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I'll cover you

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Pete goes to find Patrick.

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I Sit in a dark corner of the library, behind the tall bookshelves with my knees pulled up to my chest. Joe is such a bastard. I decide to make another journal entry since, I'm alone and I've pretty much 45 minutes to spare.

Journal 465
Hello again, inanimate object of which I greet and spill the intermost darkest thoughts that linger inside my head. hehe I decieded to sound all smart. I'M GONNA KILL JOSEPH!!! So, I met the new guy (LIke actually talked to) Guess what his last name is? HAHA YOU CAN'T SINCE YOUR A JOURNAL Buuuuut anyways. It's Wentz. Pete WENTZ, my buddy. Or...well maybe. After Joe's shit he may not be. Joe told him that I'm gay, which is inaccurate, I'm bi. As I've said maaaaany times. Fucker. ANYWWAYs Pete knows and-

A familiar voice stops my writting.
"You have a journal?"
I look up and see Pete's crooked smile.
"Ooh, can I read."
I close it quickly, "Hell no."
"Chiiiillax Pat."
"Don't call me Pat, It's Patrick."
I give him an infuriated look.
"So what do you want, and Andy told you where I am, didn't the bastard?"
"I don't know...I'm not allowed to say, but anyways...I wanted to make sure you're ok..."
"Heh. Define ok."
He frowns.
"Sorry I just. Joe is such an ass and I left because...well I wanted to be alone."
He smirks and sits beside me, "Oh? Well I may never let you be alone ever again."
I raise an eyebrow, "Um...You plan to stalk me?"
He grins, "Absolutely."
"Well have fun watching my pathetic life."
"Why are you so mean to yourself PaTRICK?"
"Because, its easy. PLus its honesty, not meanness."
I put up my journal.
"Can I please read oooooone page?"
I roll my eyes and find an appropriate one.
"Let's sit outside, its beautiful outside."
"But its quite in here...."
"LIve a little?"
"Fiiiiine.", I whine.
We sit outside the library.

"Journal 574:
I swear to god I'm Going to murder Joseph.
You threaten that boy's life alot."
"Yeah, yeah. You will too... Why read it out loud?"
"Why not?", he continues, "Ya know How I'm Bi? WELL NOW SO DOES MY MOTHER BECAUSE OF THAT BASTARD ASS MOTHER FUCKER ooh you swore..."
He licks his lips, which look so soft, and continues"And I'm grounded, because I happen to like boys. What the fuck? She found out because Joe decided to bother me whist he and Andy spent the night. They have to sleep in a different room tonight. Andy asked if something looked bad on him and I said no, because it didn't, the Joe says, "Be careful Andy, Patrick IS bisexual." RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY MOM I HATE HIM. So yeah. My life. Is over. As soon as my dad finds out. Goodbye world... Anybody that cares, come to my funeral? OOOH MAYBE I'll become a vampire. HOW COOL!! hehehe LOL ok. so my soon-to-be-dead-ass should get some sleep, before my murder... I may die well rested. haha.
", he raises an eyebrow, "You're an odd boy... AND there's no way in hell this is the 574th journal.... this is like the third page."
I chuckle, "I just give them random numbers..."
"Do you? That's kinda cool. So, you are here so... Do I have to worry about you biting me, after surrendering to your bloodlust?"
I chuckle, "MY dad never found out."
"What about your boyfriends?"
"Ha. As if. I've never had a boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter."
"Really? Ever been kissed?"
I blush, "No..."
"Awwwwe that's so cute."
"It isn't cute, It's quite pathetic actually."
"Blah blah. I've been kissed but each one was a mistake."
"Well...", he blushes a little, "There was this girl... We kissed and it went way to far. She was erm... 'experienced' and I was...not. So it was really scary and akward. And then she got pregnant and.....well got an abortion. I don't think it was mine but... still the thought, ya know? Then erm... there was this...", his blush deepens, "G-guy. well he...he pretended he liked me and whatnot... and he kissed me once... and then I got mono."
I hold in a laugh, "He gave you mono?"
"Yeah. Bastard."
" least you've been kissed, and more I'm gonna die a kissless virgin-WAIT DID YOU SAY A BOY?!?"
He laughs, "YOu're so slow. I was wondering when you'd notice."
"A boy?"
He nods.
"And a girl?"
Another nod.
"So.. so that makes you-"
"Bi... just like you. And I erm. Also prefer guys... Girls are a little scary."
"I know right?"
He chuckles, "So anyways... You aren't the only bi guy in the world... I just wanted to let you know... You aren't alone. And you wont die a kissless virgin."
"HOw do you know?"
"I just know."
Was that a wink? No. No it wasn't. No one wants me
"You wont if I have to arrange it on your deathbed."
He blushes and I feel my own face heat up.
"E-excuse me?"
He laughs, "NOthing."
"No, tell me Peter."
"No Pat."
"You are such a child."
"Not really..."
I smile at him.
"Hey, I never got my damn gum earlier, you changed the subject with Andy."
He chuckles and hands me a piece.
The bell rings and I groan.
"Give me your phone really quick.", Pete holds out his hand.
"Is that a request or a demand?"
"Demand, now gimmie!"
"And I'm the child."
I hand him my cell phone.
He adds his number, "Alright, text me?"
"I don't know how to text."
"Well try?"

