question!” Sonic the Hedgehog announced.
“Your teammates can answer questions that may arise.” Nicole answered
“Your good.” Sonic said.
“I’m great.” Nicole corrected. She blipped away as the five turn their sights eastward. They were to cross the entire planet of Mobius to carry out their mission and it was going to be a long time. Sonic stretched his arms and ran in place getting psyched up for what’s at hand.
“You guys aren’t as hype as I am?” Sonic questioned.
“C’mon Sugah-hog we’ve been on missions since the cows came home.” said Bunnie.
“We’re wasting time lets go.” commanded Tails. He darted off from the New Mobotropolis gates and was gone in an instant. Bunnie and Rotor clicked their heels when blue flames erupted from their shoes and boots. They rocketed to the sky and blasted after Tails.
“Hurry up slow Moe!” said Amy as she darted off. Everyone left the fastest thing alive back at the city gates. Sonic smiled and placed his hands on the ground.
“You guys must have forgot who I am.” Sonic stated. He leapt to a near handstand as his legs started kicking. He was falling to the ground with his feet at top speed.
“Up, over, and gone!” Sonic yelled as he blasted after his team. He blasted past Bunnie and Rotor, eased past Amy and caught up to Tails. He smiled at the four-tailed fox and began to put on the jets. Sonic caught up to Tails and officially ran a circle around him.
“See ya “li’l guy”!” Sonic exclaimed as he ran even faster before Tails.
Tails gritted his teeth as he dug a little deeper and chased after Sonic. The trees and woods were literally a blur with the other four behind Sonic.
“Here he comes.” said Sonic as he started to run backwards. Tails blasted by Sonic and out of the woods into a clearing. Sonic smiled as Amy was starting to catch up. Sonic slowed up and started running evenly with Amy.
“You’ve gotten faster Amy!” stated Sonic.
“I should be! I am a hedgehog after all!” Amy began, “Even though I’m not born with speed ability like you, I learned by watching you.”
“Yeah watching the dust I kick up should make you wanna learn.” thought Sonic while nodding to Amy’s comments.
Bunnie and Rotor just feet above the ground had caught up to the pink and blue blur.
“Hey slow down! Unlike you guys we run on fuel!” commanded Rotor.
“Where’s Tails?” asked Bunnie.
“He’s doin’ the leader thing.” Sonic informed. “Okay I gotta know! What’s the deal with these kanji on my hands?”
“The kanji,” Amy began, “Are the elements given to you. Since you have wind you can attack and increase your speed with aid of the breezes you create.”
“One of the ones I remember that boosts your speed is called…Sonic Gust!”
“Sonic Gust?” Sonic questioned. The kanji on the backs of his hands lit up and surrounded his body in wind. The wind started to form into an arrow which made him even more aerodynamic.
“Way past cool!” he yelled as he almost instantly vanished. Trees were uprooted and stones split in half as Sonic blinked past Tails.
“Dammit!” yelled Tails.
The wind around Sonic started to fade away as he slowed to a stop. Luckily he slowed at a beach where the blue ocean was all that graced the horizon.
“Where are we going again?” asked Sonic to himself. Tails ran up to Sonic and stopped right in his face.
“Hey “li’l guy” how’s second place strikin’ ya?” asked Sonic. Tails fur started to glow as electricity flowed from his body. Sonic noticed the kanji placed on the back of Tails hand which read lightning.
“Lightning huh? That’s cool, if you’re a cloud… Me I got the wind kid, you won’t catch me!” Sonic remarked.
“Keep on talking!” Tails gnashed as the lightning reacted to his emotion. Suddenly the electricity shut off as he moved out of Sonic’s face. Amy approached and stopped at the two when she gathered a skeptical look on her face. She approached Sonic and stood next to him. She stared into his eyes as Sonic looked back.
“WHat!?” he yelled.
“I knew it!” she yelled. She unlatched the hammer across her back and started to strike Sonic.
“Amy wait, please, I can explain!” Sonic begged.
Amy tapped Sonic’s head as a small knot appeared on his head.
“Stop egging Tails on!” she commanded.
“How did you…” Sonic started.
“My intuition…” she stated.
“Great you still got that goin’ for ya!” Sonic questioned.
“Thanks to my teachers I’ve grown as strong as you were five years ago.”
“Teachers?” Sonic asked a little excited.
Rotor and Bunnie landed spreading dust and debris into the air as they did.
“Bout time we caught up with ya’ll.” said Bunnie.
“We rest here for a little bit and then we proceed across the ocean.” commanded Tails.
“Whoa Miles, time out! The ocean, are you insane?” Sonic began, “I know you know how to swim but what about me and Amy, we can’t swim.”
“Actually I took lessons some time ago and I can at least stay afloat.” Amy corrected.
“Okay so I can’t swim.” Sonic remarked.
“Idiot! Don’t you remember when we first met Knuckles and traveled through Hydro-City! You surface ran over the water. With enough speed the water will be just like the ground, as long as you don’t stop. I still can’t believe someone as strong as you can’t even swim.”
