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Chapter Seven - Filthy Humans

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ahhhhhhhness (oh and for all the people who thought this was a Trendon [travis and brendon] its not ;P )

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“OH MY GOD! INSTANT STUFFING! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!” Yelled Joe, as we walked through Wall-Mart. I patted him on the shoulder, and said,
“Yes Joe. One of the many great accomplishments of our founding fathers.” And walked away. I picked up everyone this morning around like eleven. I wanted to tell everyone what the deal was, but alas, Andy needed to do some shopping, so we all came along. When he was done, Joe ended up buying about a life time supplies of instant stuffing.
“Just add water!” He said, his arms full of bags. After that we all went back to Petes house. When everyone was settled in (and Joe was enjoying a thing of his stuffing) I announced the news.
“Okay everyone, here’s what’s going down. There’s something I want to ask you guys. How do you feel about becoming vampire hunters?” I asked, waiting for their reaction. Pete and I already decided last night that that would be awesome. Joe was the first one to answer with his mouth full of stuffing.
“Sick dude!” He yelled, taking another spoon and shoving some more food into his already filled mouth. Andy just stared at me. I couldn’t read the expression on his face, but I could tell it wasn’t good, or was it?
“If it helps me get vengeance for my father then I’m in.” He said darkly.
“Good!” I said, smiling. No I just had to tell them that the very thing we’re about to hunt, wants to help us hunt it . . . did that make sense? Didn’t think so.
“Alright, ummm one more thing . . . umm do you remember how Travis is a vampire? Well he wants to help us, and hes the only one that I think really can at this point.” I said, looking down at my feet. Even when Andy spoke I didn’t look up.
“So you think that I’m just going to be told what to do by some blood sucking leech?!” Yelled Andy, clearly pissed at the idea.
“He doesn’t want to be what he is.” I said, sticking up for poor Travis. The way he’d looked. It was horrible to see anyone look so sad.
“How do you know he’s not lying?” He asked, a little calmer.
“I’m a good reader of people. I’m ninety-nine point nine percent sure he was telling the truth.” I said, hoping he didn’t look at that point one percent. He rolled his eyes, and motioned with his had for me to continue.
“As I was saying Travis wants to help us. He wants to bring along one of his friends to help also. Their meeting us here late, so we’re all just going to stay here. Is that cool?” I asked, looking at Joe.
“Yeah, my moms out for the week.” He said, putting down his empty container.
“Perfect.” I said, flopping down on the couch.
“Now who wants to get their butts dominated in video games?!” I said, picking up one of Petes controllers.
“I’ll play you, but it tis your butt who will be dominated.” Said Joe, picking up the second controller.
“Ha! You wish! Your ass is on!” I said, turning on the game system. We continued that for awhile until we herd someone in Petes kitchen . . . again. I paused the game and got up.
“Come on, that’s them.” I said walking towards the kitchen. I walked in and saw two figures in the shadows.
“Travis?” I asked, everyone behind me.
“Yeah it’s me, and Brendon.” He said, both of them stepping into the light. I saw what I guessed was Brendon, and I was taken aback. He was beautiful. Maybe even more so then Pete. He had darkish brown hair that matched his eyes. He was pale. Very pale. He looked around the room, and his eyes lingered on me for a second, then he looked to Travis.
“This is what we have to work with?” He said in a sexy ass voice.
“Be nice.” Said Travis.
“I want those two. They look like they have the most potential of this sad group of stupid humans.” He said, pointing to Pete and me.
“Hey!” Yelled Andy. Travis smacked Brendon on the back of the head. Brendon growled at him.
“My apologies. Brendon is new to the whole ‘good guy’ thing.” Travis said, giving him a stern look.
“It’s true. You two, follow me. Your first assignment is outside.” Brendon said, walking to the door. He looked back and sighed.
“Well?” He said annoyed.
“How am I supposed to trust someone when I just met them? And it’s even worse when that person wants to kill me.” Said Pete, his hand on his hip. Brendon was over to Pete in less then a second.
“Listen pretty boy, if you want my help you will listen to what I say when I say it. I WILL NOT tolerate being mocked by filthy humans!” He yelled. His face an inch away from Petes.
“Enough!” I yelled. They both looked at me.
“Look. He’s here isn’t he? Let’s just do what he says. Andy and Joe, you guys listen to Travis. Their here to help us. But in order to do that, we need to let them help us. Let’s just do this without an complaint k?” I asked everyone, a little annoyed at this whole situation. And to think two days ago I was worried about the zit on my face.
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