Hi. I hate textin already

hahaha sorry I had to talk to you...

didn't we just converse???

Yup but I hate this class. I'm lonely.

OKie dokie. I'd get away with murder in here, its english.

Dont i have oral com with you next.

mhm We have speeches today... I'm going to pass out. Lucky, you get to be new and not do the speech

Speeches don't bother me Patrick...

Of course not. You're Mr. Cool-and-Confident.

Not exactly.


Whatever. so Patrick stump, how are you?

I'm fine. So, Peter Wentz, how are you?

Alright. Don't call me Peter.

Sorry. I just love it. Its like Peter Pan.

You like Peter Pan?


So. You're sure you aren't gay? HAHA jk

Well... maybe lol... I haven't seen many interesting girls lately. I don 't realy like any

seen any interesting BOYS?



Well there's one. =) but that wont happen.

Why not?

I'm a loser. DUUUUH

I don't think so.

He would.

And here I was hoping it was me lol

hehe. Bells gonna ring. Peace.


Pete and I meet up and walk to oral com. When we enter the class. She tells Jack he's up first. I'm third. I bite my lip nervously and grab my flashcards. My speech is on Tim Burton.
he first two go and Petetaps my shoulder.
I bite my walk up to the podium.
My hands shake and I can feel my heart pounding in my ears.
"Alright, go."
"D-did you know that the man responcible for Sweeney Todd, also contributed to The Fox and the Hound?", my notecard gets Blurry, "That. That man's name is Tim Burton. He.. He.", I beginto get very dizzy. I loose balance and fall backwards. I hit my head.
Its no mystery, I just screwed up any chance of a good grade on that speech.
Pete helps me up and I spend the remainder of the class period with my head on the desk, shielding my red face.

"I'm going to tell my parents we're friends.", Pete smiles as we walk to Joe's car.
"I think I will too. After work."
"You have a job?"

"MovieWorld... ITs pretty lame but..."
"Having a job isn't lame. It's cool."
"Yeah... Well Joe drops me off... and then I walk home when I get off."
I nod, "It's 'too late' for my dad to come get me..."
"That's fucking lame."
"Yeah. But Its ok."
"Not really..."
We get into Joe's car.
I smack the back of his head.
"OW fucker, you want a fuckin' ride to work?"
"Yes but you're such an ass!"
"Waah Waaah.", Joe imitates crying.
I flip him off.
"I told ya dude, no vagina, not happening."
I jump to punch him, Pete grabs me back.
Andy gets to the car, "What the hell."
"Nothing...", JOe mumbles.
"Joe's making fun of my sexuality again."
Andy sighs, "Joseph, stop it please..."
"Hey, can you just drop me off with Patrick?"
"I don't really want to go home yet..."
"Alright... Fine leandy and I."
Pete laughs.

Joe drops us off and we walk inside.
Bill, the manager smiles, "Hello Patrick."
"Hey Bill, This is Pete..."
"Hi Pete... Is he your-"
"Just friends...."
"OOOK. Well your early for work, as usual... So wanna clock in early?"
I frown, I'm gonna eat somethin first."
"Alright Pat."
"It's not Pat."
"YOu talk to your boss like that???"
"We're friends, its ok. Plus I'm his best worker..."
"Unfortuantely, he's the only underage one, and he is my best."

Pete stays for a few hours then his dad comes to pick him up.
"Dad, I want you to meet my new friend, Patrick.
"A working boy. That shows responicbility.", he shakes my hand, "Go t a last name kiddo?"
I glance over at Pete who nods.
"Y-yeah.", I clear my throat, "Stump."
"Stump, with a h?"
"Y-yes sir."
"Pete let's go. Goodbye Stumph."
"Dad, seriously he's really cool-"
"We'll talk later!"

Bill frowns, "Patrick you've got to go home. You'll have me arrested with how much you work."
"Sory Bill, just let me straighten up the-"
"No. Clockout now. ANd go get yourself a decent dinner."
"I'm not hungry.. I had skittles earlier."
"Patrick. I'm serious. You better eat."
"OK... Bye Bill."
"BYe Patrick, be careful on your way home."
I nod and walk out the door.

I walk through the windy night, on the sidewalk. I hear leaves crunch behind me.
I look and see nothing. I shrug, I get freaked out too easily. I begin walking again, and continue to hear it. I look back every so often.
When I get home I take a shower.
Of course, the hot water is gone.
Of course.
So I take my self a cold shower and dry myself off. I get dressed and brush my teeth. I go to my room to do my homework. I look at the clock. It's around 12:30.
I shrug and get out my algebra book.
I feel the wind blowing into my room. I look over to my window, which is now open. THat isn't normal. I never open that window.
Maybe it was Kevin..
I close my window and go back to my book.
I feel wind blowing on the back of my neck.
"Didn't I just close the window?", I ask myself.
Another voice answers, "Yes you did."
I jump, falling off the bed.
I hear a familiar laugh.
I look up and see Pete Wentz, on my bed.
"What the hell?"
"I did tell you I'll be stalking you.", he grins.
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