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Chapter One - Leaving Already?

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Ahhh! Buddy hugglez.

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We will start our story about two months after they met.
“Wow, that must have been rough man.” Said Pete, looking down at his feet after Andy told his story for the first time. Now all of them knew everything about each other.
“It was. I was in denial for the longest time. After that, I couldn’t stop thinking it was my fault he died. I couldn’t help but think that if I would have come into sight and distracted that thing for one second, he would be here telling me everything is okay.” Said Andy, closing his eyes at the terrible memory. They were all in their therapists’ room, waiting for him to walk in the room. There were only two couches that held two people each. Patrick and Pete were on one, and Joe and Andy was on the other one. They herd the door open and in walked their therapist. He was a tall man, he looked as if he was some famous rockstar. His skin was a little dark. He had the right side of his nose, and his upper lip pierced. He also had his ears gaged. He was wearing a hat over his bushy hair. His eyes were very dark brown, almost black.
“Morning boys.” He said, holding a stack of papers. He sat at his desk, looking at the four.
“Morning Mr. McCoy.” Said Patrick being polite.
“I told you guys you can call me Travis.” He said, smiling. They couldn’t have gotten a cooler therapist.
“So, how are you all today? Anymore vampire attacks?” He asked, picking up a pen.
“No! It’s the same answer every time you ask us! So can you not ask that any more?!” Yelled Pete irritated.
“I’m sorry. Well to lighten your moods, I have some very good news for all four of you. They have decided to release you all. You seem to be sane enough, and over your addictions.” Said Travis smiling at all four of them.
“Really?! We’re free to go?!” Said Joe jumping up from the couch excitedly.
“Yes. Now Patrick and Joseph, since you are under eighteen your parents have already filled out your paperwork. As for Andrew and Peter, you two have things to sign.”
“It’s Joe, Andy, and Pete. Stop using our full names already.” Said Andy, looking at his feet shyly. Travis smiled and looked at Patrick.
“What no Pat for you?”
“Just Patrick.” Said Patrick in a strained voice.
“All right well that’s it for today. You will be coming back here in one year to see your progressing. Joe and Patrick, your parents are waiting in the main building. Pete. Andy. Follow me please.” Travis got up from his desk. Joe held out his hand to have Andy shake it. Andy rolled his eyes and gave him a big hug. Patrick stood up and so did Pete. Over the past few months the two have become the best of friends. Pete held his arms wide open, and Patrick flew into them, giving him a huge hug.
“I’ll miss you buddy.” Said Pete softly into Patricks ear.
“I’ll miss you too.” Said Patrick choking back tears.
“Come on now. Don’t cry. We’ll see each other in a year and by then you’ll be 18, and you can give out your phone number and everything. Then we’ll never loose contact.” Said Pete, pulling away from Patrick, and leaving the room. Patrick turned to Andy. Who gave him a warm smile, and a small hug.
“See you later.” He said, following Pete out the door.
“Welp I guess this is it Joe.” Said Patrick with a tear stained face.
“I guess so. I’ll talk to you later okay?”
“Okay. Bye.” Said Patrick, giving Joe a hug.

A/N: Wow. What a chapter. So heart felt =]. Reviews people! Thanks to rawrlittledino for giving me my first review on this story! YYYYAAAAYYYY! if you havent noticed Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heros is in the story. lol but of course you knew that
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