Sonic smiled as Tails walked away.
“Why are you smiling?” asked Rotor.
“He called me strong!” Sonic stated.

“Crap I called him strong!” thought Tails.

“How long until we reach New Robotropolis?” asked Sonic.
“At this quick li’l pace we got goin’ I’d say by nightfall.” said Bunnie.
“I don’t know Bunnie, We have to cross this ocean and we don’t know the weather for later on.” started Rotor, “We could run into a storm and be divided across the water.”
“Yeah yeah, I agree with Rotor maybe we should just stick it out on dry land.” said Sonic.
“And I didn’t bring enough fuel cells to cross the ocean.” said Bunnie.
“You’re unpreparedness has always been a hinder for us.” said Tails chiming in.
“I’m sorry Tails.” Bunnie apologized.
“Jeez, We’re going to have to take by the land and go back to Angel Island so Bunnie and Rotor can refuel. After a stay there we leave and get right back on track with our mission.”
“Does this mean we can visit her!” Amy exclaimed.
“I guess we can stop there.” said Tails conceding to Amy’s excitement.
“Who is it!?” asked Sonic.
“C’mon let’s hurry!” exclaimed Amy while grabbing Sonic’s hand. They run off in a small burst of speed with Tails right behind them.
“You okay Bunnie?” asked Rotor.
“You think she’s forgiven me yet?” Bunnie questioned with a bit of trembling in her voice.
Rotor started to walk off.
“It’s best if you stay behind.” he said before he soared off. Bunnie looked down and gathered her emotions. She had a bad run in the last couple of times when she and the other girl had met. Bunnie swallowed her pride and pursued the rest of the team. They blast across the beaches and shore of the Mobian continent. They took the breathtaking sights of the unaltered part of the world. Since Robotnik gained more power he has taken over two-thirds of the planet and just might be in progress with the rest. Anyway with a small gap in time left for the Freedom Fighters they use their opportunity to fight back like they always did.
They blast across the dense brown sand across rocky shores and up cliffs and coves. They were all at a steady pace keeping with one another when Sonic the Hedgehog started to pull ahead of the leading Tails.
“Hey buddy, you up for a race?” asked Sonic.
“Sonic!” Amy exclaimed.
“Relax Amy, I just wanna see if the li’l guy is interested.” Sonic summed up.
Tails turned his head toward the hedgehog and gave him the same intense look from before.
Those eyes were set on the intent to kill.
“You know you wanna!” Sonic goaded.
Tails sped up a bit as Amy caught up to Sonic. She smacked him in the side of the head.
“Ahh what was that for? You almost threw me off balance! I could have died!” Sonic exaggerated.
“You’re even cuter when you’re competitive.” Amy stated.
“Are you a ninja?” asked Sonic.
“Ninja?” she returned while slowing down.
The others pass her by as she ponders over things. They cross into the forest leaping through trees and passing through huge vines. Though everything was in the start of life the colors were still green as ever.
“The last time we were here Shadow blew this place up. I never expected it to grow so fast.” Rotor explained.
“Blow up?” questioned Sonic.
“Ugh Sugah-hog, there’s so much y’all don’t know.” said Bunnie in a less cheerful mood than usual.
They darted from the forest and into a clearing where mountains and hills were all that could be seen.
“Amy, lead the way.” Tails commanded.
“Yes Tails.” she remarked. “C’mon Sonic. She’ll be so surprised to see you!”
Amy clutched Sonic’s hand and ran across the field. They ran over a hill and into a small valley only a couple hundred feet wide. In the middle was a wooden house with a wooden fence surrounding it.
“Wow I’ve never seen so many in one place.” said Sonic. In the yard of the property were chao’s of all kinds. Red chao, green chao, and even purple chao were all over the place. Some even looked like people they know and others with chromatic color schemes. The chao are used for growing and intellectual purposes but are mainly used as pets. They take on attributes from their user and transfer the information onto themselves depending on which side of the battle one is on. Although sounding complex these creatures have a cute outwardly appearance that Amy Rose cannot resist. She scrambled down into the yard and hopped the gate she searched throughout the lawn and found a specific one and picked it up and cuddled it as it returned the favors.
It was just as pink as Amy with wild hair atop the chao’s head. Its eyes were teal and so was the ball floating above its hair. Soon enough everyone else had a chao in their hands except for the rabbit still atop the hill. Sonic waved at her but she shook her head no and sat down on the grass.
“What’s with her?” asked Sonic.
“She doesn’t like visiting this place because she fell out with the resident here.” said Tails.
“So Bunnie and the nicest, cutest little rabbit girl I know aren’t friends anymore?” asked Sonic.
“Aaaah!” Amy screamed in excitement, “There you are!”
