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Chapter Four - RAWR!

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We all followed, to scared to find out what would happen if we didn’t. I was to shocked to say anything. So Travis was a vampire. What did he mean ‘that wasn’t part of the plan?’ I could only guess. We walked out of the building, not bothering to sign out. We were just following Ian. He led us to a huge white van. He pulled the back door open easily. He got in, and motioned for us to do the same. Pete was skeptical at first, but he caved once everyone else got on. It was kinda cramped with five people plus all the equipment that was there. It looked like he robbed some military base. That was not a pleasant thought.
“Okay. So the reason I wanted you all to follow me is this. William wants you guys. I don’t know why the most powerful vampire in the world would want four non-threatening humans.” He looked at them then added.
“Very un-threatening.”
“Okay so who the hell are you anyway?!” Yelled Pete who was pressed up against me. I know that he had to to fit in the van, but it was still amazing.
“I’m Ian. I’m a high Priest.” He said.
“Look if this is some kind of sick joke then-” Started Pete.
“Oh but I assure you it’s not.” He said grimly.
“What do you want?” Pete said annoyed.
“I want you to tell me what your experiences with vampires are. Maybe that will tell me what I need to know.” Ian said, getting out a pen and paper.
“We don’t need to tell you anything!” Yelled Andy. His story was the most hurtful, and it took him two months to get it out fully. I didn’t think he was going to tell this complete stranger.
“Yes. You do.” He said simply.
“Please explain.” I said calmly.
“Well if you don’t tell me, I can’t help you. And if I can’t help you, William will get to you. And if William gets to you, you will most likely either die or get turned into a vampire.” He said, getting his pen ready. I went first, hoping the others would follow. I didn’t want to die, and I didn’t want them to die either. I feel like their my family, even though I’ve only known them for a short period of time. Except for Pete. He was more then family. I smiled at that thought. As I hoped everyone did tell their stories after me. Except for Andy, he had Joe repeat his story. After we were all done, he looked at us surprised.
“You mean every single one of you has experienced a vampire attack either first hand or watched one?” He asked, stunned. We all nodded our heads.
“No wonder William wants you.” He said, sounding amazed.
“Look. I just came here to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and this isn’t helping, so I’m just going to leave. I’ll see you all later.” I said, trying to make a dramatic exit. It wasn’t really working with Pete in my way.
“Yeah. I think I’m going to leave to.” Pete said, Andy and Joe agreed.
“Look. If you would just give me a second more of your time, and I could give you each my number. Just incase.” He said, pulling out business cards. We thanked him, and opened tho door. I blinked the light from my eyes. It was fucking dark in there. I was the second person out of that stuffy van. It felt good not to be stuffed up, but it didn’t feel good to have Pete that far away again.
“So what are we going to do?” I asked everyone else.
“I have no clue. I think their trying to mess with us.” Said Pete, shaking his head and looking at his feet.
“Well I have to catch a cab home or my mom will flip fucking shit.” Said Joe, starting to walk away.
“I can drive you home. That way you don’t have to pay.” I said, feeling bad for him. He looked back at me.
“Really?” He asked excitedly.
“Sure why not?” I asked smiling. Pete looked up, and looked back down at his feet. I could tell his cheeks were a little pink. Awwww!
“Do you need a ride to Petey?” I said, not able to hide my smile. He looked up at me, looking shameful.
“Of course.” I said, my smile getting bigger.
“Thanks Trick!” He said, hugging me. YAY!
“What about you Andy?” I asked after Pete was done with his bear hug.
“If it’s not to much trouble. My car broke down last night. I took the bus here, and that’s where I ran into Joe.” He said, pointing to Joe who was jumping up and down singing.
“No bus for me!” We all laughed.
“Alright, well we better get going. I have to be home before dark or my mom will be like ‘RAWR!’ Well not really rawr, but close to it.” I laughed. We all did. I loved these dudes. They were like my second family
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