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Chapter Six - Say That Again?

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“You want to help us, become something that would kill you and you and your little clan?” I asked, surprised at the honesty in his voice.
“I know it sounds crazy, but Brendon and I don’t want to be apart of this hell, we just want to be on our way. We want nothing to do with these rival clans or anything.” Travis said, looking to the floor.
“Wait? There are more clans?” Asked Pete surprised. I laughed at that. I knew that he wasn’t a geek like me, but it was still pretty obvious that their was more then one clan, otherwise it would just be one big vampire society.
“Yes. Loads, but there are only two others in this area. One is the Dontes of course. Even by their name you can tell they are very fancy people . . . things . . . creatures . . . oh you get me. They seem like nice clean cut people, but that’s what makes them so much more menacing then the rest. Another one around here is the Desperados. They are the only group of all African American vampires. They aren’t high class like the Dontes, but they are pretty high up there. And the third vampire group around here is the Ruffians. They are a group of punk vampires that think they are the best. They aren’t the best, but they are better then the Desperados.” He said, looking out the window.
“How do you know all this? Besides the fact that you’re a vampire.” I said, confused. Clans shouldn’t know much about each other.
“Like I said, the Dontes is very powerful. They know things they shouldn’t. They have very good resources in the clan. They don’t miss a thing.” He said, looking at me with his dark eyes.
“Why do you want to help us?” I said, walking around Pete, and up to Travis. I was testing him. I read Twilight recently and I wanted to see if the whole ‘newborns were uncontrollable’ thing was true. He looked at me unfazed.
“I already told you. I don’t want to be what I am. I don’t want war. I don’t want to be half dead, and if I have to be half dead, I would rather be on the good side.” He said, not even flinching when I moved closer.
“Patrick what the hell are you doing?!” Yelled Pete. I ignored him (as hard as that was) I was good at reading/breaking people. I needed to see if he was lying or not.
“Why us?”
“Because you guys already have experience with vampires and I know you. You won’t go down without a fight. All four of you. And if Williams dream is true, you four will be amazing. And it can’t be that far into the future or the seer would have seen it, so we need to work quickly. Time is not in our favor.” He said looking out the window again.
“Look at me!” I yelled at him. He jumped a little, and looked at me.
“We’ll let you help us. But! If you screw us over, we will use the skills we learned on you, and four against one isn’t very good for you.” I said, walking away from him and back to Pete. He didn’t seem like he was lying. Pete looked at me wide eyed. I guess he didn’t know I could do that.
“I’ll be back here tomarrow at the same time. Have everyone here. Til then.” He said, running out of the room and out the back door really really fast. Pete looked at me.
“What the fuck did you think you were doing?! He could have been here to hunt! You don’t know that!” He yelled at me. I was getting yelled at. I laughed inside my head.
“I’m a good reader of people Pete. I needed to see if what he was saying was true, and it was. Mission accomplished. No harm done.” I said, motioning to my anatomy. Pete sighed and put his arms around my waist. God he was so perfect.
“So what now?” He asked me, putting his nose to mine.
“Well, I was thinking we call the guys and tell them.” I said, smiling at his perfect facial features.
“I wasn’t talking about that Patrick.” He said, giving me a nasty smile.
“Peter you dirty whore!” I said. I couldn’t help but smiling.
“Hey! You’re a dirty whore to if you think that way. So . . . HA!” He said, laughing.
“Are you laughing at me?!” I yelled, pretending to be mad.
“Umm . . . I would have to say yes.” He said. I gave him a shocked face, which turned to a sad face. I broke from his embrace.
“Awww Trick! I was kidding!” He said, coming towards me. I turned away from him.
“No.” I said, pouting. I just wanted to set him up. He’ll fall right into my tickle attack.
“Trick I’m sorry.” He said, actually sounding sad. I sighed and turned to face him. My sad face turned to a grimace. I attacked him. He fell to the floor, me tickling him like crazy. I guess I wasn’t tickling him enough though, because somehow he managed to get on top, pinning me to the floor. His hands held mine down. He moved his face down to mine and kissed me. It was as great as the first one. Maybe better. Our tungs met over and over again. It was more then I could have ever wanted. Right at that moment, my life was perfect.
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