Emerging from the house adorned in a dark green dress was Cream the Rabbit. Her hair was dyed black and the markings around her eyes and on her ears were jade which matched the forearm length gloves she wore. She wore thigh high wedged boots and low cut shorts that the dress barely covered up. From the past Cream was always happy constantly trying to be a selfless little girl. She always stayed from danger due to her mother’s guidance and had retained her values up until a recent ordeal. Now Cream stands in the doorway of her house with an annoyed look on her face.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“We came to visit, Cream, how are you?” Amy asked as she approached. Amy hugged her tightly as Cream wasn’t so giving. Amy let go as Cream crossed her arms and scaled Sonic.
“Welcome back Sonic.” Cream greeted with no sign of emotion.
“Good to see you Cream, how’s your mom doing?” asked Sonic.
The others in the team grew wide-eyed as they leapt away from Cream. Sonic was immediately paralyzed as he floated into the air. Cream stepped from the doorway and down the three steps onto the grass. Her hand was raised in the air as she stopped before Sonic.
“My mother is dead, thanks to that rabbit over there.” said Cream as she stared at the far-away Bunnie Rabbot. She felt Cream’s eyes pierce through her as she started to stand up.
She released Sonic from her clutches as the kanji written on the back of her hand read control.
“Cheese, Chocola, Berry!” Cream called. Flying through air with angel, bat, and condor wings were three chao’s of rare breed. Cheese was adorned with angel wings and a golden halo above his head. He was solid white with red and blue hair down his back. He wore a jacket and loosely arranged tie across his neck. Chocola had bat wings across his back with a small black hole hovering over his head. His hair was bright red with horns shooting from his head and hands. His body was dark brown while he had red gauntlets on his forearms. Berry had huge condor-like wings in a rainbow of greens. Her body was strawberry red with a yellow light over top her pointy head. She had green coloration at her hands and feet and wore a yellow shirt and shorts.
Sonic rose to his feet and felt his neck.
“So Vanilla’s dead huh?” Sonic asked.
“I swear on my own grave I will kill you if you do not stop bringing her up!” Cream yelled. All the chao in the yard reacted to her emotions and started hovering around Sonic and the team.
“Cream c’mon lets go inside and talk!” Amy suggested.
“No I don’t want to do that or spend anytime with any one of you! I hate each person that comes here to waste my precious time.” she said.
“Cream you’ve taken a turn for the worse.” Sonic said.
She pointed at Sonic as he flew down into the ground. He was impaled into the ground with a huge amount of pressure. He was sinking rather quickly until Bunnie stepped in.
“Stop it, youngin’” she commanded.
“It’s about time you faced me.” Cream said in a dark tone. “Cheese!”
The Hero Chaos Chao slammed into Bunnie’s stomach immediately as she fell to the ground.
“That’s enough!” yelled Rotor.
“Chocola!” Cream called again.
The Dark Chaos Chao flew toward Rotor as the walrus tried to swat him away. The chao stopped Rotors fist and tossed him to the ground.
“Cream no.” Amy pleaded.
“Berry!” Cream commanded.
The Neutral Chaos Chao had a pink aura around her when an iron appeared and landed on the ground.
“She still hasn’t gotten used to her randomization powers has she?” Tails questioned.
“Stay back Tails.” Cream commanded.
“Cream think about what you’re doing this isn’t right.” Tails said while approaching her. “At the least spare Rotor Amy and Bunnie.”
“Not even your best friend?” Cream questioned while she dropped her guard.
“Thunder Tail!” the fox yelled. He lashed his tails when four small bolts of electricity surged into Cream and her Chao’s. They all fell to the ground with small surges coming over them.
“Tails!” Amy cried, “What did you do?”
She rushed over to Cream and started shaking them.
“They’re okay, I just gave them a shock equal to a tazer.”
“Ten thousand volts huh?” said Sonic rising to his feet. “That’s good enough for your friends.”
“I would have given you ten-million!” Tails scoffed. “Let’s get out of here, this has been nothing but a waste of time.” The Freedom Fighters leave the area of Cream’s residence as a certain figure looms over her. Grasping in his hand the green Chaos Emerald he smiles as the fighters walk off. He caresses Creams face as he walks into the house. The chao’s outside were all shivering in fear from the powerful figure they just encountered. The figure went straight into the house and right for a picture of Vanilla, Cream’s mother. It hung on the wall perfectly straight until the intruder flung it from the wall. He slammed his hand into the wall and pulled back his hand to reveal a yellow gem in his palm.
He turned around to be caught in the graces of Cream’s control.
“You said… you wouldn’t deceive me, Shadow” Cream yelled.
“There’s no rules in love and war, you simply had what I wanted.”
She looked in his hands to see the two emeralds in his possession. She started to outreach her left hand when Shadow uttered infamous words.
“Chaos Control.” he whispered.
Instantly Cream was down on the ground with over half of her chao dead or injured. The house was in shambles and huge amounts of the ground had been upturned.
Shadow emerged from the small valley with two emeralds in hand and following the Freedom Fighters.
“I’m ready, Tails!” Shadow stated.
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