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I will fall for you

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So. There's these two families and they loathe eachother. The Wentz's and the Stump's.

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Journal Page 211:
Hey. Pfft why do I say hey? You're a damn journal for christ's sake. But anyways... school totally sucked today.... I had 3 tests. And there's this new kid. He used to go to a private school. His names Pete or Paul... Something like that. I never caught his last name. He seemed like a pretty nice kid. My dad wont shut up about the Wentz's. Apparently They had to "lower themselves in society" Whatever that means. Anyways he's thrilled. I don't even know what his problem is with them. They could be really nice ppl. but i dunno. My dad says that they're horrible excuses for people. Ha. I feel like this is Romeo and Juliet or something. Only, its not like they have a kid I'd ever fall in love with. As if I'd ever be able to get ten feet near them. My dad would have a coniption fit. Anyways.... I guess I'm done for now. Oh yeah. I checked out this excellent Vampire books. I'd LOVE to be a vampire. They rock. OK seriously done now... gotta get to that Algerbra homework =/

MUCH more soon, that was just the begging chapter =D
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