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Fake Reality

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Patrick goes to school the next day and talks to the new guy.

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My alarm clock has gone off about twelve times already. BUt I'm not ready for school. Is there really a point to it? My mom has come in a few times aswell. I'm just not ready to leave my safe bed. I'm free from all problems right now. Nothing is bad right now. I get to sink into my pillow, then further into my dreams. Its so peaceful and comfortable. I can miss one day of school right? I do have straight A's. Well, except one grade. I have an F in PE. BUt, anyways...
I hear the door jerk open.
I groan.
My dad flips my mattress.
I feel the heavy weight of the matteress on me.
I groan, "Now I can't get up."
"Don't be such a pussy Patrick. Get up and get ready. I don't have time for this anyways, you'l have to ride the bus."
I squeese out from under the matteress.
I sigh and get ready for school. My terrible day begins.

I hitch a ride with Joe. I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about being in a car with him, especially when he's the one driving. Don't get me wrong, He's a pretty good driver, when he's sober. And well... that isn't often. He yawns and smiles at me. He turns down the radio.
"So, I gotta pick up Andy too, that cool?"
I nod, "Yeah, duh."
"So, I gotta ask Pat...How the hell do ya fail gym?"
"By being physically chalanged. I'm fat, therefore PE isn't gonna work for me."
"You're not fat...Just...chubby."
I roll my eyes, "Same damn thing Joseph."
He flips me off.
"Both hands on the wheel!"
"Ha! Like you know. Remember who can and who can't drive here?"
"Only because my dad wont take me to do the damn test!"
"Yeah, yeah. And ya'd be too short to reach the pedals."
"Fuck off Joe!"
"Pat... you're not exactly my type."
I roll my eyes again, "Just get to Andy's."

We pick up Andy and continue on to school.
"So, anybody seen the new kid?"
"The Paul guy?", I ask.
"Um...Well I'm talking about Pete..."
"Oh. Yeah."
"He's like. So NOT hetero. Maybe Patty will have a boyfriend.", Joe chuckles.
I cross my arms. I hate when they make fun of my sexuality. I'm not really gay. I mean, I like girls....But I honestly prefer guys. But well, enough about that.
Andy frowns, "See Joe? It's not nice to make fun of people."
"Thanks Andy...", I mumble.
"No prob bob.", he gives me a cheesy grin.
"Ok I wont pick on Patty, as long as he doesn't start hitting on me. I'm not homophobic, but a guy hitting on me it WAY past my comfort zone."
"...Yeah...", Andy looks down.
I want to hug him.
Joe needs to watch what he says and TRY to be more aware of other people's feelings. Compassion is something that Joseph was born without. You see, Andrew has crushed on the boy since they met in kindergarden. He's only admitted it to me becase Joe is kind of homophobic. He's gotten over it alot with me though.
Andy sighs and decides to be silent the rest of the ride.
I don't blame him.

Joe runs off to his first class and Andy and I go to ours. As soon as Joe's far away enough, Andy punches wall and lets out a frustrated yell. I frown and hg him. He made his knuckles bleed, so I take him to the nurse.

The school nurse is asian. So, her accent is...interesting.
Mrs. Suzy frowns, "What did you do?"
She walks across the room and gets the bandages and peroxide.
"Erm. Well I uh...kinda punched a wall...", Andy blushes.
She rolls her eyes, "Whatever provoked you, is it worth hurting your hand?"
"Um. In my opinion? Yeah...It was."
She sighs and fixes up his hand.
She gives us both a pass to class.
"Be careful with that hand!"
"I'll try..."

Andy and I walk into our Art class. I can't draw, at all. But Andy's pretty good at it. He didn't want to be in art alone, and Joe doesn't do art, so I took the class with him.
The new guy is in here.
I blush, remembering Joe's comment from earlier.
The only seats left are beside him.
Andy sits one chair away from him, making me sit by him.
I give him my GRR face.
He chuckles and begins to draw.
The new guy looks over at me.
I look away but can still feel his eyes.
I decide to look back.
He hasn't blinked.
AWE! IS he wearing eyeliner? How cute!
Did I really just think that?
I stare back.
IF he wants a staring contest, a staring contest he'll get.
He smiles and crosses his eyes.
I grin, but don't blink.
He momves his face closer to mine and tries to blow on my eyes.
I pretend that I'm going to hit him, and he flinches, also resulting in a blink.
"Damn.", he mumbles.
"So, I'm Pete..."
"YOu decide to have a staring contest, then introductions?"
He shrugs, "So, does the winner have a name?"
I smile slyly, "He might."
"Oh? Well could he tell me?"
"Why does Pete care?"
"Because he wants to know who just beat he's new and Friendless."
I smile, "I'm Patrick. Sorry to beat you like that. By the way, you have very nice breath."
He chuckles, "I have gum..."
"Can Patrick have a piece?"
"As soon as Patrick explains to Pete the whole third person thing."
I shrug, "I just like talking in third person... throws some people off."
He grins, "That's cool. So, Who's he?", he points to Andy.
Andy looks up at him, " I'm Andy, and really no offence, but its very rude to point."
Pete chuckles, "My bad. So is Andy short for Andrew?"
"Pete short for Peter?", Andy shoots back.
"Good point..."
Andy smiles, "I'm just messing with you. You know that, right?"
Pete nods.
"So...What is Pete's last name?", Andy asks.
"Wentz... yours?"
My jaw drops.
Andy raises an eyebrow, "HUrley. Pete, did you say Wentz?"
He nods, "Yeah, why?"
"Because Pat here...his last name is Stump."
Pete's jaw drops aswell.
As we sit there, mouths agape, the intercom goes off, to check some kid out.
"IF you get checked out in first block, why fucking bothre coming to school at all?", Andy asks.
Neither Pete nor I answer.
I blink and close my mouth.
"So... Um. Patrick? I don't care. What's a last name matter anyways?"
"Nothing! Do you even knkow what the fued is?"
"Not a damn clue. I think we should stop it. Its ridiculous. I doubt even our parents know."
"Probably not."
Pete smiles, "We can become great friends, even if for nothing but to piss them off."
I grin, "Yeah!"
Andy chuckles and continues to draw.
At lunch Pete and I walk outside to the corner that Andy, Joe and I hang out.
"JOe, you know Pete right?"
"Uh yeah...Pete...."
"Holy fuckpaste! Dude your dad is going to kill you."
I shrug, "His too. BUt we don't know what the big damn deal is so..."
Joe smiles, "Awe our little Patty is gona be all rebelious. As if being gay wasn't enough for his poor mother's heart."
I feel the blood rush to my face.
I'm not really embarrassed about my sexuality, I'm just not out. And I really didn't want my new, and attractive, friend to hear that.
Andy punches Joe's arm.
"For the record, Patrick isn't gay... but erm bi.", Andy tries to save me.
Pete gives me an odd look.
He looks sort of mad.
I stand up and run to the library.
I wipe my eyes.
I'm going to murder Joseph.
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