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Chapter Five - Oh Shit

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We were all driving in my car. Pete was up front, and Joe and Andy where in the back. We all had each others numbers now. Even thought Joe wasn’t supposed to do that, but what could I say? He was a natural born rule breaker.
“Turn left here.” Said Joe, pointing at a small street. I pulled onto it, and dropped him off at his house.
“Alright who’s next?” I asked, looking at Pete and Andy.
“Well I live a little that way, like five minutes away.” Said Andy, pointing in the direction I was going.
“Alrighty then, you next. Just tell me where to go.” I said, and Andy nodded. After we dropped him off, Pete told me the way to his house.
“Why don’t you come in?” He asked me, smiling at me.
“I should really get home. Or at least call my mom and tell her where I am.” I said, pulling into his driveway, and taking my phone out of my pocket. I dialed my home phone number until she answered.
“Hello?” She asked.
“Hey mom. I just wanted to call and tell you I’m at a friends house.” I said, smiling because she couldn’t say no to it.
“Alright. Do I know this friend?” She asked casually. I knew she wanted to know if it was more then a friend.
“No. You don’t.” I said not so nicely.
“What’s this persons name?”
“Do you like this Pete?” She asked. She knew I liked dudes too. She also knew I liked dudes a little more then I liked chicks.
“A little.” I said, not telling her how much a little was.
“Okay. Do you know when you’ll be home?” She said, impatiently. I knew she wanted to resume what she was doing.
“No, I don’t, but I have to go so I’ll talk to you later okay?”
“Alright baby. Love you.”
“Love you to mom.” I said, blushing a little.
“Bye bye.” She said, hanging up the phone. I closed my phone and got out of the car. Pete followed.
“Come on!” He said excitedly, grabbing my hand. My heart fluttered when his hand touched mine. He was just being friendly Patrick. I told myself. Pete’s not gay. He couldn’t be. He told us about his previous girlfriends, and nothing about previous boyfriends. It was whatever. Even if he was gay, I would have no chance with someone like Pete. He pulled me into his house. It was a magnificent blend of colors and grace! Just kidding. It was a regular twenty two year olds bachelor pad. There were clothes everywhere, and the couch didn’t match the chair. The t.v. was all small and shit. It was cute though. God I love him.
“Welcome to my abode!” He said (unfortunately) letting go of my hand to spread his arms wide open motioning to his house.
“I like it.” I said smiling.
“Yupperz. I have this whole place to myself. It’s nice, but really lonely. I always wanted a room mate.” He said, flopping on the couch, and patting the spot next to him. I flopped next to him. OMG! He put his arm on my shoulders! AH!
“Hey Patrick. I have something to confess.” He said, looking down. He seemed to do that a-lot when he was nervous. Why was nervous?
“Yeah?” I asked, wanting him so bad to continue. Wanting him so bad in general. Haha. I was such a creeper!
“Well . . . you see . . . well . . . ”
“Pete just tell me!” I said impatiently.
“Well . . . never mind.” He said, still not looking at me.
“Pete.” I said, pulling his chin up forcing him to look at me.
“Please tell me. I want to know.” I almost dropped my hand from his chin, but he put his free hand on my cheek. AH! Am I dreaming or something?!
“I really like you Patrick. Like a-lot. I know that you probably think that’s creepy, but I don’t care.” He said, moving his face closer to mine. He paused an inch away, to see if I would pull away or not. When I didn’t, his lips met mine. I almost fainted right then and there. The way he tasted was better then the way he smelled! And that was saying something. He smelled really good. What seemed like way to soon, he pulled away, and looked at me with his AMAZING eyes.
“So?” He asked me.
“I really like you to Pete.” I said breathlessly. That was the best kiss of my life. He smiled big, and kissed me again, this time more passionately. I herd something in the other room. I pulled away.
“Pete, I think there’s someone in your house.” I said, looking in the direction of the noise.
“Come on. Let’s go check it out.” He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into his kitchen.
“Hello?” He said. I herd the noise again, and the person stepped into the light. It was Travis.
“What the fuck do you want?!” He yelled, pushing me behind him.
“I came to warn you.” He said a sad look on his face.
“Of what?! How you were a vampire all along?! We kinda got that Travis! You can leave now!” He said, looking like he was about to attack Travis.
“But I wasn’t a vampire all along. I just got turned recently. I was walking home from the Angels and Kings bar down the street from my house, and that’s when I met Brendon Urie. The vampire who changed me. I get what you guys were saying now. I didn’t believe you at first, but how can I not now that I am one? Never mind that. I just came to warn you guys that William wants to kill you because he has seen the future in a dream of his. He said he saw you four, killing his clan, and one of you killing him. He doesn’t want that possibility. That’s why he wants to kill you. Be ready for him. He’s no joke. He’s the real deal. Brendon and I are different from the rest. We don’t have blood lust. We don’t want to kill people. We want to help you. We want to help you become vampire hunters.”
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