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The History Of Vampires And Their Hunters

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What do you do, when there's nothing you can do?

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Over the past 4,000 years vampires have lived among us. They have secretly walked beside us. Now in the year 2057 humans know that vampires are here. They also know that there is nothing they can do about it. There are a select few that are brave enough to become vampire hunters. They find and kill all the vampires they can, and sometimes they pay a price worse then death. They become the very thing that they were trying to hunt. They become a member of the un-dead. They become vampires. The very first vampire hunters changed history for us. They made us realize that these horrid creatures of the night were real, that they weren’t just in our dreams, our nightmares.
It all started in 2001 when they met. They all had experiences with vampires. They were outcasts. Everybody thought the four crazy. They met in the therapy their family and friends made them go to. Now the four were various different ages.
Joseph Mark Trohman was the youngest of the group. Born on September 1, 1984 in Hollywood Florida. He was 17 at the time. He had very curly black hair, that he kept short. He was a short skinny boy. He had dark brown eyes, and he loved music. He had come across a dying vampire. He thought it was a human being at the time, so he ran over to see what was wrong. The vampire pulled him closed and whispered with his last breaths of life ‘We will live on. Find the vampire named William. He will help you.’ At first Joe thought the man was a drunk, but then he bit him, in the neck. It was painful, and soon after that the vampire died. You might be thinking ‘Joe’s a vampire now isn’t he.’ No he’s not. The vampire did not have enough time to change him, or to suck any blood from the boy. He ran home and told his mother what had happened. His father beat him for telling lies. After that Joe started doing drugs. Weed to be more specific, which sent him to a rehab center.
Patrick Martin (Vaughan) Stump(h) was older then Joe by a few months. Born on April 27, 1984 in Glenview Illinois. He was also 17. Patrick had straight blond hair that was always covered by a hat. Patrick was the shortest of them all. He had beautiful hazel eyes, and an awesome singing voice. Patrick had witnessed a vampire attack. He was a book worm. He had read every vampire book in existence, so he knew right away that this was no ordinary murder. He had hid from the vampire so that he could not be seen, but could see everything that was happening. When he tried to tell the police what had happened, they sent him into a rehab center.
Andrew John Hurley was next in line. Born on May 31, 1980 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He was 21. Andy had long wavy orange hair. He was tallish, and very skinny. He had brown eyes and he wore glasses. He also had his lip pierced, and was quick with his hands. Now Andrews’ case is similar to Patricks, but instead of watching a complete stranger die, he watched his own father being murdered. After that he drunk his life away, some how winding up in a rehab center.
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III is the eldest of the group. Born on June 5, 1979 in Willamette Illinois. He was 22 at the time. Pete had very short black hair. He was short and skinny. He sometimes wore eyeliner on his brown eyes. He loved writing. Peter had been attacked by a vampire. Luckily for him it was a new born female vampire, not yet strong enough to over power a full grown man. Before knocking the vampire un couscous, Peter saw the fangs that were about to penetrate his skin. He told his current girlfriend, who broke up with him because she thought he was crazy. After that he had tried to kill himself in the Best Buy parking lot by taking a handful of Ativan, which sent him to a rehab center.

This is their story.

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