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Chapter Three - We Meet At Last

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We all greeted him kindly. He moved aside to let us all through. We sat in our normal seats, Pete and me on one couch, Joe and Andy on another. Travis closed the door and sat down at his desk.
“So how has everyone been?” He asked politely, still smiling. Why was he so smiley?
“I’ve been good. A little scared of dark allys, but I think everyone is.” Said Pete, mock smiling Travis. Something wasn’t right about this. Something felt all wrong. I looked around the room, and noticed a shadow in the far corner. I thought it was a figment of my imagination at first, but then it moved, and I saw it smile . . .
“Woah!” I said, jumping up, and falling over backwards from the couch.
“What’s wrong?!” Asked Pete surprised, standing up to see me trying to catch my breath from behind the couch.
“There’s someone in the corner.” I wheezed out. Pete looked to were I was pointing, and became all stiff. There was a clapping noise. I stood up to see a man with wavy chin length hair, a sharp nose, and a huge smile on his face, reveling his two pointy canines. He had on a very nice looking suit, and a dark hat. His eyes were very dark brown, almost black.
“Very good Patrick. You were always very observant.” He said, his hands falling to his side.
“H-h-how do you know w-w-who I a-am?” I stuttered out. I wasn’t stuttering out of fear. I wasn’t afraid of some ‘thinks he’s so cool vampire.’ I was stuttering because I couldn’t breath.
“I know all about all of you.” He said, looking very smug.
“You see, my name is William, William Beckett. I am the head vampire of the clan ‘The Dontes.’ We are a very old and powerful clan. Which in turn would make me the most powerful vampire in the world.” He said, his look of smugness growing.
“Is this some kind of sick joke?!” Yelled Pete, not taking anyones shit.
“Ahhh Peter. Always so temperamental. You need to learn how to relax.” William said, walking over to Pete. He was about to reach for Petes shoulder, then Travis spoke up. I almost forgot that he was there.
“William, that was not part of the plan.” He said, standing up.
“But Travis, can’t you see the potential that he holds? He would be so useful to the Dontes. He would be a great alli.” William said, looking back at Pete.
“Don’t you dare touch him!” Yelled Joe, walking over to William.
“Joseph! You always did have a smart mouth.” Said William, flicking his hand and sending Joe flying across the room.
“Joe!” I said, running over to Joe to make sure he’s okay.
“Hey! What gives you the right to come waltzing in here and hurting us?!” Yelled Andy, walking over to William and stepping in between him and Pete.
“Andrew. The brave one I see.” Said William laughing.
“All of you are no match for me!” He said, laughing harder. At that moment the door flew open, and a fancy looking man walked into the room. William looked up in annoyance.
“So we meet again William.” Said the man. He was holding a bible. Was he a priest?
“Ahhh! Ian! My old friend!” Said William, walking around Pete and Andy to get to the man named Ian.
“You’re not supposed to be here William. You know that, and neither is your little friend over there.” Ian said, pointing to Travis.
“Come on Ian, we were just having a little fun.” William smiled. That man was always smiling.
“No. Leave.” Ian said simply.
“Haha! The great and powerful vampire isn’t so great and powerful after all!” Said Pete, laughing. William walked over to Pete unhumanly fast. He was inches away from his face. I could hear him growling. For the first time, I saw him without that annoying smile on his face.
“Watch it.” He said simply.
“Come Travis. We’re not welcome here.” He said, looking back at Ian once more before running out of the room almost invisible. We all looked at Ian for an answer.
“Hello men. Follow me.” He said, walking out of the door.
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