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Chapter eight.

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I was on cloud nine for the rest of the night. Brendon walked me home and kissed me goodnight. It was another simple peck but I gladly accepted. I honestly had no idea what I was thinking when I told him we needed time. These past few weeks were long enough, but as soon as I stepped inside my happy mood was taken down a few notches when I saw Ryan and Holly sitting on the couch staring straight ahead. I didn’t even look like they had blinked.
“Hey guys...” Nothing. The lights were all off and they were just...sitting there. It was eerie. “Holly? Ryan?” Then, Holly turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes were welled up with tears, but I could tell she was fighting them. I pointed my thumb towards my bedroom to suggest a little privacy. She nodded and followed me to my room. “How was the doctor?” As soon as I asked that question, the tears spilled over her pale cheeks and she began sobbing I rushed over to her and took her hand as I sat us down on my bed. “What happened?”
“It was a false negative.”
“The test I took earlier. It was a false negative.” Oh. Shit.
“So you’re pregnant?” She winced at the ‘p’ word.
“Yeah...I guess I am.” She sniffled. “I just don’t know how this happened.”
“Um, yes you do. You were there, remember?”
“Yeah, I know that but we’ve always been so careful.” She then sighed heavily. “I’ll deal with this later, can we talk about something else?”
“How was your day?” I smiled as I thought back.
“Good. Why was it amazing?”
“Brendon kissed me.” Her sad expression suddenly changed.
“Oh my gosh! That’s great!” She smiled, it didn’t reach her eyes though. “I’m so happy for you.”
“Thanks. He held my hand too. I’m sure it wasn’t as great as yours and Ryan’s first encounter.” To be honest, I didn’t know how they ended up together and I was curious.”
“Ryan and I were both drunk.”
“Yeah, it was at some party we were all at and Brendon was no where to be seen. Ryan just came up to me and said he needed to do something before kissing me. It was the best kiss of my life...until we kissed when we were sober.”
“Was it wet and messy?” I wrinkled my nose. Wet kisses were the worst.
“He pretty much ate my face.”
“Ew, gross!” I giggled. That got her to giggle too.
“And look where we are now.” She shrugged. “I don’t know what I’m going to do Cait, I can’t have a baby and Ryan isn’t helping right now. He hasn’t moved since we found out.”
“He’s shocked right now, Holly. He’s going to be a dad.”
“Yeah, well he’s not going to gain weight and have the evidence right there attached to him.”
“You know, he said something to me once and I’ve heard it a thousand times, but when Ryan said it I believed him.”
“Everything will be okay.”
“Ha, right.”
“No, it will. I promise. You and Ryan will be great parents.” I smiled. “I can just picture it now; you and Ryan walking though the park with your little baby in a stroller. You in a cute dress and Ryan in a stupid floral pattern shirt that looks older and thinner than him and he’ll be singing The Beatles to lull your baby to sleep.”
“I think he’s the only guy that can wear dainty floral patterned stuff and actually make it work.” She giggled.
“Probably. Ryan’s a special breed.”
“Yeah, he is.” She smiled.
“Just talk to him.”
“Okay.” She sighed before getting up. I decided to stay in my room because this wasn’t my conversation to hear, and as long as there wasn’t yelling there would be no need to interfere. And there wasn’t.


A few hours later I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I really had to pee so I decided to sneak out of my room quietly only to find Holly and Ryan walking into her bedroom hand in hand. I gave them a small smile before really looking at them. Holly was still pale white but Ryan looked a little less like a statue, which I assumed was a good thing.
“Goodnight Cait.” Holly said in a small voice before she and Ryan walked through her door.
“Night guys.” I said back. The rest of the night was quiet and calm. It was a nice change from the eerie silence from earlier. I could never imagine myself in Holly’s position: Having a baby with a boy she had an affair with. At least they were in love though, I have to give them that much. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed right now. Maybe they’d warm up to the idea and maybe her parents wouldn’t slaughter her when she told them. She couldn’t exactly hide it, she told me the doctor guessed she was about three months along, but couldn’t confirm until she went to her prenatal appointment. I really hoped for the best for her and Ryan. Really.


“Cait!” My mom yelled as she spotted me at baggage claim the next morning. It had been a few months since I had last seen my parents and I was excited.
“Hi mom.” I smiled as I hugged her, followed by my dad and little brother, Cooper. My parents, Michael and Kelly Avery were lawyers back in Chicago and ran their own firm: Avery & Avery. Original, I know. Then there was my brother Cooper. He liked to think he was a ladies man, but that wasn’t really the case. I thought he was a geeky little fifteen year old, but what do I know?
“How is everything?”
“Do you want the Lifetime version or the short TV Guide summary?”
“Oh no...what’s going on?”
“I’ll tell you later. It’s pretty heavy.” I told her as my dad and brother grabbed the luggage off the rotating belt.
“Alright honey.” She said as she linked her arm through mine as we made our way out to my car.


Lunch was good. I got all caught up with what was going on back in Chicago and before I knew it my family was checked into their hotel room and I was on my way back home. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving and the day that Holly’s parents were flying in. I can only hope I’m prepared enough for what’s about to happen.
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