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Chapter Two - Our Little Reunion

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~Patrick’s POV~
“Happy 18th Birthday baby!” Yelled my mom, bear hugging me.
“Moooommmm.” I whined, rolling my eyes.
“Oh stop it.” She said, smacking me on the side of my head to make me stop squirming. I caved at that moment, letting my arms drop to my sides.
“There. That wasn’t so bad was it?” Asked my mom.
“You have no idea what bad is until you’ve gone through that.” I said, ducking out of the way of her hand.
“Hey hey hey, I’m 18 now.” I said proudly.
“That doesn’t mean I can’t punish you for having a smart mouth Mr.” She said seriously. I laughed as I went to get the ringing phone.
“Hello?” I asked into the receiver.
“Hello Patrick. Do you remember me?” Asked a familiar voice. I had to think about it for a second, then I realized it was Travis. Wow. Has it been a year already?
“Travis! What’s going on?!” I yelled. Travis was awesome, but I was more excited for him to tell me the date I would see Pete again. I know that I’m a dude and everything, and no I’m not gay, not fully anyway.
“Well do you remember when I said I’d be checking up on you? Well tomorrow is that day.” Said the voice on the other line
“Okay. What time?” I asked, a huge smile on my face.
“The meeting starts at 4 o’clock sharp. See you then.” He said, hanging up the phone. I put the phone on the receiver, and reached for the cookie jar next to it. Before I could pull out a yummy home baked chocolate chip cookie, I felt a searing pain on my hand.
“Ow!” I pulled my hand away quickly and looked up to see my mom holding a wooded spoon, a big grin on her face.
“Patrick you know better. You’ll spoil your supper.” She said walking away. While she had her back turned I grabbed one quickly and shoved the whole thing in my mouth. She turned around.
“Ha!” I said, little crumbs of cookies flying everywhere. She couldn’t even hold a straight face at that. She burst out laughing.
*******The Next Day*********
I parked my dark blue brand new Honda Civic in the front of the very familiar building. I got out, and locked my car, and walked into the revolving front door. I walked up to the front desk.
“Can I help you?” Asked a very busy receptionist not even looking up from her paper.
“Hi I’m Patrick Stump. I have a meeting with Mr. McCoy at 4:00.” I said, smiling even though she couldn’t see it.
“Wait over there please.” She said, waving her hand towards a comfy looking section of couches and chairs. I picked the couch in the far off corner, taking my i-pod out of my pocket, and putting the ear buds in my ears. I blared Prince, silently rocking out. I was looking out the window next to me when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see a pair of dark brown eyes staring me down. I would know those eyes anywhere. They were Petes. I jumped up out of my seat excitedly.
“Pete!” I yelled holding out my arms, expecting a huge hug. Which is exactly what I got. I pulled the buds out of my ears so I could hear properly.
“Hey you! You look so much different! I didn’t even know if it was you or not!” He said, pulling out of my hug.
“Yeah, I kinda lost weight, and changed up my style a bit, and grew out some side burns, but other then that, im the same.” I said, turning off my i-pod, and putting it in my back pocket.
“You look great.” He said, looking me up and down. Ooo sexy. I shook that thought from my head.
“You do too! The eyeliner is a nice touch.” I said smirking.
“Yeah I thought so too.” He said smiling. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I took it out to see that my father texted me.

Happy day after your birthday son. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. The band isn’t doing to well. I’ll be home soon. I love you.

Is what it said. I sighed. I loved my dad, but he really needed to pay more attention to his family. All of the sudden I found my phone being snatched out of my hands. When I looked up, Pete was pressing buttons rapidly on my phone.
“Hey what are yo-?!” I started to say, but he shushed me. He handed it back to me a second later. I looked at it and saw that he added his number.
“Text me sometime.” He said smiling.
“Eww. I would never text you.” I said in fake disgust. Pete looked to the floor in fake sadness. I was about to say something but then Andy and Joe both showed up. I guess they didn’t recognize us, because they walked right past us to the receptionists desk.
“Hie we’re here to see Mr. McC-” Joe started to say, but she cut him off.
“Over there!” She said looking up at someone for the first time that I’ve seen.
“How many times do I have to say it?!” She said, looking vary annoyed.
“Do you think Pat and Pete are here yet?” Whispered Andy to Joe.
“Nooo. You just walked right passed us and shit.” Said Pete, just loud enough for them to hear. They looked back, and ran over to us. In the middle of our little reunion, Travis walked out of his office door. At that moment I was the only one who noticed him. He looked different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something about him definitely changed.
“Hello boys. Won’t you come into my office?” He asked us all, with his pointy tooth smile. I could of sworn that he didn’t have those before . . .

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